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Ask Slashdot: Are Progressive Glasses a Mistake For Computer Users?

Hamster Lover You bought cheap(er) progressive lenses. (464 comments)

I have the same problem as the OP with age related astigmatism and my optometrist suggested progressive lenses. One thing my optometrist was clear to point out was the limitations of the cheaper progressive lenses, where the area in focus was narrow. More expensive lenses offered a much wider field of view, which is what I purchased, but they weren't cheap at $800. The only downside to the lenses I bought was significant barrel distortion on the extreme edge of the lens.

For general use I love my progressives as I can drive and read with the same pair of glasses. I do keep several pairs of general reading glasses around for reading and computer use.

This site has a great comparison, at least for Nikon lenses:


about a month ago

A5 Mystery Solved (Why Siri Won't Run On iPhone 4)

Hamster Lover iPhone 4S speakerphone quality... (239 comments)

The fact that the A5 processor incorporates some fancy noise cancellation technology goes beyond enhancing Siri voice recognition, and explains the startling difference in speakerphone and handset call quality I have noticed after upgrading from the iPhone 4. The 4S is easily one of the best sounding smartphones I have used in recent memory.

Not that iPhone 4 call quality is terrible, it's just that the 4S is that much better.

more than 2 years ago

Facebook Now Using Natural Language Processing

Hamster Lover Natural language? (66 comments)

Now if Facebook could only get posters to actually post in some sort of readable "natural language."

more than 3 years ago

Blizzard To Require Real First and Last Names For Official Forums

Hamster Lover Pardon my ignorance, but... (833 comments)

How can Blizzard force you to provide your real first and last name? I mean, I could use any name other than my own so long as it appears to be a legitimate name and not some moniker or nickname.

more than 4 years ago

Apple's "iPad" Out In the Open

Hamster Lover Watching the presentation live... (1713 comments)

Watching the announcement live I was struck with just how absorbent the crowd was regarding iPad presentation. It's like this product has wings. I wonder how well the iPad will handle those heavy work flow days.

about 5 years ago

Is Gawker's "Apple Tablet Scavenger Hunt" Illegal?

Hamster Lover Can the absence of a product be a trade secret? (172 comments)

It seems to me that Apple's legal threat is tacit admission that the iTablet (or whatever such a product would be called) exists. I mean, how can you sue for inducing someone to violate the trade secret that a particular product does not exist? Is that even a trade secret?

about 5 years ago

4-Winged Proto-Bird Unearthed in China; Predates Archaeopteryx

Hamster Lover Atavism. (140 comments)

You mean "atavism" not "avatar". An avatar is something you masturbate to in Second Life.


more than 5 years ago

Classic Game Console Design Mistakes

Hamster Lover Except... (185 comments)

Except on a Mac.

more than 5 years ago

Classic Game Console Design Mistakes

Hamster Lover World's first pause button? (185 comments)

On the bright side, the 5200 joysticks included the world's first on-controller pause button.

Er, the Intellivision had a system-wide pause function that would pause any game when you held the "1" and "9" keys (I believe "3" and "7" also worked) on the keypad simultaneously.

If you want to get picky there was not exactly a button marked "PAUSE", but it served the same function.

more than 5 years ago

Fundraiser For "White Male" Illness Dropped

Hamster Lover Human rights complaint. (241 comments)

If I was a student at Carleton I would file a complaint with the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario, if for nothing but the delicious irony.

As much as I hate human rights commissions, this is a perfect opportunity to throw some of the same destructive invective back at those so eager to label any and all things as racist and sexist.

more than 6 years ago

The State of Electronic Voting In the 2008 US Elections

Hamster Lover Population... (223 comments)

I agree with your argument that casting votes for multiple offices and legislative initiatives lends itself to electronic tabulation. Your argument that population is prohibitive to paper based voting is not, however, considering that the vote tallies from the major population centers of Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, etc. are available around the same time as the tallies from lesser populated areas in the same time zone.

more than 6 years ago


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Hamster Lover Hamster Lover writes  |  more than 11 years ago

This is my first journal entry for July 11th.

My flatulence has descreased, but I am more concerned with the diarrhea. It will all come to an end, though, when I begin the medication and deep breathing excercises.

I am going to the Squirrel Convention at the Agridome. My woodland friends told me about it. I had hoped to see Magnifco, that Amazing Chipmunk Fire Juggler, but I found out he's not coming this year due to an incident with a power line transmformer. I wonder what that could mean.

Ah well. Back to work.

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