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ALA President Not Fond of Bloggers

Halloween Jack Librarians not fond of Michael Gorman or ALA (912 comments)

Gorman has run for president of ALA several times before. He's a cataloger, the most antisocial category of librarian. His non-cataloging works are mostly extended trolls; he's basically been a glorified cheerleader for Luddite librarians for years now.

I guess that it's fitting that he's finally got elected to a figurehead position at a useless organization. ALA has only one useful function, and that's the Office of Intellectual Freedom, which has been under constant attack not only from without the organization but also from within by conservative librarians who constantly threaten to walk, but unfortunately don't. The rest of ALA is a bloated bureaucracy that can't figure out how to put on a decent conference to save its life. Most of its members belong to it only because membership is required in order to belong to one of its sections, such as the Public Library Association or ACRL, that would have been decent stand-alone associations if they hadn't been swallowed up by ALA. Gorman and his ilk are dinosaurs, and the Internet is their meteorite.

more than 9 years ago


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