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Drunk Driver Mugshots Featured On Facebook

Hawthorne01 Posting mugshots of those arrested (321 comments)

... is possibly too much, after all, a person is still considered innocent until guilty.


I see no problem with this if they're convicted. DUI doesn't have any social stigma associated with it anymore, and that's an outrage, considering the thousands of people killed each year by drunk drivers. If a little shame stops someone from getting behind the wheel after too much to drink, more power to this sheriff.

more than 4 years ago

Where I am now, it's ...

Hawthorne01 Welcome to Arizona (525 comments)

It's a dry heave!
Arizona: I always knew I was going to hell, I just thought I'd be dead first.

more than 4 years ago

Chicago Debates Merits of ShotSpotter Technology

Hawthorne01 Re:How is it at handling silencers? (385 comments)

If you're a felon, you don't get one. RTF NFA. You need $200 for the tax stamp, a set of fingerprints on file, and then there's the reams and reams of Federal paperwork you have to fill out to get one.

A better response would be I give it about a year before all the gangs in chicago start using knives as standard equipment.

But what gets me is that this shouldn't be happening at all in the gun-free paradise that is Chicago. Firearms are against the law there, so there should be no shootings at all.
It's almost as if criminals intentionally break the law or something. If only there were some way to empower the law-abiding residents of Chicago to protect themselves...

more than 4 years ago

Flaw In Emergency Response System May Have Killed Hundreds

Hawthorne01 It's not a bug... (437 comments)

... it's a feature! Now victims of falls from more than six feet can die at home, rather than in the horrible NHS-run hospitals!

more than 4 years ago

UN To Create Independent Panel To Review IPCC

Hawthorne01 Re:2 big problems in that report (342 comments)

If I were to write a 3000+ page paper and only had 2 significant mistakes in it, I would be freaking estatic!

So, using that standard, if I wrote a 3000+ page paper on gravity, and made only one error on it, say, that gravity has no effect on people who fall from heights of 250 meters or higher, would you, on that basis, be willing to take a swan dive off the Empire State Building ? I mean, it's only ONE error in a 3000+ page report, what could possibly go wrong?

In the same way, I'm not prepared to ruin the economy of the entire planet because of a few, very significant errors in a report that says we should shut down any industrial progress for the next 100 years just so the glaciers on K2 can stay where they are.

more than 4 years ago

Hollywood Stock Exchange Set To Launch In April

Hawthorne01 Oh, goody (100 comments)

Now instead of getting spam about how selected penny stocks on the Vancouver and Hong Kong exchanges are set to explode and make me hundreds of thousands of dollars, I'll get spam about how "TEH A-TEAM MOVIE IS THE BOMB!!!1!! BUY NOW!!!!1".

FWIW, I've been playing the old, free version of HSX for over ten years, and HSX has utterly botched not one, but two beta releases (ask anyone who was on their forums about the V2 rollout and how that went). No way, no how am I letting them anywhere near my real money.

Oh, and "BUY PINK2!".

more than 4 years ago

Gov't Proposes "National Climate Service" For the US

Hawthorne01 Re:Long predictions (599 comments)

Tax consumption, consumption goes, less is made, less pollution, less climate change.

So if we tax government corruption and waste, we'll get rid of it forever? Can I add a surtax on the macarena and line-dancing, too? What about light beer or the designated hitter rule? Can we get rid of those as well?

more than 4 years ago

Gov't Proposes "National Climate Service" For the US

Hawthorne01 Great (599 comments)

Release the source code of your data models that tell us that "ZOMG!!!! Teh oceans are going to go to e1even!!!!!!" and then we'll talk. Until then, it's all smoke and mirrors.

more than 4 years ago

White House Claims Copyright On Flickr Photos

Hawthorne01 Re:Par for the course (169 comments)

This is not a partisan issue.

Nope, both parties are equally clueless on copyright.

There's a good percentage of voters out there, though, who unfortunately believed that a politician groomed by the Mayor Daley's Machine would suddenly become a champion of human rights once he reached the Presidency.


It'd be interesting to hear what Lawrence Lessig has to say about this stunt, given that Lessig was/is a big supporter of Obama.

more than 4 years ago

If Everyone Had To Pass A Particular 101 Course, It Should Be About...

Hawthorne01 How to analyze current media (1142 comments)

How many courses did you take on how to break down a sentence or write an expository paragraph, but no one is teaching kids to tell the difference between an analysis piece and a regular news item (or an infomercial or a regular ad, for that matter). We have a generation of kids with critical thinking skills perfectly suited to Victorian England and as such, they are prime targets for the mass media. If there's one thing I want to instill in my two pre-schoolers, it's pay attention to what you're paying attention to.

more than 4 years ago

How Do You Volunteer Professional Services?

Hawthorne01 I volunteer all the time (366 comments)

Which usually means creating websites for non-profits. The only issue I've ran into is support after the launch can be tricky: The non-profits will need updates and changes and improvements all the time, which can lead to some time-management issues. A good scope of work agreement usually solves this.

about 5 years ago

Religion in Video Games

Hawthorne01 First, make a good video game (523 comments)

Then worry about the religious content. If it's not a good game (or movie, or song, or book) you can stuff it to the gills with religious messages, and no one outside of your particular religious community will ever buy it. Build a better game (or movie, or song, or book) and the world will come to you. (See: Sufjan Stevens, C.S. Lewis, VeggieTales, etc.).

more than 5 years ago

Microsoft Policies Help Virus Writers, Says Security Firm

Hawthorne01 Nothing new (166 comments)

Microsoft's been helping out malware writers since at least 1982...

more than 5 years ago

The Definitive Evisceration of The Phantom Menace *NSFW*

Hawthorne01 Re:Han shot first! (629 comments)

A-yup. The Special Editions were Lucas deciding that he knew better than all the other people he collaborated with to make the original releases.

more than 5 years ago

Where the Global Warming Data Is

Hawthorne01 Actually, I agree with Phil Jones. (1011 comments)

The facts do speak for themselves.

From the "HARRY_READ_ME.txt" file of the CRU emails, in the words of the CRU's own programmer, with page numbers annotated: http://wattsupwiththat.com/2009/11/25/climategate-hide-the-decline-codified/

- "But what are all those monthly files? DON'T KNOW, UNDOCUMENTED. Wherever I look, there are data files, no info about what they are other than their names. And that's useless ..." (Page 17)

- "It's botch after botch after botch." (18)

- "The biggest immediate problem was the loss of an hour's edits to the program, when the network died ... no explanation from anyone, I hope it's not a return to last year's troubles ... This surely is the worst project I've ever attempted. Eeeek." (31)

- "Oh, GOD, if I could start this project again and actually argue the case for junking the inherited program suite." (37)

- "... this should all have been rewritten from scratch a year ago!" (45)

- "Am I the first person to attempt to get the CRU databases in working order?!!" (47)

- "As far as I can see, this renders the (weather) station counts totally meaningless." (57)

- "COBAR AIRPORT AWS (data from an Australian weather station) cannot start in 1962, it didn't open until 1993!" (71)

- "What the hell is supposed to happen here? Oh yeah -- there is no 'supposed,' I can make it up. So I have : - )" (98)

- "You can't imagine what this has cost me -- to actually allow the operator to assign false WMO (World Meteorological Organization) codes!! But what else is there in such situations? Especially when dealing with a 'Master' database of dubious provenance ..." (98)

- "So with a somewhat cynical shrug, I added the nuclear option -- to match every WMO possible, and turn the rest into new stations ... In other words what CRU usually do. It will allow bad databases to pass unnoticed, and good databases to become bad ..." (98-9)

- "OH F--- THIS. It's Sunday evening, I've worked all weekend, and just when I thought it was done, I'm hitting yet another problem that's based on the hopeless state of our databases." (241).

- "This whole project is SUCH A MESS ..." (266)

more than 5 years ago

How To Stretch Your Security Dollar

Hawthorne01 Keep your door locked... (51 comments)

... and be wary of strangers who knock. Make sure your home is well-lit outside and trim away the foliage from your windows.

Oh, computer security.


more than 5 years ago

Real-LIfe Distributed-Snooping Web Game To Launch In Britain

Hawthorne01 I like the idea of citizens fighting crime... (419 comments)

...but spying on each other isn't the way to do it. If only there were an effective, compact, portable, widespread and personal means of deterring violent crime that could replace the oppressive omnipresence of the current CCTV-based system. It'd have to be small, light and easy-to-use, and also be easily concealable so the bad guys wouldn't know who's carrying the deterrence and who isn't.

Something like this might work. Too bad they're illegal in the country formerly known as Great Britain.

more than 5 years ago

SA's Largest Telecomms Provider vs. a Pigeon

Hawthorne01 In completely unrelated news... (149 comments)

Servicemen from Telkom were seen releasing large numbers of kestrels and falcons along the route of the proposed test.

When asked for a comment, a Telkom spokesperson said "We intend to prove that IPoAC is prone to sudden and catastrophic packet loss due to unanticipated natural events."

more than 5 years ago



Adultery exposed via an Apple Support forum

Hawthorne01 Hawthorne01 writes  |  more than 6 years ago

Hawthorne01 (575586) writes "A wife suspected her husband of cheating on her, and sneaked a peek at his iPhone. She found an e-mail to a woman with an attachment that was a "raunchy picture" of the husband. He swore up and down that he went to the Apple Store and the Geniuses told him it was a known issue that random pictures show up as attachments in the sent mail folder but that the e-mails aren't sent. She posted the query to the Apple Support forums and got a slightly different story than what her husband told her..."

Hawthorne01 Hawthorne01 writes  |  about 8 years ago

Hawthorne01 writes "The man responsible for getting more people through college than the inventor of Cliff's Notes has passed on. Let's all raise our waterproof polystyrene containers in memory of this great, great man and all that he did to keep us alive and glued to our keyboards."


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