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MIT Hacks XKCD Talk With AACS key

Hanji Some notes (161 comments)

  • It was LSC, the Lecture Series Committee, not LCS, the Lab for Computer Science (now known as CSAIL) that invited him. They're a student group that shows movies and sponsors talks like this.
  • /. linked to the second page of photos; The first, which isn't entirely obviously linked from the linked page, has some excellent photos of the balls falling from the hatch.

more than 7 years ago



Blogger shows that cosmic rays are a real problem

Hanji Hanji writes  |  more than 4 years ago

Hanji (626246) writes "We have discussed the potential effects of and protections against cosmic ray radiation here before, but for the average computer user, it's an obscure threat that doesn't affect them in any real way. Well here's a blog post that describes a strange segfault and, after extensive debugging, traces it down to a single bit flip, probably caused by a stray a cosmic ray. Lots of helpful descriptions of Linux debugging techniques in this one, and a pretty clear demonstration that this can be a real problem. I know I'm never buying a desktop without ECC RAM ever again!"


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