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Which Is Better, Adblock Or Adblock Plus?

GuB-42 Re:None of them. (362 comments)

Last time I looked (by diffing the source code) AdBlock Edge was the same as AdBlock Plus without the "acceptable ads" checkbox. And when I look at the commits, almost all of them are backports from AdBlock Plus, no original development.
Basically, what you get with AdBlock Edge is an outdated version of AdBlock Plus with less choice. Nothing wrong with forking ABP but at least do it for something useful.

And it's not like ABP tries to trick you. The "acceptable ads" option is clearly visible when you install the addon. If you know about ABE, you know about this option, so what the point ?


Free Copy of the Sims 2 Contains SecuROM

GuB-42 Re:Who cares? (230 comments)

It's free. If you don't like SecuROM, don't install the game.

It would be a valid argument if there were a clear mention of SecuROM before you install the game.

2 days ago

Greenpeace: Amazon Fire Burns More Coal and Gas Than It Should

GuB-42 "I only buy clean energy" is pure hypocrisy. (288 comments)

Imagine I am a provider of electricity, 20% of my energy comes from clean sources, 80% from dirty sources.
I supply factories, datacenters, homes, etc... they all get the same electricity, after all, there is no such thing as clean electrons and dirty electrons. Now let say one of my client (that buys 6% of my production) says "I want 100% clean energy", what will I do ?
Simple : I don't change anything in the way I produce electricity, I just say "OK, you now have 100% clean energy" and my other client now get 85% dirty energy.

If it is too obvious, there is always the option of splitting my company into two : one that only makes clean electricity, the other does does almost only dirty electricity. "Green" clients buy from my clean branch and others buy from my dirty branch, and if there is an excess of clean electricity, it is bought by my dirty branch.

3 days ago

Do Apple and Google Sabotage Older Phones? What the Graphs Don't Show

GuB-42 Missleading trends (281 comments)

The article show a clear correlation between the "iPhone slow" searches with the release dates. Only, without extra data, it doesn't mean anything. For example, what about the "iPhone" searches ? It's natural that when the new iPhone comes out, people will talk about iPhones, so all related queries, including "iphone slow" should raise. We need a baseline.
Also "slow" doesn't always mean "slow performance". Notice the large peak corresponding the the 5S release, a phone that supports slow-motion video.

The article than compare it to the "Samsung Galaxy slow" queries (still without baseline). However, unlike the iPhone, the "Samsung Galaxy" brand encompass a large number of devices, from low-end to high-end, with releases all around the year. Yet again, such data are meaningless without further analysis.

3 days ago

Suddenly Visible: Illicit Drugs As Part of Silicon Valley Culture

GuB-42 Re:This explains a lot (506 comments)

No wonder there's so much shitty software being thrown out. People are too stoned or drugged up to have any idea of what they're doing and as a result we get crap such as Windows 8 or the near-monthly Facebook "updates".

Some drugs can really help you work better, especially for creative activities. A bit like athletes taking performance enhancing drugs.
Of course, even if you do objectively better work while on drugs, it doesn't mean it's good for you, or that it'll work long term.

3 days ago

Popular Android Apps Full of Bugs: Researchers Blame Recycling of Code

GuB-42 Re:Let's see the list of spyware (145 comments)

As for Google, well, Google owns online marketing advertising market, so those apps really are helping Google in the end...

Only if they use Google's spyware.

3 days ago

The Oculus Rift DK2: In-Depth Review (and Comparison To DK1)

GuB-42 Re:pentile-matrix OLED panel (54 comments)

Mobile phones and VR are not the same.
The major complaint with Pentile is the jagged text outlines (which improved a lot BTW), something that doesn't matter much in VR. VR is all about motion, and how Pentile affects this, I don't know.
Anyways, AMOLED, pentile or not, is regarded as much better for VR than LCD.

3 days ago

eSports Starting To Go Mainstream

GuB-42 Re:eSports are too deterministic to be popular. (116 comments)

Sports fandom feeds off of the non-deterministic nature of the games that are played, sure there are winners and losers, but there is very little room in eSports to blame Referees, because in the game world it would be called "Exploits" and would be considered verifiable cheating.

Pro gamers use exploits all the time, and these are usually allowed it they don't break the game too much and use only standard manipulations. Some of these exploits became a core mechanic in these games. A classic example is the strafe-jump in Quake, a bug which allowed the player to exceed the maximum running speed by making a series of diagonal jumps. This bug was voluntarily reproduced in the next Quake games because it made gameplay more interesting.

And sure, you have no referees but bugs and hardware malfunctions can happen. It's also common for players to take gambles, make blunders or in general do something unexpected that turns the tides. Believe me, there is a lot to talk about with eSports, some of my friends are into 2D fighting games and they comment the matches the same way as sports fans do (blah blah, should have done this, blah blah, was at a disadvantage, blah blah, just lucky, blah, should have won, blah).

about a week ago

One Trillion Bq Released By Nuclear Debris Removal At Fukushima So Far

GuB-42 1 trillion becquerels ? what does that mean ? (190 comments)

1 trillion becquerels is 27 curies, or the radioactivity of 27 grams of radium-226.
It's also 66.6 times less than Ted Sprague's base output in Heroes.

about a week ago

Chromebooks Are Outselling iPads In Schools

GuB-42 Re:Sounds like the modem debate from 20 years ago (223 comments)

Samsung Galaxy S models may occasionally beat the iPhone in worldwide sales, even though globally, the iPhones are the best selling smartphone models. ... but if you count all cell phones, low-end Nokias are well ahead. The Nokia 1110 is the best selling phone of all times, with more than 200 million units sold.

about a week ago

Chromebooks Are Outselling iPads In Schools

GuB-42 Re:What do I think? (223 comments)

When I was at school I wasted vast amounts of time being forced to write stuff out in draft form and then re-write it neatly.

They don't ask you to re-write stuff to annoy you, they force you to re-write to make sure you double-check your work. Or, in the case of lessons, to help you memorize it.
I'm all for teaching kids how to use a computer but it doesn't mean that they should be used all the time. For writing reports, sure, it improves efficiency, but whether it is better for learning is debatable.

about a week ago

The Psychology of Phishing

GuB-42 Re:Security issues of emails .. (128 comments)

Mainly because Windows doesn't know the difference between OPEN and RUN.

And what is the difference between "open" and "run" ?

If you are at a system level, of course windows makes a difference between open (as in "give me a handle to a resource") or run (execute code).

If you are at a GUI level, and it's probably what you are thinking about, it's not about windows or linux or whatever, it's about the program you are using to do the "open". When you are clicking on an URL or an email attachment, the browser or mail program decides what to do with it.
On windows, many apps use the "ShellExecute" action with the default action which is the same as double-clinking a file on the desktop but it is not the only way to do it. On linux, there isn't a standard way of opening files so it's really app dependent.

about a week ago

Math, Programming, and Language Learning

GuB-42 Depends on the level of thinking (241 comments)

Maths can be very concrete (simple arithmetic) or very abstract (number theory, which is also called arithmetic).
Programming can be very concrete (assembly) or very abstract (pure functional)
Human language can be very concrete (dog training) or very abstract (philosophy)

Maths can be very lax (estimation) or very rigorous (formal proof)
Programming can be very lax (visual programming) or very rigorous (certified code)
Human language van be very lax (slang) or very rigorous (poetry)

about two weeks ago

CCP Games Explains Why Virtual Reality First Person Shooters Still Don't Work

GuB-42 Re:What of lag? (154 comments)

VR developers are totally aware of the lag issues.
Judging by the posts of John Carmack and Michael Abrash it looks like it's they number one priority. 120 Hz seems to be their target now, and that's just because 1000 Hz would be too expensive ;)

about two weeks ago

Google To Stop Describing Games With In-App Purchases As 'Free'

GuB-42 Re:I have a solution for the free apps. (139 comments)

hosts files are a common attack vector, this is why OSes tend to limit its use. It's also a bit limited as a way to block ads.

There are plenty of other ways : xposed modules such as minminguard / youtube adaway / unbelovedhosts, proxy servers, alternative dns, adblockplus for firefox mobile, pay for "pro" (no-ad) versions of apps, etc...

The two last points are very effective (especially the last one :p) and do not require root.

about two weeks ago

Sexual Harassment Is Common In Scientific Fieldwork

GuB-42 Re:Such harassment (362 comments)

The "sexual" part of "sexual harassment" refers to gender, not the sex act.

Does it means that if a bisexual sexually-as-in-sex-act harass people of both genders, that's not sexual harassment ?

about two weeks ago

Google's Experimental Newsroom Avoids Negative Headlines

GuB-42 Re:Same as Facebook (109 comments)

I included the word "doom" in a post and it did not go to the newsfeed. Changed the word and then it goes. Nazis would be thrilled to see this.

If you are so keen on raging, try to talk about quakes.

about three weeks ago

The Lovelace Test Is Better Than the Turing Test At Detecting AI

GuB-42 Re:must be a black box! (285 comments)

But, of course, the ultimate test of machine intelligence is when the computer can sue your ass off and win in the Supreme Court.

Well, I expect computers to become really good at law.
The big idea with legal systems is to refer to some written laws and precedents rather than the whim of the judge. Basically it's a search problem and it's one of the things that computers do best.

about three weeks ago

Judge Shoots Down "Bitcoin Isn't Money" Argument In Silk Road Trial

GuB-42 This is real money (as in dollars) laundering (135 comments)

These bitcoins probably weren't intended to stay as bitcoins forever.
The flow probably looks like this : buyer uses USD to buy BTC, buyer transfers BTC to seller, seller sells BTC to get USD. That's pretty much the definition of money laundering.

about three weeks ago

Foxconn Replacing Workers With Robots

GuB-42 Re:Misused? Murder is intrinsic in communism. (530 comments)

Even if technology can give us everything we need with no actual human work (i.e. infinite efficency), we are still social animals.
It means that people will gladly pay just so they can interact with actual human beings.

about three weeks ago


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