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Why Climbers Die On Mount Everest

HUADPE Re:News flash... (417 comments)

Marinara Trench? that sounds more delicious than deadly. or are the deaths caused by contracting food-poisoning at Sizzler?

Sizzler? They still exist?

about 6 years ago

Why Climbers Die On Mount Everest

HUADPE Re:Damn (417 comments)

The problem is that the air is too thin. The area on the blades of a helicopter is much smaller than an airplane, and they depend much more on high velocity moving large volumes of air over those blades. There is very little air at those altitudes, and it is extremely difficult to control a helicopter. Correction for imbalanced weight is particularly difficult, and that's what you have when you try to pick up a body with a rope.

about 6 years ago

Bush Demands Amnesty for Spying Telecoms

HUADPE Re:Silly gun nut (420 comments)

The winner is FDR, with Japanese internment. Second is John Adams, with the alien and sedition acts. The president with the net record for granting most freedoms goes, strangely enough, to Andrew Johnson, under whom the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments came into effect (no slavery, and equal protection under law).

about 6 years ago

Bush Demands Amnesty for Spying Telecoms

HUADPE Re:This isn't a criminal case. (420 comments)

No, he can. Famously, Gerald Ford pardoned the (not yet convicted) Richard Nixon.

about 6 years ago

Jack Thompson Disbarred

HUADPE Re:Hallelujah! (522 comments)

He will have a very very hard time getting admitted to the bar of any other state or the federal bar.

Bar associations take a disbarment, especially one as exceptional as this (lifetime) very seriously. I also doubt that he could, in fact, pass most states' bar exams.

For those not familiar, getting admitted to the bar isn't just passing the exam, it involves being reviewed for professionalism. I imagine that he would piss off the reviewers in the same way he apparently pissed this judge off into giving the absolute most powerful punishment available.

more than 6 years ago



Anti-social site pokes fun at Facebook

HUADPE HUADPE writes  |  more than 7 years ago

HUADPE (903765) writes "As reported by The McGill Daily there is yet another new way to over-connectedly rant against being over connected. The Anti-social site NOSO encourages you to "create NO connections by scheduling NO events with NO friends." When you sign up, you are assigned a random number in place of a name, and are invited to enter such details as "what you are not interested in, what schools you did not attend, what is not your favourite music, and what professions you do not practice.""
Link to Original Source

HUADPE HUADPE writes  |  more than 8 years ago

HUADPE writes "I am a technology writer for the McGill Daily, my college paper, and although I've already expounded the virtues of Linux, I am preparing an article on how to lock down a Windows box for general security. McGill provides students with a free copy of Norton Internet Security, but as I have seen on many a cleanup, this is not enough. What do slashdotters recommend as Windows security measures that are both effective and user friendly?

Specific commentary on the following three applications (or others you can think of) would also be useful.

Norton Internet Security

Zone Alarm Firewall

ClamWin AV"


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