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FBI Caught On Camera Returning Seized Server

HerbertStencil Trespassing? (267 comments)

Well, assuming they had a warrant for the seizure in the first place, fine and good that they did their job looking for the bad guys. But I don't think a judge would have given them a warrant to break in and return the server unless they thought no one had noticed it was gone. Why did they not just call the owner and say they wanted to return the server. Were they trying to be nice by returning it to its rightful place. How did they get in to return it? Has this place no security? Did they bully some pimply faced security guard into opening the door? Did the guard have authority to grant them access to the cage? No legal access means trespassing; the feds are not above laws on criminal trespass.

more than 2 years ago

Scientists Offer New Way to Read Online Text

HerbertStencil Ironic that live ink not used (404 comments)

Did it strike anyone else as ironic that the Venture Beat article links to a more detailed article in support of live ink written by its creators but that article is itself formatted the old-fashioned way. BTW, newspapers have been doing this for years.

more than 7 years ago


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