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Build Your Own Gatling Rubber Band Machine Gun

HybridST 12 pages in one... (39 comments)

Link to single-page version:

about a month ago

Two Big Dark Matter Experiments Gain US Support

HybridST Re:It's true. (37 comments)

/. Is a news aggregator, not a primary source.

about a month and a half ago

Researchers Find Evidence of How Higgs Particle Imparts Mass

HybridST Re:As usual, the title is wrong! (91 comments)

IIRC most of mass comes from quantum electrodynamical interactions. About 5 per cent is due to Higgs field interactions.

Google: "youtube susskind higgs" for some lectures on higgs interactions and some implications of them. One of them is my source for this.

about a month and a half ago

Researchers Find Evidence of How Higgs Particle Imparts Mass

HybridST Re:Erm (91 comments)

They throw out hundreds or thousands of collisions for each datum they keep. So they have billions of events stored as data out of many trillions of mostly-boring collisions so far. This cherry-picked data may have something to do with it.

about a month and a half ago

How Japan Lost Track of 640kg of Plutonium

HybridST Re:Come now. (104 comments)

640 kg in, say, 640 1kg dirty bombs wouldn't need to be nuclear, only radioactive. Might be enough to "dirty-up" a whole lot of china's land.

about 2 months ago

NASA Successfully Tests 'Flying Saucer' Craft, New Parachute

HybridST Re:NASA testing a 100 foot, mach 4 parachute (49 comments)

Wolfram puts mars escape velocity at about 5000m/s, just under half that of earth.

about 2 months ago

Evidence of a Correction To the Speed of Light

HybridST Re:In nearly 15 years, I've never done this... (347 comments)

Hawking thought this when he discovered/derived Hawking radiation from black holes. "Virtual" particles popping into existance exactly at the event horizon. Rather than annihilating as such particles typically do, one falls in and the other is released from the black hole.

This is a somewhat simplified account but the realization of virtual particles has been "known" for a few decades. Search youtube for "Susskind Black Hole" for a lecture series, about 16ish hours of material on this phenomenon.

about 2 months ago

Fresh Evidence Supports Higgs Boson Discovery

HybridST Re:The science is not settled on this. (42 comments)

We could call it whatever we like but "higgsoid object"

has no search results whereas "higgs-like object"

returns useful results. That's close to the term the popular media ascribed to the phenomenon when it was discovered and is close enough to the terminology in the journals to find the scientific papers involved without much extra effort.

Your call as to what you would like to call it though.

about 2 months ago

Fresh Evidence Supports Higgs Boson Discovery

HybridST Re:The science is not settled on this. (42 comments)

Undergrad so take this with a grain of salt.

They found something that looks like a higgs, smells like a higgs, and even quacks like a higgs while looking in the higgs-pond. They, afaict, have not yet measured its quantum-spin as being zero which would confirm it's indeed a higgs.

If the higgs-like object that was discovered is truly A higgs, it may or may not be THE higgs of the standard model. The newly discovered decay channel of the higgs-like object seems to point toward the standard model and a few other frameworks which others here know in far greater detail than I.

Now they need to measure the spin...

about 2 months ago

Fresh Evidence Supports Higgs Boson Discovery

HybridST link (42 comments)

There was a link to a paper in's coverage yesterday. I read the coverage but I haven't had time to check the paper out.

The story:

The paper:

about 2 months ago

The Physics of Hot Pockets

HybridST learn the tools you use (222 comments)

Most microwaves have a power control. 90 seconds at power 2 or 3, wait 1 minute. Flip, 1 minute at full power. Wait 3 minutes. Serve.

There exist websites and books devoted to this appliance and how to use it correctly. This is a non-story.

Caveat: there are some nice physics going on in the explanation but only for the layman. Look elsewhere for the gritty detail we /.ers are used to seeing.

about 4 months ago

Why Scientists Are Still Using FORTRAN in 2014

HybridST Re:Because C and C++ multidimensional arrays suck (634 comments)

Undergrad here. So the base case is taken care of and you call your translation function recursively. What's the difficulty here?

about 4 months ago

Winning Algorithms For Rock, Paper, Scissors

HybridST Re:A robot (65 comments)

You mean like this?

about 3 months ago

Yahoo Stops Honoring 'Do-Not-Track' Settings

HybridST If this is real... (300 comments)

IIRC yahoo is worth less than nothing at the moment. Re:

Why would I listen to a company with such outstanding performance?

about 4 months ago

Mobile Game Attempts To Diagnose Alzheimer's

HybridST Re:But... (21 comments)

Sounds like your mobile device is a mobile-device.

about 4 months ago

Details You're Not Supposed To See From Boston U's Patent Settlements

HybridST Re:Universities should have no patents (130 comments)

To counter your anecdote my University *does* sell textbooks. I've bought lab manuals the-day-of when I forgot them before my commute.

about 4 months ago

The Inside Story of Gmail On Its Tenth Anniversary

HybridST Re:It's teh googlezzzz!!!! (142 comments)

Correct, they are not the same thing.

Tagging can contain the structure of a folder system with inherant deduplication of data. 1 tag per foldername contained in path. Done. Then you can add the file to another "folder" by adding a tag. Search for your regular foldername and you have your "folder" without browsing an entire hierarchy of foldernames.

That being said I don't really tag my files - I use folder hierarchies and don't worry about dupes (this is /. after all). I can see the expanded utility of tags though especially from a "searchable data" perspective.

about 5 months ago

Large DDoS Attack Brings WordPress Pingback Abuse Back Into Spotlight

HybridST Re:Wordpress is crap (58 comments)

XP is decent for its time and is still sufficient for some purposes(firewalled etc.)

I think parent wanted (Wordpress==WinME).

about 6 months ago

Drone Pilot Wins Case Against FAA

HybridST Re: model plane != plane (236 comments)


Also: I can go purchase an rc plane/heli complete with cam transmitter and perform the same activity right now in a comparable location. There are TOYS that can accomplish this. Have the FAA complained yet about flying toys with video? Serious question.

about 6 months ago


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