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Use Tor, Get Targeted By the NSA

HalcyonBlue Greetings NSA Overlords (451 comments)

-----BEGIN PGP MESSAGE----- wYwDnjZmSa5jm10BA/9tq+tFZW7ZTwWorCU2PJ5RWkhiefDCt0GCxVlg1MPa zkj6bUvN99JdyZZtbsQ3xxz7ugvNPL3cydtnX6Hwn9I/BGqZDYB7ki6UBaY1 uT1T5ZQd28WhLd5Bs4JRr5kc9WCuQf5KdZa9WCO/9UItlsmCakYglJxmVSNy 0XHuJrl3k9JiAR8cYQurOOe3LWKMf8Ytewx4iZquuh0wLwrUs14Zy8G+dkcP C66rRlOIw8S0TqeLd8CoHcEaYPu9osnR5+V3Nz31AoOTgYV5FbkRsV6c6HIs 7byyAyg87jk9Hfu9Zbajfec= =MgO6 -----END PGP MESSAGE-----

about a year and a half ago

Vint Cerf: Data That's Here Today May Be Gone Tomorrow

HalcyonBlue Github Flavored Markdown (358 comments)

I use Github Flavored Markdown. Thousands of years in the future, archaeologists will no doubt work furiously to decode my etchings upon a stone tablet, which will read: "# IF YOU CAN READ THIS YOU'RE A GEEK #" .

about a year and a half ago

The 'Linux Inside' Stigma

HalcyonBlue Re:Alone. (366 comments)

An astronaut falling into a black hole would die alone.

While perhaps not intentional, I think your comment is amusingly relevant to both stories

about 2 years ago

Ask Slashdot: What Is the Best Note-Taking Device For Conferences?

HalcyonBlue MacBook + Google Docs + Keyboard Shortcuts (300 comments)

I attended a conference a few weeks ago and found the combination of using my MacBook with Google Docs and learning a few of the keyboard shortcuts to be a highly successful combination. This allowed me to have a persistent copy of my notes in a form that would be readable from anywhere, and in a way that would be very presentable. The keyboard shortcuts helped me keep up with the speaker. I made a lot of use of keyboard shortcuts for headers and bulleted lists. Now I can be counted among the ranks of both apple and google fanboys.

more than 2 years ago

Emacs Has Been Violating the GPL Since 2009

HalcyonBlue Re:How does this happen? (295 comments)

That's the problem - you can recreate the binary from the source tarball. Files generated from a bison grammar *are* source. As it's generated source it's not as useful for maintenance and feature enhancement as the original grammar file that's input into bison. So here's the low down on the process - bison grammer is input into bison (usually a .yy file IIRC), which outputs a file in C, which is then used when emacs is compiled. When you run the compilation, if the original grammar is present it'll generate the C file, and then build emacs. If the generated file is present and up to date it'll won't try to generate from the .yy because it already has the generated file. So if the .yy is not included, this goes completely unnoticed as one can build from source.

more than 3 years ago

More on OpenBSD Funding Saga

HalcyonBlue Free Speech? (448 comments)

Is it your position that people should be immune to the consequences of their words? The freedom of speech protected and championed by the US Constitution specifically involves forbidding the US Government the power to use force to prevent one's expression. You sir, must be speaking of some other kind of free speech. Perhaps you are confusing it with free as in beer?

By yanking OpenBSD funding, this US Government agency is not using force to prevent Theo from expressing his opinion - they are simply no longer providing him with support. When agents of the US Government storm into Canada and deny Theo of his life, liberty and property to silence him - perhaps then you might be in a better position to discuss freedom of speech.

more than 11 years ago


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