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Emergent Gravity Disproved

HydraMirage Re:Very Valid Theory (102 comments)

Virtual Particles, Vacuum Energy and Gravity. Quoted from the Wiki page:

Vacuum energy is an underlying background energy that exists in space even when the space is devoid of matter (free space). The concept of vacuum energy has been deduced from the concept of virtual particles, which is itself derived from the energy-time uncertainty principle. The effects of vacuum energy can be experimentally observed in various phenomena such as spontaneous emission, the Casimir effect, the van der Waals bonds and the Lamb shift, and are thought to influence the behavior of the Universe on cosmological scales.

The vacuum energy also has important consequences for physical cosmology. Special relativity predicts that energy is equivalent to mass, and therefore, if the vacuum energy is "really there", it should exert a gravitational force. Essentially, a non-zero vacuum energy is expected to contribute to the cosmological constant, which affects the expansion of the universe. In the special case of vacuum energy, general relativity stipulates that the gravitational field is proportional to -3p (where is the mass-energy density, and p is the pressure). Quantum theory of the vacuum further stipulates that the pressure of the zero-state vacuum energy is always negative and equal to . Thus, the total of -3p becomes -2: A negative value. This calculation implies a repulsive gravitational field, giving rise to expansion, if indeed the vacuum ground state has non-zero energy. However, the vacuum energy is mathematically infinite without renormalization, which is based on the assumption that we can only measure energy in a relative sense, which is not true if we can observe it indirectly via the cosmological constant.

about 3 years ago

Emergent Gravity Disproved

HydraMirage Re:Very Valid Theory (102 comments)

So you think that every unproven theory is bunk? In that case I want to inform you that I don't have a proof of the theory that your IQ is above 70. So I guess that theory, being unproven, is bunk, and therefore I'm safe in assuming that your IQ doesn't exceed 70.

I think it's obvious who the child is here.

about 3 years ago

Emergent Gravity Disproved

HydraMirage Re:Very Valid Theory (102 comments)

And I bet you are not qualified to call even one of the concepts you mention "bunk".

I don't need to be. It is widely know they all the concepts I mentioned are UNPROVEN THEORIES.

about 3 years ago

Emergent Gravity Disproved

HydraMirage Very Valid Theory (102 comments)

Considering the bunk and completely unproved concepts that physics is using currently ie. Dark Matter, Dark Energy, String Theory, Supersymmetry and the Higgs Boson. Even IF there is a Higgs particle, the Higgs does NOT explain gravity. Emergent Gravity is a VERY compelling concept. It could also explains Mass, Inertia AND the 2nd law of thermodynamics.
Currently it is obvious that physics has been stuck in a rut for decades. The discovery of virtual particles has yet to be fully incorporated into other theoretical aspects of physics. It is my understanding, that these virtual particles are the 'Ether' that Einstein had mentioned before he resorted to the cosmological constant.
In my opinion, these chaotic particles have an effect,Entropy. Areas with less virtual particles, like the occlusion between two near objects, experience a negative pressure, which we call gravity. Gravity is emergent from Entropy. Entropy is emergent from Virtual Particles.
Of course, this is pure conjecture. But I would love to hear other peoples opinions...

about 3 years ago


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