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Has World Oil Production Passed Its Peak?

HD Webdev Re:I've seen this simulated, it isn't pretty. (1250 comments)

at the same time technology is moving fatser than ever too. My 295hp car just got 28 mpg on a 3 hour trip today, in 1978 that car would have gotten about 6-12mpg (since there were no 295 hp new cars in 1978, we'll have to estimate). One thing to keep in mind is that we DO have renewable sources of energy, and technology continues to lower the production costs of these while the non-renewable sources will continue to rise. At some point the two lines cross and we'll switch in a big way. The USA is real good at solving these problems.

Yes, your example of using a 295 hp vehicle even though 1978 automobiles got from point A to B just fine highlights one of the most serious problems with the "we'll solve the issues just fine, no worries!" thinking.

more than 8 years ago


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Google Web Accelerator

HD Webdev HD Webdev writes  |  more than 9 years ago Don't use the Google Web Accelerator if you block advertisements with software and/or a hosts file.

Their accelerator will bypass software advertisement blocking programs and hosts files set up to block advertising. Google should have mentioned this on the Accelerator Help/Support page.

They did not do so and couldn't have missed this side effect of their accelerator.

I'm very disappointed in Google for doing this sort of thing.

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