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Meet NELL, the Computer That Learns From the Net

GuidoJ Re:The Diamond Age? (272 comments)

And you're omitting the fact that there were 3 girls that had "primers" but Nell was the only one that was raised successfully, IIRC the other 2 developed psychological or sociological problems. Nell was also the only one that wasn't actually raised by the primer, but by more or less one person (Miranda), as main "ractor" through the "primer". Effectively the moral of "The Diamond Age" is that children can not be raised by machines. In other words: according to the Diamond Age this project is doomed ...

more than 4 years ago

Should Developers Have Access To Production?

GuidoJ Re:Install Good Logging Practices (402 comments)

That's why you should always try to log all inputs and outputs (which includes configuration data, etc.) along with a timestamp. Afterward you can replay the situation in a test environment. If you properly set this up during development phase, this will already pay back during test phase. The developer can analyse the problem offline and proof that the fix actually solves the issue before it is shipped to production. It could even be part of an automatic testing environment.

more than 4 years ago

A Video Game To Teach AP Level Immunology

GuidoJ Windows only (158 comments)

The game is free, although not open source... Sorry, no Mac version yet.

Actually the game was "designed to run on Windows operating systems only", so forget about a version for Mac, linux, or anything else for that matter.

more than 6 years ago


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