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Will Digital Cinema Wipe-Out Today's Movie Theaters?

IAmTheGodYouHate Re:Half your profits? (513 comments)

You Suck ;-)
Seriously though, people have a choice. This is a free country, you don't HAVE to buy food at the movie theatre. You can eat dinner before or after the movie. Also, as a former employee for a large theatre chain (AMC) I know for a fact that they cannot (by law, at least in Ohio, the state of my home) tell you that you are not allowed to bring food with you into the movie theatre. I mean you can walk, Taco Bell in hand, into a movie and they cannot stop you in any way. Kind of off topic I know, and I'm assuming your post about the legislative regulations were probably a joke anyway... but there are probably a lot of people who actually think that, and I think that is an unacceptable breach of our fundamentals of a capitalistic society.

Dan Marshall

Repeat after me: "I will not be a Gail Wynand. I will not be a might-have-been."

more than 12 years ago


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