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German Police Union Chief Wants Violent Game Ban After Shooting

Hannah E. Davis Re:Not the chief of the *German* police union (518 comments)

Crappy journalistic research.

It's "just" the chief of the Hessian section of the DPolG, not the Chief on the federal level.

And there's several police unions as well, with the DPolG only being second largest (about half as big as the GdP with a few micro unions not worth mentioning).

Don't blame the journalists, blame me. I'm the one who translated the article for Game Politics, and due to my relatively poor German skills (I've been learning German as a second language), I made a mistake. I actually caught it and emailed a correction -- I wasn't initially sure how best to translate the guy's job title -- but I don't think Dennis saw my email, and the internet merely amplified the error. Hopefully there weren't any other major mistakes... I like to think I do a better job than Google Translator, but I would never compare myself to a native speaker.

more than 5 years ago

Canadian Groups Call For Massive Net Regulation

Hannah E. Davis Re:Minority Mandates (318 comments)

I've seen more English in Quebec than French out here in BC.

Anything related to the Federal Government is bilingual, of course, but for all intents and purposes, Alberta/Saskatchewan/Manitoba/Nova Scotia/Newfoundland/most of Ontario are English-only, BC is officially English but a lot of election propaganda is sent out in Chinese too, New Brunswick and the city of Ottawa are bilingual, and I think the territories are English/Inuktitut or something. Canada is a diverse country and our official languages, on a federal and provincial level, reflect that.

I don't understand why people whine about French anyway. I never managed to become fluent and forgot most of what I learned in school, but I'm still glad I made an effort. Learning even a little bit of another language is a great way to learn more about your own language and culture by looking at someone else's.

more than 6 years ago


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A lapse into biology geekery

Hannah E. Davis Hannah E. Davis writes  |  more than 9 years ago I suspect that most of my journal entries will be records of the curious things that I've seen in my periodic excurions into the outside world. Today, for example, I saw a pheasant, and yesterday, while I was being driven from Halifax to Amherst, I saw two deer, a roadkilled coyote, and even a bald eagle. Of these creatures, I had only ever seen deer before outside a museum or a zoo, so the biology geek in me was very very happy.

There were also plenty of crows, of course, but although they are among my favourite birds, I can see them anywhere. There's actually a couple that like to perch outside my livingroom window and preen themselves. It's a sight that I rarely get to see otherwise -- crows are normally so sleek and pristine, but the ones outside that window are all fluffed up with wings splayed while they try to clean out every speck of dust.


An observation

Hannah E. Davis Hannah E. Davis writes  |  more than 9 years ago On my way to school today, I saw a bit of graffiti that really made me giggle. Scrawled in large capital letters on the side of a bus shelter was one brief message:

RM -RF /*

This was clearly an area controlled by geeks.

The command is case-sensitive, of course, but given the medium (ie. graffiti) I think that the vandal is allowed some artistic license.

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