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Chinese Hackers Infiltrate Firms Using Malware-Laden Handheld Scanners

HughJazz Hypocrisy (93 comments)

American government officials: It's wrong for the Chinese government to engage in mass surveillance Chinese government officials It's wrong for the American government to engage in mass surveillance. Principled people with actual ethics: It's wrong for *any* government to engage in mass surveillance.

about three weeks ago

Chinese State Media Declares iPhone a Threat To National Security

HughJazz Re:China for Nobel Prize? (143 comments)

China is right to not trust American tech products but unfortunately China also acts like big brother when it comes to privacy. Chinese citizens are heavily spied on by the Chinese government. All this spying is achieving is balkanizing the tech industry. At the moment If someone wants privacy it's a nobrainer one doesn't buy tech from countries that behave in wholesale spying i(i.e. US, China, GB, and possibly a few more).

about three weeks ago

Chinese State Media Declares iPhone a Threat To National Security

HughJazz NSA destroying American jobs (143 comments)

NSA spies on everyone to "protect" us from tyrants that would spy on everyone. Makes sense. As a bonus the NSA has also done a fantastic job trimming down American tech industry jobs. Given the rampant unrepentant Orwellian spying surely every foreign government and corporation is eager to buy American technology products now.

about three weeks ago

Cambridge Team Breaks Superconductor World Record

HughJazz 4 forces (73 comments)

Electromagnitism is usually considered the best understood of the four forces but the lack of real progress in room temperature superconducting suggests we have a way to go to understanding even that. It's plausible its not possible but if we really understand EM then the mathematics for its impossibility should exist.

about 1 month ago

The Military Is About To Get New Augmented Reality Spy Glasses

HughJazz Spy glasses? (58 comments)

Gathering Yahoo webcam images of random naked people isn't enough for the GCHQ and NSA. This technology will ensure they see us naked all the time.

about a month ago


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