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Water/Complex Carbon Found in Distant Solar System

Hiedi Wall Maybe the evidence for life is obvious! (210 comments)

In the form of red dwarves. In the 1960's, a well respected russian astronomer known as N Kardashev came up with the Kardashev system of determining alien civilisations. Kardashev Type I Civilisation. One which has utilised all the resources of a planet. Kardashev Type II Civilisation. One which has utilised all the resources of a star. ie, a Dyson sphere. Kardashev Type III Civilisation. One which has utilised all the resources of an entire galaxy. Probably the rarest and most powerful. The scary thing is that a Dyson Sphere would look almost exactly like a red dwarve star. It could well be that many phenomena we see in space and interpret as natural phenomena are in fact megascale engineering projects of distant civilisations. Another possibility is that these distant civilisations use Matrioshka Brains, big computers in the form of Dyson Spheres, surrounding a star. Everybody would be uploaded into this environment, and would become as gods. Problem is, we are pumping out radiation all the time, from our television transmitters and our mobile phones and so on. It is like the cheeping of a new born bird, we are alone and naked and letting everyone know where we are. There is no reason to suppose that such civilisations would be friendly. I think we should take enormous and difficult steps to quiet down out interstellar emissions. It is time to start playing interstellar politics. More info can be found here, a very interesting page on this subject by an esteemed author. -- Trust in God, but tie your camel -- Old Persian proverb.

more than 13 years ago


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