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Massachusetts SWAT Teams Claim They're Private Corporations, Immune To Oversight

HotNeedleOfInquiry Re:Libertarian nirvana (534 comments)

It's not a contracting issue, it's misuse of the system. If there needs to be a cross-jurisdiction government body, they should do what's been done for years, form a special district. There's tens of thousands of special districts across the US, administering sewer systems, water systems, even mosquito control. All with board directors subject to citizen review and recall.

about a month ago

Massachusetts SWAT Teams Claim They're Private Corporations, Immune To Oversight

HotNeedleOfInquiry Re:Libertarian nirvana (534 comments)

It would be a libertarian nirvana if it were followed through to it's logical conclusion. Which would be holding the corporation and officers directly responsible for their actions, both criminal and civil. But that's not what they have or want. They want the secrecy of a private corporation along with the myriads of legal protections that a police force has.

about a month ago

Teacher Tenure Laws Ruled Unconstitutional In California

HotNeedleOfInquiry You make it... (519 comments)

Sound like it is a bad thing...

about 1 month ago

Radioactivity Cleanup At Hanford Nuclear Reservation, 25 Years On

HotNeedleOfInquiry Way too much money for the local economy to finish (123 comments)

The Tri-Cities (Richland-Pasco-Kenniwick) area has been dependent on the Hanford project for prosperity forever. There is absolutely no local motivation to complete the cleanup when thousands semi-skilled workers are making $40/hr+ +benefits. The project will certainly be dragged out until every possible drop is drained from the milchcow.

about 2 months ago

Ask Slashdot: How To Handle Unfixed Linux Accessibility Bugs?

HotNeedleOfInquiry What did you expect? (266 comments)

What did you expect for "free", free lifetime support as well?

about 4 months ago

Don't Help Your Kids With Their Homework

HotNeedleOfInquiry Could it be.... (278 comments)

That the kids who did well without help didn't *need* help because they were smart self-starters? Yeah, maybe that's it.

about 4 months ago

Don't Help Your Kids With Their Homework

HotNeedleOfInquiry Um, right. (278 comments)

'Even though they may be active in helping, they may either not remember the material their kids are studying now, or in some cases never learned it themselves, but they're still offering advice. And that means poor quality homework.'" You mean like correcting the blatant errors in the grade school science texts?

about 4 months ago

Advances In Cinema Tech Overcoming a Strange Racial Divide

HotNeedleOfInquiry Re:Hollywood Racist? Say it ain't so!!! (164 comments)

So you fight it with plagiarism? Your post was a verbatim copy of a 2010 rant by By Solomon Comissiong

about 9 months ago

Meet Focal, the New Camera App For CyanogenMod

HotNeedleOfInquiry I must be getting old. (40 comments)

I thought FOCAL was the language of the first lunar lander game.

1 year,4 days

Wikipedia Rolls Out Mobile Editing For All Users

HotNeedleOfInquiry Great. (55 comments)

Now I can see my changes reverted when I'm on the road.

1 year,5 days

Star Wars City Doomed By Sand Dunes

HotNeedleOfInquiry What??? (166 comments)

They weren't required to restore the dunes to their native state after the shoot?

1 year,9 days

George Zimmerman Acquitted In Death of Trayvon Martin

HotNeedleOfInquiry Hardly.... (1737 comments)

News for geeks. We know about Google News, or any other mainstream news outlet for that matter....

1 year,17 days

George Zimmerman Acquitted In Death of Trayvon Martin

HotNeedleOfInquiry Re:Lost. (1737 comments)

Um no. Just do a little reading and see what it takes to convict a person of second degree murder "beyond a shadow of a doubt". You're the "lost cause".

1 year,17 days

George Zimmerman Acquitted In Death of Trayvon Martin

HotNeedleOfInquiry Re:I'm amazed... (1737 comments)

Nice. I'd upvote if I could.

1 year,17 days

Improving 3-D Printing By Copying Nature

HotNeedleOfInquiry If nature is so relevant... (128 comments)

Why not build a 400,000 lb bumblebee instead of a B747? Point being that imitating nature oftentimes isn't good or even possible.

1 year,23 days

The Average Movie Theater Has Hundreds of Screens

HotNeedleOfInquiry Re:Too Bright (924 comments)

So does some fsking common sense. Let's not drive cars. let's confiscate steak knives. Let's get rid of lawnmowers. Life is about risk management, not risk avoidance.

1 year,30 days

Quantum-Tunneling Electrons Could Make Semiconductors Obsolete

HotNeedleOfInquiry Re:Faster than Light? (276 comments)

Aren't you the grump.

about a year ago

A Different Approach To Making Alternative Fuels Practical

HotNeedleOfInquiry I guess I missed the part... (90 comments)

Where it made alternative fuels practical...

about a year ago



Ken Olsen Passed Away Yesterday

HotNeedleOfInquiry HotNeedleOfInquiry writes  |  more than 3 years ago

HotNeedleOfInquiry (598897) writes "I received the following message from the DEC Alumni LinkedIn group:

"It is with great regret that I inform you that our beloved CEO Ken Olsen passed away, yesterday in Indiana, with his immediate family all around him. Ken had been in ill health for the last few months and was in Hospice care. Sad time for their family now, but Ken and Alliki had a wonderful life. It's sad to know that they both have now passed.""

Where did all the Google Usenet Search Results Go?

HotNeedleOfInquiry HotNeedleOfInquiry writes  |  more than 5 years ago

HotNeedleOfInquiry (598897) writes "I've been posting on USENET since 1997, mostly on rec.craft.metalworking and comp.arch.embedded. Periodically I do a Google USENET search on my email name. Previously, I would see the 2000+ hits of all the posts I've made in these groups over the years. I did the same thing today and got a staggering 47 hits. Doing a few more searches on subjects I'm familiar with led me to believe that a large portion of Google's USENET archives are either missing or not being indexed properly. Anyone else experienced this or know anything about it?"

Ever Wonder what a Fifteen Dollar Whore looks like

HotNeedleOfInquiry HotNeedleOfInquiry writes  |  more than 6 years ago

HotNeedleOfInquiry (598897) writes "WSBTV in Fort Payne, Alabama is reporting the arrest of a grandmother and her daughter for prostitution. The pair were charging $30 together or $15 a piece. Fort Payne Police Chief David Walker said the sting was carried out after his office received several tips that the women were engaged in illicit activities.

"Prostitution is not something we see a lot of in the Fort Payne area," Walker told The Times-Journal. "However, we are glad that something of this nature was brought to our attention, and were able to put an end to this operation." Walker said the majority of the Duncan's clientele was believed to be Hispanics."

Link to Original Source


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