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US Patent Office Seeking Consultant That Can Stamp Out Fraud By Patent Examiners

IANAAC Re:Ask the US Postal Service (124 comments)

Maybe you're not old enough to remember...

In the 80s/early 90s there was a string of postal workers freaking out and subsequently shooting office co-workers.

about a month ago

AT&T Says 10Mbps Is Too Fast For "Broadband," 4Mbps Is Enough

IANAAC Re:Seriously? (533 comments)

Basic web browsing uses almost no data. A friend was able to browse through my lumia last night because her internet was down and 10 minutes of browsing and sending a couple emails didn't even show on the usage summary.

I disagree. Can't remember the article, but somewhere recenly there was an article talking about the average web page size these days being about 1.7M, with 1M of that being images.

Try using a metered service sometime like a prepaid hotspot with 3G or above. You can blow through 100M easily in half an hour just looking at news sites with no video, just images and text.

about a month and a half ago

The Feature Phone Is Dead: Long Live the 'Basic Smartphone'

IANAAC Re:WTF Is "Dead"? (243 comments)

LG makes some decent touch feature phones - LG840G, LG305C, LG306G).

I have the 840G and still use it as a backup phone. All I really needed to do to make it feel really functional was install Opera Mini and GMaps on it, both of which are installable java apps. The battery lasts forever, too.

about 5 months ago

Are Tablets Replacing Notebook Computers? (Video)

IANAAC Re:No. (211 comments)

Because I want the portability of a 10" device, and they stopped making 10" laptops a year ago.

An 11 inch device is no less portable than a 10 inch device. And they're making plenty of those in the form of Chromebooks, capable of running complete OSes (I know, I have one). Hell, the very first comment in your link even points that out.

about 10 months ago

Surviving the Internet On Low Speed DSL

IANAAC Re:You poor baby (277 comments)

I get by on basically the same as the story submitter, and I work from home too. There is a speedier option for me - satellite internet, for about the same price.

I won't jump to satellite, though. Here's why: I stream a LOT of shows. I mean most of what I watch is done over the internet. I may occasionally have to wait for a buffer to fill, but other than that I have no problems. Satellite comes with bandwidth caps (unless I want to be up all night taking advantage of "free" off-hour bandwidth). With all the shows I watch, I clock in around 50G download, 3-4G upload every month, and that's at the lowest resolution I can get, if and when I have a choice to change it. No way a satellite provider would let me do this month after month, year after year.

about 10 months ago

Skydiving Accident Leaves Security Guru Cedric 'Sid' Blancher Dead At 37

IANAAC Re:look out below ! (332 comments)

splat !

Your comment pretty mirrors the (currently) 19 comments on the reg site.

I suppose a lot of people deal with tragedy through humor, but I sure wouldn't want to be a surviving family member and read some of the comments posted so far.

At least you did it anoncowardly.

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: What Makes You Uninstall Apps?

IANAAC I will sound like a complete Luddite... (243 comments)

But I've stopped using Android for my phone uses. I got really tired of all the background network access that was going on, which quickly eats up my prepaid minutes.

I went back to a decent feature phone (LG 840G). Cheap, capacitive touch screen (albeit low resolution), no contract, and has WiFi.

I find I use the phone completely differently in a rural area where I am now compared to living in a city when I was on contract. So all I really need is a decent maps app - GMaps touch (J2ME) works fine and a decent browser - Opera Mini, which is sluggish but serviceable.

Until Android can *reliably and consistently* restrict when, where and how network chatter happens, I don't imagine going back. At least not while living in the country,

about a year ago

Smartphone Sales: Apple Squeezed, Blackberry Squashed, Android 81.3%

IANAAC Re:2.3 million Android phones per day (390 comments)

Well, Nokia is basically just making just a handful of phones these days, the Lumias. In a market full of Androids and iPhones for years, they stand out a bit as being 'different'. And as far as the hardware is concerned, they're pretty high quality, with good battery life, and stand up to a beating. So they do have a niche.

They're also producing a few new Asha phones that are marketed and sold in developing countries. From what I understand, the OS is based on a souped up version of S40 (or maybe S60?). I think they're meant to compete with the Firefox OS phones coming out.

For low end phones, they look pretty decent.

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: Best Cross-Platform (Linux-Only) Audio Software?

IANAAC Re:Ardour (223 comments)

I think what he means is that it can't be Windows-only or Apple-only, but Linux-only is fine. I'm sure he doesn't mean "will work on any distro" by "cross-platform", he just wants it to work on his box.

Both the headline and the summary are just laziness.

Had the submitter taken 5 minutes and done a search, he would have found plenty of software available - and cross-platform at that - to do what he wants.

Or maybe it was just an excuse to link to his soundcloud page?

about a year ago

LG Launches Its Firefox OS Phone Fireweb for $200

IANAAC Re:old but old (91 comments)

480 x 320 display, are you kidding me? Looks like a phone launched 3 years ago.

Actually, this phone could work well for some prepaid markets in the US, too. Well, I should say it *could have* worked. I think it's too late now, but not by much - less than half a year.

I have an LG 840G that's roughly the same specs on tracfone for when I'm at my cabin. Tracfone seems to be the only thing that works consistently in the middle of the woods. Anyway, tracfone could have added that to its line of phones and I bet it would have sold like hotcakes. But as of last month, tracfone now offers a couple of low-end android phones for half the price (ZTE and Samsung) with better specs.

about a year ago

Are Cable Subscribers Subsidizing Internet-Only TV Viewers?

IANAAC Re:Um, yeah, don't care. (223 comments)

Sometime last century we were trained to believe that TV is essential. If the entire broadcast/cable TV system collapsed with nothing to take its place (which I think is unlikely) at very least, we'd find out that TV really isn't essential after all.

The TV system *is* being replaced, albeit slowly with something else: the internet. There was a time when all TV was used for was news and weather. Most people don't sit down in front of the TV for news these days (and no, opinion is not news). They get their news from the internet. People get entertainment from TV these days.

And, don't look now, but we've already been trained to believe the internet is a necessity in our lives.

1 year,2 days

Are Cable Subscribers Subsidizing Internet-Only TV Viewers?

IANAAC Re:What's the big deal (223 comments)

So if you watch more than 1 hour of it every single night then it could work out cheaper to subscribe.

Does HBO even have an hour of watchable programming every night? Sure, there are certain nights of the week that there's a good program on, but I would only be watching maybe two shows that HBO produces, meaning 2 hours a week.

1 year,2 days

Ubuntu, Kubuntu 13.10 Unleashed

IANAAC Re:Biggest problem with Ubuntu: Upgrades (143 comments)

... I don't get all the Unity hate here.

I get the hate, at least up until now. It's the horrible reliance on compiz. Way too many parts that can (and do) break on updates.

1 year,3 days

Digital Revolution Will Kill Jobs, Inflame Social Unrest, Says Gartner

IANAAC Re:Not this shit again (754 comments)

What about: -> "guy-paid-to-feed-virtual-pets-on-facebook" ? I guess that would fall in the new upcoming "Virtual Subsistence Agriculture" category

Or, as it's currently called, MTurk.

1 year,12 days

Nokia Insider On Why It Failed and Why Apple Could Be Next

IANAAC Re:Innovation? (420 comments)

... even though the thing that keeps software still coming out for it today is a full linux environment.

I still have a Nokia N800 that I occasionally use. I also bought a BenQ S6 on closeout not that long ago. They both have about the same form factor, run full Linux, can take SD cards, similar battery time, etc., but the BenQ has an atom processor in it. I pick that machine up way more than the N800, because as old as it is (truthfully, it came out after the N800), it's WAY easier to find applications for it - still running a 2.6.22 kernel, no less. It's become a total hassle to find updated programs for the N800, whereas it's not so much of a problem with the BenQ.

I honestly wouldn't mind updating the BenQ to some more modern distribution, but I still get plenty of use out of the older, Redhat-based distribution.

about a year ago
top To Cut 200 Jobs Despite Its Expectations To Make More Money

IANAAC Re:Go ahead (156 comments)

Actually, Synergy doesn't mean that at all. That being said, they did in fact use the word correctly.

The replies so far are kind of making my point: The word means whatever the person using it wants it to mean, whether it's a standard dictionary definition (not really helpful - anyone can grab a dictionary for a snap response) or their own misguided interpretation.

That said, I don't believe the word "synergy" and Salesforce's actions (the many, MANY acquisitions they've gone through being an example) match up.

about a year ago
top To Cut 200 Jobs Despite Its Expectations To Make More Money

IANAAC Re:Go ahead (156 comments)

Whenever a company uses the word "synergy" it make me believe they are using marketing hype and really don't have a clue if what they are going to try is the right thing or not.

Just once, I'd love to hear someone ask "What exactly do you mean by 'synergy?'" during one of these earnings calls, then listen to the hilarious, stumbling response. The word's been overused so much that it's lost its meaning.

about a year ago

Ask Slashdot: Hands-On Activity For IT Career Fair

IANAAC Re:Teach them *about* Unix, Cobol, Oracle and SAP (121 comments)

Maybe a migration from Oracle to SAP and back, depending on the management regime.

Something to throw out there.

That seems a bit much for a 40 minute session, no?

A modern software equivalent to hardware teardown might be to install/configure beyond basics some server software and could probably go a bit further to pique career fair attendees' interest, given the time limit.

about a year ago

Only One US City Makes "Top Ten Internet Cities Worldwide" List

IANAAC Re:U.S. has poor internet speeds? (240 comments)

But I can watch TV shows on Hulu while downloading a Linux distro with Bittorrent. Am I missing something?

I can't. Not even close (unless I limit bittorrent to next to nothing for download speed). It depends on where in the US you're located.

about a year ago

Don't Fly During Ramadan

IANAAC Re:Why? (1233 comments)

The author's not a muslim, and even if he had been, his treatment was asinine.


I agree wholeheartedly, his treatment was horrible.

I can't help but think there's a lot more to the story though that he's probably not even aware of.

A lot of different agencies/people were involved in trying to stop him from something. What that was, who knows? Even if any of those agencies had no concept of a budget, that's still a lot of individual people and time thrown at a suspected problem. Someone went so far as to search his apartment while he was away. For what?

It'd be nice if all these agencies had to be accountable for their actions, documenting everything they did along the way. But they're not, and until they are, stuff like this is going to continue.

about a year ago


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