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Where are the Flying Cars? (Video; Part One of Two)

IMightB Re: Obviously... (107 comments)

Nonsense. If we all simply stopped believing in secular BS like "Science" and "The Laws of Physics" we'd already have flying cars, unobtainium and sharks with lasers on their foreheads.

about a week ago

Yahoo To Add PGP Encryption For Email

IMightB Re: It's a TRAP! (175 comments)

I dunno I worked for a large scale email company for almost a decade... They basically persused every possible encryption method possible except for pgp. Mainly for business reasons.. For instance if an employee ever left the company, the private key basically went with them so if emails were encrypted. All of it would be effectively lost to the city company.

This lead to developments efforts to hat would basically give lip service to encryption but little real security...

While a lot depends on what implementation details they come up with, yahoo seriously perusing PGP is probably a good thing.

about two weeks ago

Leaked Docs Offer Win 8 Tip: FinFisher Spyware Can't Tap Skype's Metro App

IMightB Re:Nothing to see here. (74 comments)

No kidding, FinFisher 5.0 can't do the metro app, finfisher 5.1 can. FinFisher 6 has been out for 2 years.....

about two weeks ago

How Facebook Sold You Krill Oil

IMightB Re: News' length (114 comments)

I clicked on that super models fashion link you posted and clicked again through the ads and the only thing that popped into my head was they were trying to sell was self starvation. Half the pictures looked like they had pulled bodies from concentration camps and put hideously ugly clothes on them.

about two weeks ago

Fixing a 7,000-Ton Drill

IMightB Re: Oh, it's drilling alright (101 comments)

Except the pipe was not an unexpected hazard. It was noted in the contract and used by the people that did the initial survey...

about two weeks ago

Nintendo Posts Yet Another Loss, Despite Mario Kart 8

IMightB Re: PS4 (203 comments)

Hrrm, perhaps its Sony history of trying to lock customers into shitty proprietary hardware. Or maybe the Sony rootkit fiasco. Or perhaps the other OS debacle.

Personally I'm with the GP on this one if I see Sony on anything, I start looking for other superior alternatives.

IMHO the last time Sony made a quality consumer level anything was the Walkman.... Their professional level stuff seems to be quality if you don't mind the lock-in.

about three weeks ago

Journalist Sues NSA For Keeping Keith Alexander's Financial History Secret

IMightB Re: If true. If. (200 comments)

I think Obama's one of the best Republican Presidents ever. He's guided the country through a healthy if slow economic recovery. Convinced the democrats to implement the Republican health care plan. And continued the Republican lovefest with the patriot act and secret surveillance

about three weeks ago

35% of American Adults Have Debt 'In Collections'

IMightB Re:The American Dream (570 comments)

I dunno, my personal expierience is so:

Bought first duplex about a year before the housing bubble burst, so this one was rather expensive (all things considered) Wife and I lived in one side, while renting the other. This allowed us to save money to buy the next place. We purchased this duplex using a FHA ARM loan which has worked out *incredibly* well for us. It started at 4.25% and has gone down every year since, our current rate is 2.213%. It is linked to Prime and can only go up or down a max of 1 point/year and maxes at 9%. We pay extra on this property every month to try to get us in a better position when the interest rates start going up, at this point it's paid down enough that even if it goes up to 9% we would still be cash-flowing (extremely slightly). The horror stories you hear about ARM loans are due to the fact that many were non-FHA and were predatory in the *extreme*. (When we were in the process of looking I can't tell you how many people we met that claimed they brokered loans on the side and offered to close the loan from the back of their cars)

Our next property we purchased was another duplex in a much better part of town. All things considered it is a infintately better property (4x lot size, 3 car garage, 9 car dirveway, beautiful location). We aquired it on a short sale for less than 30K difference from the first duplex and 80K less than what it appraised for. Again, we lived on one side and rented the other, which allowed us to save money, plus we were cash flowing slightly from the first duplex.

We started a family and realized that we were outgrowing the second duplex due to # of available bedrooms. We started looking for a single family house, bought it for 40K less than the asking price in an even better area (basically surrounded by lakes and shopping area less than 5 minute walk away)

I guess the point I'm trying to make is that it matters more whether someone is in it for the long term or short term and whether you can make money from the property. My wife and I are long-term thinkers and we are going to hold on for as long as we can and hopefully pass them onto our children (mortgage-free). Another reason we bought them was to hedge against the next recession by having fiscal alternatives to our 401K's. Another benefit is that we have a place to live. I don't really care if the eventual price I'm paying is double for the property because I'm still cash-flowing on the duplex's. Plus all of our loans are under 5% my parents and older family members have all said that their interest rates on their first houses were in the 18% range, so 5% is a screaming deal. Yes, the property market is heating up, prices are rising, but interest rates are still at historic lows which make purchasing property (esp rental) now a wise investment. Personally, we're done buying properties for a while and will probably wait until the next recession to start purchasing again.

The only people that care about the short term interest rates and markets are the flippers and I personally would never never never buy a property from one of them. They do the absolute shittiest work for the least amount of money and then try to sell it to unsuspecting buyers for the max amount. If you buy a house from a flipper I will pretty much guaruntee that there are corners cut, shitty workmanship. It may hold up (long enough to make the sale) and look good for a few months/years but sooner rather than later you will be fixing/replacing pretty much everything they touched. Newly built houses are IMHO are a close second in terms of being poor purchases due to the fact that most builders don't care about the long-term. If there ever is a problem, you'll likely find they went under and started up a nother biz under a different name and your left holding the bag. I wouldn't buy a house that is post-mid-70's. Brick was real brick, not brick veneer, builders cared and they just last for ever

about three weeks ago

Senate Bill Would Ban Most Bulk Surveillance

IMightB Re:Smells like BS (176 comments)

I agree 100%. What they should do is revoke the Patriot Act

about three weeks ago

Child Thought To Be Cured of HIV Relapses, Tests Positive Again

IMightB Re:I hate to imagine it (126 comments)

No, if you RTFA, it goes:

1) Baby has HIV, given retrovirals.
2) Mother brings in baby for regular checkups/tratments for 18 months
3) Mother and Baby "dissappear" for a few months
4) When baby is brought back in, it tests negative for HIV
5) For about 2 years the baby tests HIV free
6) Baby tests HIV positive again at ~4.5 years of age.
7) We suffer from your misinformed post.

about a month ago

HP Joins OpenDaylight Project

IMightB OpenDaylight (37 comments)

Don't really care about HP, but I just perused the OpenDaylight Homepage. It looks very interesting. Does anyone have any more info regarding it preferabley personal experience? Setup/Use Cases etc etc etc.

about 3 months ago

Book Review: Sudo Mastery: User Access Control For Real People

IMightB FreeIPA (83 comments)

I'm honestly a bit surprised that no one here has mentioned tools that let you manage things like Sudo rules. I highly recommend a project called FreeIPA, think of it as (horrors) AD for Linux/*nix systems. It can join AD forests, enable kerberos SSO across your org. It provides a nice WWW UI (and if that doesn't suit you, a CLI). It can manage sudo/SELInux Policy/NFS automounts/DNS/HBAC and much much more. When combined (default) with SSSD, it can cache auth creds, sudo rules etc etc... It *really* is a nice project and is probably at the forefront of modern OSS *nix authentication systems.

Editing /etc/sudoers manually is so 1990's

about 6 months ago

Ask Slashdot: How Do You To Tell Your Client That His "Expert" Is an Idiot?

IMightB Re: Old fashioned idea... (384 comments)

I had one MCSE swear up and down that AD wasn't kerberos + LDAP + special sauce.... When pressed he said "I don't know but its not that!"

about 6 months ago

Red Hat Makes Supported OpenStack Release

IMightB Re:OpenStack competes with vSphere? (50 comments)

I don't find openstack to be overly-complicated for what it provides. Coming from a "I have managed both Openstack and VMware solutions" point of view, it is a rapidly evolving project with many big names behind it that, as as of yet, does not have much polish. That being said there is a tidal wave of support behind openstack at the moment.

If you have the money, VMWare is currently a superior solution, Give OpenStack a few years and I believe it will be on-par or ahead of VMWare.

about a year ago

Red Hat Makes Supported OpenStack Release

IMightB Re:Everytime I hear the word "cloud" (50 comments)

I like openstack as well, to the point where I rolled our own rpms for it based on the epel stuff. Because Openstack (to use all the neat stuff like OpenVSwitch) needs a lot of fairly cutting edge tech that was not available when RHEL6 was released, I had to package our own kernel to support things like newer virtualization features, OpenVSwitch, new versions of sqlachelmy etc etc etc.

I guess what I'm curious about is, are they backporting all the kernel features and various tech (OpenVSwitch) that will make it a true competitor? or are they sticking with a somewhat lackluster rollout on RHEL6 to maintain compatibility and save the nifty stuff for RHEL7?

about a year ago

Firefox OS Phone on Display at LinuxFest NorthWest (Video)

IMightB Tracking? (96 comments)

Is it going to spy on/track everything you do and report back to it's corporate overlords like iOS and android?

about a year ago

Sophisticated Apache Backdoor In the Wild

IMightB Re:doesn't look so scary (108 comments)

I worked at an ISP using cPanel for a couple hundred shared servers... Let me just say that cPanel is the biggest hunk of crap out there. It is poorly written with no attention paid to security. It is squarely aimed at end-users who have no clue about system administration and has a penchant for letting those same people shoot themselves in the foot as often as possible. cPanel, for instance, lets you format/partition hard drives via the gui without much in the way of instructions or warnings regarding the potential consequences of this action. We had many calls from people who claimed to have done nothing to their servers but turned out that they were trying to free up space and formatted /var or /. We often joked that we should cretaed a page in the GUI with a bug red button that says "Do NOT push" that would add an iptables rule to drop all connections from that IP and wait for the hilarity to commence.

about a year ago

Red Hat 'Fedora-izes' JBoss With New WildFly Java Application Server

IMightB Re:Huh? (40 comments)

Here's how I understand it. Tomcat would be "just an application server" stuff that runs on top of tomcat would be the middleware. So JBOSS includes a application server and a bunch of other useful stuff. JBOSS is/used to be a pay-redhat to use it, and therefore never really gained a big community. Redhat is just renaming it and releasing it to the Fedora community in hopes that it gains more users and therefore should translate into pay-redhat for support.

about a year ago


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IMightB IMightB writes  |  more than 10 years ago

Sadly, I had lower /. ID's, but I forgot what they were, now I'm stuck with 533307....

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