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Dogs As Intelligent As Average Two-Year-Old Children

HappySqurriel Re:dog lover science. (472 comments)

Having grown up around dogs, and now having two cats, I think a lot of people underestimate a cats intelligence because the cat is only interested in pleasing itself. I personally have cats who have figured out how simple mechanical devices like doors and drawers operate, and they have also figured out that I dislike them opening certain doors and drawers and they will get squirted by a spray bottle if they try (so they wait until I am asleep or away to misbehave).

Now, I'm not saying they're super smart creatures but they certainly have decent problem solving skills and an understanding of consequences at a fairly high level.

Beyond this I have seen my cats talk to each other using the same "phrase" to mean similar things in similar situations; and I'm curious whether the slight difference in meaning might actually be represented in a slight difference in the sound that is beyond my ability to hear. To explain what I mean, my cats may a "Birup" noise that seems to mean "Chase me" or "I'm Chasing You" when they play together.

more than 5 years ago

AMD's OpenCL Allows GPU Code To Run On X86 CPUs

HappySqurriel The real benefit (176 comments)

Wouldn't the real benefit be that you wouldn't have to create two separate code-bases to create an application that both supported GPU optimization and could run naively on any system?

more than 5 years ago

How To Vet Clever Ideas Without Giving Them Away?

HappySqurriel I wouldn't put too much emphasis on feedback ... (539 comments)

I've had a couple of ideas in my life that were very similar to several very successful start-ups at a similar point in time as their founders did (as I imagine several hundred thousand people did) and I have learned that most of the world is quick to find fault with original ideas and offers little advice on how to overcome those problems.

My suggestion would be to refine your idea into the simplest form possible and create a prototype to show to people, and then use their feedback to improve your idea. Realistically, if your idea is too complicated to to create a prototype it is probably too complicated for you to be successful with anyways ...

more than 5 years ago

Does the 'Hacker Ethic' Harm Today's Developers?

HappySqurriel Re:Horse Pucky (436 comments)

One thing I think is lost on a lot of people is that programming is much more of a "Craft" then a simple skill that can be picked up; and the predominant factor in whether someone becomes a good programmer or not is whether they receive good guidance, mentor-ship and training when they first start programming in a corporate environment. I have seen far too many organizations who believe they're saving money by not hiring senior developers, and by not training their staff in the technologies they're working with; but (in the long run) it costs them more money in the long run to fix their mistakes, and they lose a lot of respect of their clients because of their poor product.

more than 5 years ago

E3 Coming Back Big In 2009

HappySqurriel Re:So they say. (35 comments)

I think why E3 is changing back is because, although the new format was better for doing business, E3 was rapidly becomming an unimportant event for publishers because it was losing the attention of gamers. For years E3 has been more about building hype than it was about getting stock into retail outlets, and (with the growing popularity of blogs) the average stock-boy was starting to have a greater influence on pre-launch excitment for a game then gaming magazines were.

more than 6 years ago


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