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Verizon Threatens Google's 'Free Lunch'

Halvard Not paying their fair share? (724 comments)

Perhaps Verizon should look at their business practices first. First the basically laughed at the TCA of 1996 but not opening fully their network as they other ilecs squeezed the 1st generation DSL providers out of business, their $15 per month DSL service that they lose money on and no competitor can match because that's around what they pay for dry copper, and their FIOS service for which they are losing a fortune on to try and force their competition to price match and drive themselves out of business (cable and DSL).

So the appearance is that they are intentionally driving their revenue down in a blatant anti-competive move. Then they blame an entity that's got nothing to do with it, Google, for their poor performance. That's the old game called misdirection. In some circles it's call lying.

more than 8 years ago


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