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GM Fish. How to.

Heidi Wall I have no problem with GM foods. (6 comments)

It seems to be the most wasteful and wealthy of nations where people have problems with GM foods. But the amazing thing about GM foods are that the peoples who have most to gain are the poor of the third world. I find it very worrying that we in the west seem to be turning against it.

Ant GM foods activists will often use emotional arguments, and talk about the environment and genetic pollution a lot, and corporations and their evils (despite the fact that the GM companies are often very small. Monsanto, that hated company, is relatively tiny. A pygmie, about 1/20 the size of Walmart, say).

The problem is that the people who argue with these people tend to be scientists, and are not given to emotional argument, preferring to stick to the facts (this mirrors the Creationists V the Evolutionists). Is it any wonder the public has been scared from GM foods?

I would suggest that we must fight fire with fire on this issue. We must point out that the anti GM foods protestors are for blindness in the third world, they are for starvation due to lack of arable land. All of these problems can be greatly relieved by the use of GM crops.

I think it is time to pull no punches, and be angry and emotional about this issue.
Clarity does not require the absence of impurities,

more than 13 years ago


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