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Make a Date With Fraud

Haoie Re:Scammers always looking for a target (61 comments)

1/70? Ouch.

Call it hindsight but maybe you should've been more selective in who to contact. You may have been writing to all the wrong people who have nothing in common with you.

Good luck for the future.

about 5 months ago

iPad Fever Is Officially Cooling

Haoie Re:Original iPads Work Well ... (386 comments)

I'm sure they'd love it if all their products only worked for X length of time - then upgrade time!

That must be the goal of every company pushing new goods.

about 7 months ago

Are DVDs Inconvenient On Purpose?

Haoie Re:No high speed Internet? (490 comments)

Fast internet isn't available everywhere [and certainly not here affordably in NZ].

The slow and expensive internet is probably one of the big reasons why streaming content is still slow on the uptake here.

about 8 months ago

Facebook Estimates Around 10% of Accounts Are Fake

Haoie You only need to look at the comments (140 comments)

Half of all comments on any given status by a celebrity or famous page will be "I work from home and make millions!"

about 10 months ago

Blockbuster To Close Remaining US Locations

Haoie That's sad (419 comments)

I always find it difficult to understand the mentality of those cheering and saying good riddance that a long time business [even former giants of the industry] has failed.

Hey, it could be your workplace next.

1 year,22 days

Facebook Lets Beheading Clips Return To Its Site

Haoie About the worst thing to be shared online (277 comments)

Just imagine this posted on your timeline:

"Hey dude, I just saw this guy get his head lopped off and I totally thought of you!"

about a year ago

Everything You Needed To Know About the Internet In May, 1994

Haoie Re:Poignant (168 comments)

19 years later and people still haven't learnt that!

about a year ago

Toronto Family Bans All Technology In Their Home Made After 1986

Haoie Re:Like with everything else, moderation (534 comments)

That's very true - But this really is the extreme end of things, at least in a modern first world country.

Many developing parts of the world have varying degrees of technology limited [and almost always not by choice but by circumstance].

about a year ago

Futurama Cancelled (Again)

Haoie Re:Good news everyone! (390 comments)

I'm going to have to disagree. I thought they were quite good, not excellent but still fine examples of animated comedy.

Especially Bender's Big Score.

about a year and a half ago

Explosions at the Boston Marathon

Haoie Re:On TV now (1105 comments)

I was thinking Aqua Teen too! That was only a few years ago, quite the misunderstanding. This is much much more serious.

about a year and a half ago

Disney Closes LucasArts

Haoie Re:First No! (299 comments)

Nice impression of Darth.

I also would've accepted "do not want!".

about a year and a half ago

Fukushima Cooling Knocked Offline By... a Rat

Haoie No giant rats? (123 comments)

And here I am thinking all radiation makes stuff grow really big, really fast.

about a year and a half ago

Plans Unveiled For Full Scale Replica of the Titanic

Haoie Re:Seperation of classes (292 comments)

Only Cunard has any remaining trace of the class system [and even then it isn't segregation].

about 2 years ago

China Reviewing Game Consoles Ban

Haoie Re:PC games (67 comments)

Everyone likes to complain about Japanese games not getting exported [no export for you!].

But there are probably countless of Chinese games - of varying quality - not being localised elsewhere.

about 2 years ago

The Problem With Internet Dating's Frictionless Market

Haoie Re:Settle? Bad analogy (453 comments)

Most art you just observe at a distance, not interact with.

If you just observed women, you'd be quite the stalker!

about 2 years ago

How Old Were You When You First Got a Cell Phone?

Haoie Re:Age Census in Disguise (330 comments)

Better to have a "what year did you first own a cellphone"?

about 2 years ago

Tolkien Estate Sues Over Lord of the Rings Slot Machines

Haoie Re:Good (211 comments)

I'm not against gambling per se, but slots are the most house friendly form of gambling that can possibly exist. Which is why casino space is more slot space now more than ever.

about 2 years ago

World's First 3D Printing Photo Booth

Haoie Re:How long before... (60 comments)

It's Japan! They already have a majority holding on creepy figurines.

about 2 years ago

Kim Dotcom's Next Venture: Free Broadband To New Zealand

Haoie Re:This is actually cool... (279 comments)

Uh, no. I'd rather have him for Prime Minister than whatever clown we've got in office now.

about 2 years ago

Sony Closes WipEout Developer Studio Liverpool

Haoie Re:RIP Psygnosis (102 comments)

Don't forget Colony Wars, and its 2 sequals!

more than 2 years ago


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