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If You're Connected, Apple Collects Your Data

Hewligan Re:If you want results from the web (313 comments)

Or why when setting up an email account does the mail app send the domain name you enter to apple?

I don't know for sure, but when you set up an email account, based on the address you supply, the Mac does try to auto configure stuff for a wide range of popular email services. I'm guessing it's probably sending off the address to search for that auto configuration information.

about 3 months ago

Drupal Fixes Highly Critical SQL Injection Flaw

Hewligan Re:Heh (54 comments)

No, it's more like they were enforcing parametrised queries on top of an API that allows non-parametrised queries.

about 4 months ago

Drupal Fixes Highly Critical SQL Injection Flaw

Hewligan Re:Is Drupal 6.x Affected? (54 comments)

Considering that the API is to help protect against SQL injection though, it's probably fair to say that version 6 is affected by other issues.

Not really. The API makes it easier for developers to avoid SQL injection vulns. That doesn't mean that code not using it has SQL vulns.

about 4 months ago

Drupal Fixes Highly Critical SQL Injection Flaw

Hewligan Re:Is Drupal 6.x Affected? (54 comments)

I've seen no mention of whether or not Drupal 6.x is vulnerable; are they?

No, it won't be affected, as the API involved was introduced in Drupal 7.

about 4 months ago

Is the App Store Broken?

Hewligan Re:Too many apps, too much appcrap (258 comments)

Well, I've done both of those, and the webpage option is far, far easier.

But people always want you to build an app, because apps are cool and websites are old hat.

about 6 months ago

Will Google's Dart Language Replace Javascript? (Video)

Hewligan Re:No (180 comments)

If you have 100 hours available for testing, you can use static analysis to find 90% of the bugs and spend the rest of your time on the 10% that require deeper insight. Or you can waste 90% of your time being a human compiler, manually cross-checking symbols. Which is going to result in more reliable software?

That assumes that:

  • 1) Static analysis will find enough problems to save 90% of your testing time
  • 2) There is no additional cost in development time in manually handling all type conversions

And there are a lot of reasons to believe that neither of those are true.

about 7 months ago

IT Pro Gets Prison Time For Sabotaging Ex-Employer's System

Hewligan Re:Duh... (265 comments)

Yes, as was posted just above: Don't talk to police

Or, to summarise, you are not helping the police catch a criminal. You are helping the police convict you of a crime. Whether or not you actually committed the crime is irrelevant.

about 8 months ago

Ask Slashdot: Which NoSQL Database For New Project?

Hewligan Re:Do you need a database? (272 comments)

I thought it was a simple key-value data store.

Not really. The term NoSQL is used to describe a whole bunch of very different models for storing data, each of which has its own pros and cons.

about 10 months ago

OKCupid Warns Off Mozilla Firefox Users Over Gay Rights

Hewligan Re:April Fools stories are gay (1482 comments)

The Left has become fascist in the name of tolerance. Tolerance will be imposed and all who stand in the way will put against the wall.

Yeah, I mean on the one hand we have people who wish to use the power of the state to deny the recognition of relationships of a minority group because it doesn't fit with their own view of the world, and on the other we have people refusing to use a company's product because they disagree with the politics of the CEO.

OKCupid are clearly the fascists here...

about 9 months ago

Google Android Studio Vs. Eclipse: Which Fits Your Needs?

Hewligan Re:Netbeans (140 comments)

I am sure the three other people who use Netbeans feel the same way...

I'm sure they do, too, given how much better it is than Eclipse...

about 10 months ago

HTML5 App For Panasonic TVs Rejected - JQuery Is a "Hack"

Hewligan Re:Psh, jQuery. (573 comments)

So, from that I see that you might not need JQuery if everyone is using an up-to-date version of IE (or something that's not IE). Good luck with that.

about a year ago

The JavaScript Juggernaut Rolls On

Hewligan Re:Replusive (505 comments)

Why do the worst technologies that are just barely able to solve the problem always make it? Is the developer community collectively really this stupid? I fear it is...

Because the people who spend their time worrying about which is the theoretically superior solution rarely come up with a practically useful solution.

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: How Do You Choose Frameworks That Will Survive?

Hewligan Re:does it have to be PHP? (227 comments)

Flex was Java on the server side, so apparently just not using PHP didn't save the OP.

about a year ago

MySQL Man Pages Silently Relicensed Away From GPL

Hewligan Re:Is this legal? (243 comments)

No, MySQL has always required copyright assignment for stuff to be included.

about a year and a half ago

Apple Pays Only 2% Corporate Tax Outside US

Hewligan Re:Let's hear it for the beancounters (432 comments)

You're right! We should all stop buying Apple products because of their tax evasion. Anything else would be blatant fanboy-ism, probably caused by some sort of reality distortion field.

Now I just have to decide which of the many technology companies who gladly pay their fair share of taxes to choose from...

more than 2 years ago

Book Review: Drupal For Designers

Hewligan Re:Drupal Logo (77 comments)

If you seriously couldn't work out how to produce the equivalent of a Wordpress site using Drupal in six months then - and I hate to be the one to break this to you - I don't think Drupal was the problem.

more than 2 years ago

MIT Grad To Make Digital "SixthSense" Open Source

Hewligan Re:*sigh* (151 comments)

I don't see how you can have a sense of acceleration. Perhaps change of acceleration....but acceleration? Categorically NO. We orbit the sun, but i wager you have no sense of angular acceleration about the sun. The other senses are persistent.

And, by the same logic, we cannot possibly see cars as we cannot see paramecium.

more than 5 years ago


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