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The Death of the Floppy Disk

Gutboy_Barrelhouse Re:Is (was) it my imagination ... (1049 comments)

If it's your imagination, then it's mine too. In the research program where I work, we actually have a policy that reads, "never work off of a floppy."

There's a documented bug in some version of MS Office where if you try to Save As... on a file that's been opened from a floppy, well, say goodbye to your file.

Naturally this isn't the first "death of the floppy" topic on slashdot, and on every previous one someone piped up to say, "why is the floppy dead? it's cheap, reliable, ubiquitous, and the perfect size for documents." Take the "reliable" out of that and the attraction fades fast.

more than 10 years ago


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