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Name Your Favorite Bloat-Free Software

Harbinjer Music (1296 comments)

for Music I really like MusikCube. It's somewhat like itunes, but much lighter. It has great support for naming and tagging in large batches, and has dynamic playlists. Basically a very flexible SQL query, and you can basically use any criteria, from a very large list of stuff it keeps. They have some great examples.

I also like XMplay as a pretty basic, and really lite MP3 player.

more than 7 years ago


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Harbinjer Harbinjer writes  |  more than 12 years ago

I got a sharp zaurus the other day, and its pretty sweet. I'm trying to find sokoban for it and a divx player, which I heard someone was doing.

I'm really pumped about this, because it has a good interface, the way a PDA should be. It is linux at its best in a way. It doesn't stick out at you, but just sits happily running. Its also cool when you find neat programs for it, which I see people are making right now.

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