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Epic Games Predicts Console, Mobile Convergence

Hackie_Chan BREAKING NEWS (104 comments)

Epic Games Mark Rein predicts the emerging market of a combination between laps and tops of some sort.

more than 4 years ago

Spain Codifies the "Right To Broadband"

Hackie_Chan Re:Legality (312 comments)

While I strongly disagree with everything you claimed and find it to actually have no relevance to this discussion, let me point out that since 1963 it has been virtually been agreed to that European Union law is supreme to member state law. Here's the verdict:

By contrast with ordinary international treaties, the EEC Treaty has created its own legal system which, on the entry into force of the Treaty, became an integral part of the legal systems of the member states and which their courts are bound to apply.

By creating a community of unlimited duration, having its own institutions, its own personality, its own legal capacity and capacityof representation on the international plane and, more particularly, real powers stemming from a limitation of sovereignty or a transfer of powers from the states to the community, the Member States have limited their sovereign rights, albeit within limited fields, and have thus created a body of law which binds both their nationals and themselves ..

more than 5 years ago

Ask Blizzard Employees About Things That Matter

Hackie_Chan An official Starcraft port to the Nintendo DS? (504 comments)

Will we ever be able to play an officially ported version of Starcraft for the Nintendo DS? The stylus input system serves perfectly for strategy games, the minimap could occupy the top screen, flash is cheap enough now to be able to store full FMVs and audio, wireless support could use Battle.net, etc. It would sell like hot cakes!

more than 6 years ago


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