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U.S. Supreme Court Upholds Religious Objections To Contraception

Grizzley9 Re:Distinct DNA (1330 comments)

here's the key issue: Does it have a nervous system, and does that nervous system couple to something sophisticated enough to convert those signals into suffering?

Wow, that's your reasoning?! Nervous system + suffering? Make sure you never fall asleep or get put under for surgery or go into a coma. Or better yet don't get instantly killed in any way since you would not suffer. I'm not sure it's the others that are using "hucksterism of philosophy".

about a month ago

U.S. Supreme Court Upholds Religious Objections To Contraception

Grizzley9 Re:Distinct DNA (1330 comments)

These are all unique "organisms" according to this philosophy. If birth control causes fertilized eggs to pass through, and they naturally do this quite often, then we should rush to research how to prevent all of these natural abortions, right?>

This is true that normal contraception meds can cause the fertilized egg to not implant and be abortive. It's why due to moral stances, my wife and I decided to quit the pill--for birth control--and relied on the numerous other means to prevent fertilization.

about a month ago

U.S. Supreme Court Upholds Religious Objections To Contraception

Grizzley9 Re:A win for freedom (1330 comments)

The 401k angle all the left leaning blogs are touting is a red herring and everyone knows it.

SCOTUS just provided them the same exception your wife would have to deal with if she worked for a religious institution or church that decided to not cover it. As the majority opinion stated, there's already a system setup for that where the government provides said insurance due to the moral objections to specific medicine of the religious employer, they just granted these closely held religious companies in the same grouping.

Your "little blue pills" statement is also not the same and has no weight here. HL still provides over 15 kinds of contraception in their plans.

Regardless of this decision perhaps it will lead to getting employers out of providing insurance altogether and we can have single payer.

about a month ago

U.S. Supreme Court Upholds Religious Objections To Contraception

Grizzley9 Re:Can an "atheist company" refuse too? (1330 comments)

That's kind of the crux of the matter, isn't it? A month of generic birth control pills costs about $10/mo. Purchased in bulk, condoms are about $0.50/ea. Both are readily available at no cost from a variety of sources for those who can't afford them. Setting aside the heated political debate, it seems foolish to route these sorts of purchases through your insurance company, with inevitable overhead, rather than simply purchasing them yourself.

Great! The people least able to afford a pregnancy can only get the least-effective forms of birth control! Awesome! That's definitely not a bad idea.

Or we can offer them any method they want, including far more effective and foolproof ones (IUD, implant, etc.), all at the same cost, which is what the mandate is about.

So generics are not as good as expensive name brands in FDA regulated items? Seems you're making the fallacy of more expensive equals more effective.

about a month ago

If Immigration Reform Is Dead, So Is Raising the H-1B Cap

Grizzley9 Re:Lower cost for H1B ? In your dreams .... (341 comments)

I have first hand experience with it - and it's clear, as the message came from the top to drive down wages... look for foreign workers. Laws be dammed, particularly in right to work states. It's a sad but real truth to this situation of immigration. Is it everywhere - of course not - but I'd wager mostly everywhere.

While not exactly the same, my companies policy is the same. Huge multi-national firm everyone knows. You cannot hire Americans. New hires can only be from low cost countries, not H1B - they work in that country remotely. Being a multi-national company it's not that bad but companies don't want to pay American wages and benefits.

about 1 month ago

Google Unveils Self-Driving Car With No Steering Wheel

Grizzley9 Re:No steering wheel? No deal. (583 comments)

The Google car has done something like 700,000 miles and crashed twice. Both times this occurred, it was under control of the human occupant.

This is quoted all the time, but how do you prove it? The car always has a driver behind the wheel. What's to say that any accidents are blamed on the driver as a way of Google PR protecting their pet project while they fix the bugs (actually that's a smart move for them).

about a month ago

Google Glass and the Future of Wearable Gaming

Grizzley9 Re:It'd be nice if Glass was unleashed. (39 comments)

I wore them for a full day out and about and while they got a few looks nobody said anything at all.

There will be mixed reactions even if some are too polite to say anything. I love tech and am wanting to try these but a guy had them on near me at a restaurant and I just wanted to tell him to take it off. Google hasn't perfected the social acceptance yet.

about a month ago

Driverless Cars Could Cripple Law Enforcement Budgets

Grizzley9 So many assumptions (626 comments)

This has one big assumption that those that are speeding do so unintentionally. Given the freedom and love of driving we have, I don't see auto driving becoming mandatory. This also assumes there won't be a way to shut off auto-driving.

TL;DR There will still be plenty of opportunities for tickets.

about 2 months ago

Are Glowing, Solar Smart Roads the Future?

Grizzley9 Re:Road hazard much? (193 comments)

Their gripping and stopping power may match asphalt due to texture but how does that texture then affect vibration, noise, and tire wear. From the pics of the raised texture, it looks to negatively impact each of those.

about 2 months ago

Momentous Big Bang Findings Questioned

Grizzley9 Re:Peer review (154 comments)

No, there is no such thing as faith in science. No one strongly believes anything.

Good one. I had a chuckle.

about 2 months ago

The Upcoming Windows 8.1 Apocalypse

Grizzley9 Re:Apocalypse? (293 comments)

Doesn't this happen every time they come out with a major update?

My thoughts as well. I have a Eee Netbook that could never update to Win7 Service Pack 1 due to some mysterious issue that always failed no matter what I tried. Numerous hours and forums later, I just gave up since it's just a netbook and works fine for what it does and just install numerous small updates.

about 3 months ago

Understanding the 2 Billion-Year-Old Natural Nuclear Reactor In W Africa

Grizzley9 Re:How low can you go?(power density) (152 comments)

Scientists have speculated for decades about the possibility that these may have been slightly different in the distant past - and thus the laws of physics would not be exactly the same.

This is quite controversial, mavericky science because it's very hard to test -

If it's not testable, then by definition it is not science.

Now there's no proof the fundamental constants have changed at all since the big bang, but there's no proof they haven't... By factoring in those different values we could possibly explain a lot of the other things which currently remain open questions.

So while it's unlikely - it's nevertheless and most decidedly NOT bollocks.

Then it's not science.

It's maverick science for sure

"Maverick Science". Made up definitions still don't get you to a testable theory.

about 3 months ago

Report: 99 Percent of New Mobile Threats Target Android

Grizzley9 Market Share /= Rewards (269 comments)

That's great in terms of dominating the market and reaping the rewards that come with it,

Hmm, I guess you've not seen the $ that Androids competitors bring in directly and for their developers.

about 3 months ago

How Apple's CarPlay Could Shore Up the Car Stereo Industry

Grizzley9 Re:Apple stole nothing (194 comments)

This. Why doesn't Apple simply implement a "CarPlay" function on the phones screen so when you get in your car to drive it can switch over. 4-6 big buttons for common apps like Maps, Music, search, or phone, Siri is active so voice commands can be used, BT is turned on so it can interface with the car system. An option to either read texts/email to you (and reply via voice) or a function to quick reply to the sender that I am driving and can't respond right now but will shortly. Heck even add an OBD dongle to your car that can give you real time data on all your mileage, fuel, computer codes, etc.

Adding a simple bracket to your car to hold your phone is going to be much better than some hacked and expensive car stereo interface that won't receive timely updates. LifeHacker did an interesting article yesterday about the apps available to interface with OBD dongles. Surely someone can perfect that interface and make it useful? Either way, the car interface of today is hopelessly out of touch with modern tech and usefulness. All these things can be accomplished without leading to more distractions and can actually improve road attentiveness.

about 3 months ago

Mathematical Proof That the Cosmos Could Have Formed Spontaneously From Nothing

Grizzley9 Re:Quantum fluctuations != nothing (612 comments)

This is an abuse of the word "nothing", which is a universal negation "not anything". But quantum fluctuations in the quantum vacuum are something, and not nothing. The research might be interesting, but it does nothing for the question the philosopher is asking when he is wondering "Why there is somerthing rather than nothing?"

Exactly. Lawrence Krauss and others are trying to redefine "nothing" for there own personal theories and world view (he's an atheist). I guess that's understandable from that viewpoint, but you can make a lot of interesting theories if you redefine terms to fit your own meaning.

about 4 months ago

Land Rover Demos "Transparent Hood"

Grizzley9 How soon before standard? (172 comments)

I understand that backup cameras will be mandatory in cars by 2018. Related, I can see this being very use for larger vehicles where ground clearance impedes visibility. A small object or child can easily disappear below the line of visibility on larger SUV's and trucks and this seems to make it visible without being a distraction (and able to toggle off/on). Safety aside I can see this being very useful for driving in tight spaces and other instances where seeing the ground and wheels would be immensely helpful.

about 4 months ago

Microsoft Launches Office For iPad: Includes Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

Grizzley9 Too much competition already (184 comments)

Meh, I'll just use Google Docs. When that isn't enough I'll open Libre/Open Office.

While I prefer Excel, those other options do just fine for anything I'll be doing outside of work. Plus you can get Apple's suite of office apps for free as well. MS screwed themselves by making it a pay to edit setup.

about 4 months ago

Microsoft Launches Office For iPad: Includes Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

Grizzley9 Re:Perfect (184 comments)

TL;DR, I don't think MS Office, or even LibreOffice or any other office suite, is really needed anymore. I only have it installed because some of my classes at school require me to, but I noticed that when I'm not doing these assignments, I have only used it to create my resume.

You had a good point up until you only considered student assignment usage.

about 4 months ago

Xbox One Reputation System Penalizes Gamers Who Behave Badly

Grizzley9 Re:OMG FAG LOL (183 comments)

If the guy is headshotting you 6x in a row, on a normal everyday server (console), then yeah he should be. He's abusing the system/newbs whether cheating or not. The way BF4 handles netcode and lag among players is horrendous and if someone's abusing that then they should be kicked. Sorry, it just makes for a better game for everyone and Dice should do a better job of balancing teams and weapons. (Pistol beats a full auto machine gun, wha?)

I play BF4 some (unfortunately). If I start getting tagged by the same guy over and over, and he's taking out multiples at a time when they are shooting him w/ a gun/tank/whatever, you can sure bet I'll be the one "abusing the system" by reporting them. Whether his fault or Dice's or MS's, if enough do it then hopefully some attention will be brought to the issue.

about 4 months ago

Russians Take Ukraine's Last Land Base In Crimea

Grizzley9 Re:I dont get it (551 comments)

No sane soldier is going to try to stand against amored vehicles with nothing heavier than a light machine gun. It's not fear. It's realism and following orders.

Unless you're Dice creating the latest Battlefield game. Then they are about on parity.

about 4 months ago



Sprint to get iPhone 5

Grizzley9 Grizzley9 writes  |  more than 2 years ago

Grizzley9 (1407005) writes ""Sprint Nextel Corp. will begin selling the new version of the Apple iPhone in mid-October, people familiar with the matter said, filling a huge hole in the No. 3 U.S. carrier's lineup and giving Apple Inc. another sales channel for its popular gadget."

This could also mean that despite rumors of a September launch it could be mid October before we see Apple's new flagship product launch, too late to effect their fiscal fourth quarter ending in September. "On a July earnings conference call, Apple Chief Financial Officer Peter Oppenheimer said the company's September quarter would be affected by "a future product transition that we are not going to talk about today,". While that cold be iOS 5, it likely will not launch until the next iPhone is ready to display it."

Link to Original Source

AT&T Removing Texting Plans

Grizzley9 Grizzley9 writes  |  more than 2 years ago

Grizzley9 (1407005) writes "AT&T is revamping their text plans for new users. No more middle of the road $10 plans for 1000 text messages. Now it will be unlimited for $30 per family plan or pay per text msg at a rate of $0.20 ea. So if you use over 150 msgs consistently you'll have to pay up."
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