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Calif. Petitions Supreme Court On Violent Video Game Bill

HBergeron unlikely (204 comments)

A capital punishment decision that was only 5-4 is going to be extended so far as to justify prior restraint on free expression. In fact - yes, this is a legal argument but it just barely passes the laugh test.

more than 5 years ago

Rambus Wins Patent Case

HBergeron Re:April Fool's Day... (146 comments)

Pray tell, you "informative" and "insightful" fellows, what is the term of art definition of "Patent Troll". See, I understand NTP and SCO, etc, but in that case Rambus is far from a troll - over 80% of their 500+ employees are EE's, not lawyers, and they regularly produce products that are freely licensed by Major manufacturers (Sony, IBM, Toshiba, Texas Instruments). It would appear there are "trolls" in this conversation, but not the one you are implicating.

more than 6 years ago


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