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Cisco to Open Source CTA

Ho Kooshy Fly Actually the program is pretty cool... (48 comments)

It shows you all the insane registry hacking programs do, overriding or overwriting of DLLs, in general just a lot of bad behavior you see in Windoze. It runs on every desktop where I work and will stop most trojans from installing due to stupid "Oh, lets click on virus.exe" and run it.

Even if they're not making money off it (no clue tbqh), it probably has some cool tidbits of code...


more than 7 years ago



Redhat reaping fallout from Novell/MSFT deal?

Ho Kooshy Fly Ho Kooshy Fly writes  |  more than 7 years ago

Ho Kooshy Fly (561299) writes "It seems that at least one ISV has seen the rise of Redhat over Novell users to be quite prominent as of late... is this a backlash to the patent deal? 'From March to May, for example, the rate of new members joining the Alfresco community rose by more than 130 percent month-on-month," he said. "The number of those new users with Red Hat Linux nearly tripled over that period, while the number of Novell SUSE Linux users remained relatively static...'"
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