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ArkOS: Building the Anti-Cloud (on a Raspberry Pi)

Hougaard "about the project" (166 comments)

Great copy paste job boys :)

about a year ago

Encrypting Phone Storage and Transmission? (2011 Version)

Hougaard I'm using OpenVPN for N900. (198 comments)

Setup a OpenVPN box somewhere free (VPS Hosting) and install the OpenVPN application for the N900 - Works great for me !

more than 3 years ago

Students Banned From Bringing Pencils To School

Hougaard OK, its more than 10 years ago ... (426 comments)

that I lived in the US, but have you completely lost your minds ? Have you become so paranoid that kids with pencils are a threat ?

Imagine, 1000 kids, each with 10-20 pencils ... OMG A weapon of mass destruction :)

more than 3 years ago

Can SSDs Be Used For Software Development?

Hougaard X300 (480 comments)

I have been using my Thinkpad X300 for developing for the last several month without any problems !

more than 5 years ago

Tufts Tells Judge, We Can't Tie IP To MAC Addresses

Hougaard hehe (419 comments)

Next hot network thing: RIAA approved DHCP ;)

more than 6 years ago


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