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US Alarmed Over Japan's Nuclear Crisis

ILuvRamen not real likely (580 comments)

In case you didn't know, every single backup system failed in a row. That's not real likely if your government actually inspects them and has tight safety policies. Japan apparently didn't because that power company had huge problems with safety and maintenence in the past. Their main pump, diesel pump, elecrtic pump, and battery powered pump that's supposed to deliver cooling all failed. That's REALLY unlikely to happen if you actually test them every couple months, unlike them. So we really just need more/better laws and testing policies, not less nuclear plants.

more than 3 years ago

Ask Slashdot: Worst Computer Scene In TV or Movies?

ILuvRamen tech company plugging Symantec products (1200 comments)

I think this was in one of the Transformers movies. They showed the tail end of a supposed big corporate firm's business meeting. I think it was a private security company too. They had I think Norton 360 on the projection screen and the lady running the meeting says "And don't forget to tell them about the... *insert stupid usefull feature here*" then closes the meeting. Norton is a crime against computing and I don't think a high level firm would be plugging it. Since when does a company other than Norton market their products anyway? Awful product placement, awful product, complete joke.

more than 3 years ago

Google Introduces Domain Blocking To Search

ILuvRamen Re:Hopefully it will affect page rank (323 comments)

Are you kidding?! I hope it doesn't! Anyone can put up a posting telling all 1000 employees somewhere to go blacklist their competition's website from their searches at work and home. I bet that many blacklists would drop it past page 1 horribly unfairly. They need to absolutely guarantee this won't affect pagerank or it will be abused heavily.

more than 3 years ago

Google Introduces Domain Blocking To Search

ILuvRamen there's nothing wrong with ehow (I work there) (323 comments)

I just so happen to be one of the top writers of all time over at and I don't appreciate it being trashed like that. I met the entire company in person when they paid to fly me out to Santa Monica for their top writers get together. I used to be a quality moderator as well and yes, a lot of articles used to suck. They were mass produced garbage that someone pumped out to try and make money off volume. But those that sucked were either deleted in the mass deletion waves over the last year or didn't get linked to by anyone and are thus are buried on page 200 on google. My computer and tech articles on the other hand are great. They are straight to the point, detailed, and show step by step how to do something in a way that anyone can follow. They were all well reviewed and generally great pages to end up on.
Ehow recently closed their site to letting "just anyone" write and are routing new article solely through Demand Studios, which you basically need a resume to apply for and the entrance exam is brutal and denies like 95% of applicants. Almost all bad articles have been removed at this time and no articles are let on the site now without being reviewed. The entire moderation system was, at several points, shut down and basically marked as "all done." It's now, finally, a respectable source of information. Expert exchange on the other hand is a joke and the two should NOT be grouped together like that.

more than 3 years ago

Virgin Media UK Begins Throttling P2P Traffic

ILuvRamen actually beneficial (220 comments)

What people don't realize is that they typically only throttle the download. So let's say there's a 10 megabit connection, it's probably 1 or 0.5 megabits upload. So if people have a slowed download, they spend more time uploading the unfinished parts which means more sources which means a faster download on peer to peer networks. So they can do that all they want, they're just basically going to make leechers host files longer.

more than 3 years ago

Apple Negotiates For Unlimited iTunes Downloads

ILuvRamen Re:My experience with Apple... (133 comments)

Hey, people's entire houses get destroyed or robbed all the time and offsite backups aren't very accommodating to let's say 40 GB of music. That would take around 225 hours to upload on a normal connection not to mention the expensive. So having your main hard drive and backup device destroyed or stolen happens so no, not shame on you. Shame on Apple for restricting you from re-downloading an encrypted file which is tied to your account and only plays on one of a max of 5 computers which are authorized to play that content from your account. Seriously, there's no reason for that!

more than 3 years ago

IBM Patenting HAL-Like Stuffed Animal Toys

ILuvRamen Bad idea...or is it? (112 comments)

People who are mad don't like people telling them to calm down and such in an overly-mellow voice but what keeps them from violence in most cases are laws and the fact that it's another person telling them that. If it's an inanimate object, I see a lot of smashed teddy bear-bots in the future lol. If mister snuggles wants to tell me to not stress out or not to get so bothered over that fifth back and forth confused customer e-mail reply I just got, he's gonna get his head ripped off, damn it! Although, then you have to buy another one so maybe that's their plan all along.

more than 3 years ago

Insider-Trading Suspects Smash Hard Drive Evidence

ILuvRamen Re:Hmm... (364 comments)

well, you're talking about someone who also didn't ever think about how it's faster to do a 7 pass hard drive wipe than to chop it into pieces and go for a long walk at 2 AM so yeah, most likely. I mean, it's only nicknamed "the DOD method" after the department of defense determine that wipe #7 was when they couldn't do some magnetic something or other to recover any of the info from a magnetic storage device. I'm going to nickname his method the stupid insider trader method lol.

more than 3 years ago

Can World Governments Veto Your Domain Name?

ILuvRamen really? (177 comments)

Come on, there's a problem with someone registering IRS.usa. I could think of 100 worse abusive and misleaing TLDs. Custom TLDs was a stupid and dangerous idea to begin with.

more than 3 years ago

Microsoft Kills AutoRun In Windows

ILuvRamen Re:Sony will be annoyed (340 comments)

actually the update, which I just downloaded, states in the summary that it disables autorun for all devices except CD and DVD drives. At least it'll kill USB drive viruses and the even worse autolaunching U3 crapware on some USB drives lol.

more than 3 years ago

Rediscovering WWII's Top-Secret Computing 'Rosies'

ILuvRamen Re:50 years? (113 comments)

and to prove that doing math didn't make their ovaries shrink, which I believe was scientific "fact" back then lol.

more than 3 years ago

Kyocera and Sprint Now Hyping a Dual-Screen Android Smartphone

ILuvRamen bad idea electrically (75 comments)

The #1 feature people want in a cell phone is longer battery life. The screen takes up the vast majority of the power so I'd say it'd be pretty stupid to cut the battery power roughly in half. Having a 2nd screen is like me having another reason to not want to use the device because I know it's running out of power much faster.

more than 3 years ago

Motorola's XOOM Tablet To Cost $799; Wi-Fi Requires 3G Activation?

ILuvRamen Re:At this rate (429 comments)

I disagree. People who want an ipad have them. They've been out for a long time. This tablet, if all this info is correct, will instead get outsold by an i7 actual laptop with a blu-ray player at that ridiculous price. $800 will get you a lot of computer for the money right now. Seriously, that is completely INSANE. You don't try and compete with Apple by pricing higher than them! They're supposed to be the expensive one.

more than 3 years ago

An Open Letter To PC Makers: Ditch Bloatware, Now!

ILuvRamen Just Dell and HP? (609 comments)

"When people think of HP and Dell"
...and Sony and Toshiba and emachines/Gateway/Acer and everything that's not custom built. Seriously, who doesn't do that? Even ASUS preinstalls some sort of optional utilities that are flashy but sometimes resource intensive. They're not even advertising really, it's mostly graphical flash and shortcut key/multitouch effects they add.
The problem is, where do you draw the line? If it comes with no antivirus, lazy people will not install one. If it was preinstalled with something a lot lighter and better than Symantec like Avast or Nod32 or even the basic Kaspersky, nobody would be complaining. Then they add in a DVD burning suite which is less necessary than in XP but still very nice to have. I myself preinstall Adobe Reader X and Flash 10.1 and Java v23 on all machines I build for people so they have full web functionality and the latest secure version. HP Advisor/Update and the Bing toolbar are unacceptable but where are they going to draw the line?

more than 3 years ago

US Has Secret Tools To Force Internet On Dictatorships

ILuvRamen Better idea (282 comments)

Satellite internet companies could just secretly agree with the US to "go international" and offer a "30 day risk free trial" of their service whenever someone wanted to sign up. What rioting and such lasts longer than 30 days? The only problem is getting the dishes into the country with international shipping. But at least that would make it look like the military wasn't just dropping wireless access points out of a helicopter or something. It'd just be capitalism :-D

more than 3 years ago

New Technique For Making JPEG Images Copy-Evident

ILuvRamen why this is completely incorrect (139 comments)

I thought before I read TFA that they'd embed a certain amount of pixel information into the file and then if it's re-compressed and a single pixel is changed from that sequence, you'd know it's altered. Apparently they're doing something stupider. They're embedding info which will only reveal the "message" after it's re-encoded once. Well, that won't work because of the varying levels of compression which would result in different pixels in different places. Even if it does work, I'd dump it into a PNG first then close and re-open it then save that as a JPEG. There goes their little trap message. The original idea I stated would work much better except it'd be re-inventing the wheel since you could technically just hash the entire file. Then you'd know if one single pixel was altered or not from the original.

more than 3 years ago

RoboEarth Teaches Robots to Learn From Peers

ILuvRamen clever marketing name games again (97 comments)

Once again they've done something that's pretty basic but put a flashy name on it to get press. A robot can't "learn" until it can "think" and this one can't spontaneously communicate on its own in quite the way they're suggesting. This is basically data sharing between two devices. It's like saying my PC and printer just had a thought and magically my printer printed what my computer was thinking after I gave my PC the print command. Hell, it even woke up my printer! It was sleeping but it heard my PC calling to it and woke up, received instructions autonomously, and then acted upon them! Must be a new robot intelligence for sure.
I'm not saying robots need to have a full blown consciousness and personality but until it has the processing capabilities to be self aware and then spontaneously devises a method to teach another robot something on its own, I'm not going to be nearly as impressed even with clever wording.

more than 3 years ago

Are Flickr Images Abused By Foreign Businesses?

ILuvRamen They'll steal it from anywhere (227 comments)

Yes, Flickr is popular but it's not like they're just targetting Flickr and that's it. These people hit Facebook, Flickr, and even Google image search to find what they're looking for. Like if you take a picture and put text near enough to it with a matching file name of "cute puppy" then your cute little puppy is going to be on some Korean bag of dog food after they hit Google image search. Foreign photo thieves will get an image from anywhere that's free on the internet because any way that they don't have to pay for a stock photo looks good to their boss and brings the project in under budget. I can't see anyone who's doing this hit just Flickr and if they don't find just the right photo, they give up and don't look anywhere else.

more than 3 years ago

Are Flickr Images Abused By Foreign Businesses?

ILuvRamen Flickr's recommendation (227 comments)

Flickr just announced its list of ways to counteract foreign photo stealing for stock photo-like purposes:
1. be really ugly
2. have a cheap, crappy camera
3. just take really bad, crooked, blurry shots
4. Photoshop a cheesy top hat, moustache, and monacle onto all your photos

It looks like a lot of folks on Flickr have already implemented these security measures.

more than 3 years ago

Anonymous Isn't Anonymous Anymore

ILuvRamen can't resist it (407 comments)

Why is it that hackers can't resist toying with people or leaving riddles or boasting about their deeds on forums? This ALWAYS happens! The ones who don't get caught are the ones who just do things to do them and don't care about respect from others for their "legendary" accomplishments. The whole "I'm so cool, look at me!" hackers attitude isn't real compatible with staying 100% anonymous. I don't think this was pure carelessness in their case either because they're probably smarter than that. I think it's the same old hacker ego stroking that got them caught.
The weird thing is, this isn't what I'd have expected. The Anonymous hackers seemed like the type to just do what they do with complete security and privacy and keep quiet about it because what they did was politically and ethically motivated, not motivated by just their egos. But I guess some of them apparently couldn't resist posting links to other hackers to their Facebook profiles or something equally stupid.

more than 3 years ago


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