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uDevGames Source Code Available

Griggs Re:open source games are kind of like socialism (17 comments)

As has been said, with a time frame of only three months, hobbyist developers and a niche platform I think the quality (and quantity) of the games is actually above my expectations. Another thing to note is that uDevGame 2002 was only our second time running the contest, but we saw roughly twice as many entries, prizes worth three times as much, more community interest and involvement, and (in my opinion) a higher level of overall quality. A time-frame of three months doesn't allow for Quake 3-beater graphics, frankly I think the community would be suspicious of such an entry, instead we tend to get some unique concepts or a new spin on the classics. On the technology front we had a cross-platform, Rendesvous (zeroconf) enabled game, an entry using C++ and Python using SWIG and a number of OpenGL entries. Using mainly C/C++, but also Basic and even MetaCard. And all the source is available.

more than 11 years ago


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