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USAF Seeks Air Force One Replacement

Hawkeye05 Re:I have to ask (640 comments)

I'd say one of These actually if you want something that looks bad-ass. Maybe not as Air Force One, but as a shorter range transport perhaps a replacement for Marine One something that's faster and still has VTOL capability.

about 6 years ago

10 Years of Half-Life

Hawkeye05 Re:Late nite (182 comments)

I originally played Half Life 1 about two years ago, i never actually finished it, i got to about the third xen level and after about 30 deaths i gave up. Now about 2 months ago i bought The Orange Box off of Steam, i beat HL2 and I'm on EP1 now, i really do think 2 is better. The pacing is better, and I've never really been a fan of the dungeon shooter style that 1 had some strong elements of, I've always liked large open environments where you can move around and choose the best approach on an enemy and 2 really uses that.

more than 6 years ago



Tux Racer Arcade Game?!?!

Hawkeye05 Hawkeye05 writes  |  more than 7 years ago

Hawkeye05 writes "I was at a local Casino and I went to the Arcade because i couldn't find any $3 Blackjack tables and guess what I found, A TUX RACER ARCADE GAME! Now I haven't checked into it that deeply but I would assume that this is some violation of the GPL. But I do find it rather sad how nowhere on it did it mention even who Tux is or what he stands for. Sorry for the poor image quality.

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