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Aquaduct Bike Purifies Water As You Pedal

Gregb05 Re:Useless (60 comments)

Or for earthquake-prone areas where the roads may be mostly intact, however the drinking water could be bad.
Of course, that would require having the bike beforehand.

about 6 years ago

Windows XP SP3 Causing Router Crashes

Gregb05 Before anyone goes on a MS rant (337 comments)

A computer on the network should not be able to crash the router. This is a problem with the manufacturing of the routers, not anything in particular with SP3. This problem could have arisen in any OS. The fact that it appeared with SP3 is irrelevant. I return you to your MS bashing.

more than 6 years ago


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List of terms I despise.

Gregb05 Gregb05 writes  |  more than 7 years ago To be expanded.

  • Blog
  • %Blog%
  • Paradigm
  • mobi
  • webinar
  • netizen
  • Clickjacking

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