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Choose Your Side On the Linux Divide

INeededALogin Re:My opinion on the matter. (826 comments)

That's right, you can iterate through service "$X" status on everything, and do a restart on anything that has terminated, but that's just a hack, and something that can be done infinitely superior within the software handling the service startup... namely, upstart or systems.

The fix to a crashing process is not to simply start that process back up.

about a month ago

Sub-Ice Antarctic Lake Vida Abounds With Life

INeededALogin Re:Probability abuse (122 comments)

That means it is a statistical certainty that there is at least one planet somewhere that has at least one farm animal because: p = 1 - .5 x .5 x .5 ....

Simple mathematics tells us that the population of the Universe must be zero. Why? Well given that the volume of the universe is infinite there must be an infinite number of worlds. But not all of them are populated; therefore only a finite number are. Any finite number divided by infinity is as close to zero as makes no odds, therefore we can round the average population of the Universe to zero, and so the total population must be zero.

Thank you Douglas Adams:-)

about 2 years ago

Artificial Muscles Pack a Mean Punch

INeededALogin Re:Starship Troopers here we come. (139 comments)


Reuse of character names - Check
At least one enemy included from book - Check

Thats all I got, but it is at least something from the book:-P

about 2 years ago

Hyundai Overstated MPG On Over 1 Million Cars

INeededALogin Re:MPG testing (238 comments)

My commute to work is 65 miles each way

... You are doing something wrong ...

about 2 years ago

The US Navy's Railgun Program

INeededALogin Re:Needs a name (321 comments)

... they are, after all, just a bunch of weirdly drawn cartoons... I know the white man-toddlers... like to call it "anime"... they are cartoons. For kids.

You do know that it is the Japanese who call it anime and that anime is short for animation so yes... by definition of the word "anime" they are cartoons. Good attempt to try and attribute the anime term to white fanboys.

Oh, I don't even watch anime, but people enjoy it so why be a douche about it.

about 2 years ago

Booted From Airplane For Wearing Anti-TSA T-shirt

INeededALogin Re:What did he expect? (826 comments)

But is it really necessary to mock TSA in the open...
Taunting them and expecting them to let you actually proceed with your plans is pretty dumb. There's a time and place to protest and make fun of idiotic behavior of our government. When you want get on a plane, that's not the time.

You fail to understand the point of protests. If you protest in the bottom of a locked filing cabinet stuck in a disused lavatory with a sign on the door saying 'Beware of the Leopard'... Nobody is really going to hear you. What the guy did is a form of Civil Disobedience. Nobody is suppose to protest the government security while going through the security. The herds are suppose to get in line and just take it. You should be applauding this guy for doing what you are too scared or too worried about missing a flight to do.

about 2 years ago

Booted From Airplane For Wearing Anti-TSA T-shirt

INeededALogin Old thinkgeek rm -rf /bin/laden shirt (826 comments)

Bought the shirt back in the post 9/11 days and accidentally wore it coming home on an international flight. I saw it as a patriotic shirt, but wife saw it and flipped out while we were at the airport. Got asked about the shirt by TSA, explained that it was technically a patriotic shirt and was good. An anti-TSA shirt is technically a patriotic shirt as well. Sad day:-(

about 2 years ago

Legend of Zelda NES Nintendo Prototype On Sale For $150K

INeededALogin Rip-Off (114 comments)

This is a US localization prototype... with no differences which means that it most likely was a release candidate. The fact that they are advertising this as the only one is just marketing. Just because they haven't seen another one doesn't mean it doesn't exist. If it sells for 150k... I would expect to start seeing some real prototypes to start being found by Nintendo Employees from the 80s.

more than 2 years ago

Apple Gets the Importance of Packaging; Why Doesn't Google?

INeededALogin Re:Nokia has great packaging too! (639 comments)

My point being...perhaps the packaging doesn't have much difference to the success of the company as you think...

It is part of the total package was the point of the article and it worked for me. When I bought my first iPod back in 2002, I had never seen a product packaged in such a pretty way. A company that cares about that much detail amazed me. First impressions are a mighty thing.

more than 2 years ago

UK Research Funders: Publicly Funded Research Must Be Publicly Available

INeededALogin Re:Good news (61 comments)

But seriously, who *actually* reads journals any more?

Only the best scientist and researchers in the world.

All we need to do is latch on some peer review and ranking system onto the arXiv (or similar) and we get rid of all of these outdated journals.

Sounds like a restricted wikipedia and we all know that wikipedia is immune from mis-information. Honestly, I don't see any issue with journals. They are peer reviewed and most are digital and fully-indexed these days. Journals provide about the only reliable, authoritative documentation on the internet.

more than 2 years ago

Why Were So Many "Crazy" Higgs Boson Stories Published?

INeededALogin Re:I'm postponing buying toothpaste (291 comments)

There's a guy in town that uses a laser to get the plaque off

My dad did laser dentistry back in the early 90s to zap cavities. It was really cool because the laser would intensify when you ran over dark spots(he used a black business card to demonstrate it). Overall, it was a 50k machine that was apparently way ahead of its time since we don't really see laser dentistry everywhere(or the insurance problem that you stated).

more than 2 years ago

$1.2 Million Ultimate Games Collection

INeededALogin Re:Famicom (149 comments)

Its' famicom, not famicon.

Both are technically right.

Family Computer => famicom

My poor attempt at Romaji since Slashdot doesn't support Japanese...
famarii conputa => famicon

Since the product came from Japan and was never marketed as such to the US...

more than 2 years ago

$1.2 Million Ultimate Games Collection

INeededALogin Re:AMIGAAAAAAA (149 comments)

Where are the Amiga games?

Commodore was a Canadian company. This was an auction of his Japanese related property. RTFA(Read the f'n Auction:-P

more than 2 years ago

Has a Biochem Undergrad Solved a Cosmic Radiation Mystery?

INeededALogin Re:Slashdot comment on June 4 predates podcast (156 comments)

The podcast that the student listened to was produced on June 7 and the slashdot comment was June 4. Hmm... to think user JustOK could have been in Nature.

Perhaps JustOK is the actual student and is just bad at remember dates:-/

more than 2 years ago

Has a Biochem Undergrad Solved a Cosmic Radiation Mystery?

INeededALogin Unidentified Flying Crucifix (156 comments)

I guess we can mark that UFC off the list. Next please.

more than 2 years ago

Georgia Apple Store Refuses To Sell iPad To Iranian-American Teen

INeededALogin Re:Clerk was doing their job... (1116 comments)

When selling a system you ask the following: 1) Intended use 2) Final destination of system

Accept for the part that the clerk didn't ask. The clerk just assumed that it was going to Iran because the girl spoke Farsi. As the article asked... should Apple also not sell to people speaking Korean and Spanish because North Korean and Cuba are export banned countries as well?

more than 2 years ago

Georgia Apple Store Refuses To Sell iPad To Iranian-American Teen

INeededALogin Re:Poetic Justice (1116 comments)

So you keep insisting. But the fact is, you don't know that, you only have the media report's word for that.

The media report that quotes the girl as saying that she was born and lives in the US.

more than 2 years ago

RIM Drops Playbook Price By 66%

INeededALogin Re:warranty in case of bankruptcy? (302 comments)

I believe they're sitting on a large body of cash and in no danger of going under any time soon.

It is a public company... no reason to "believe" or guess...

1.77 Billion and falling.

more than 2 years ago


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INeededALogin INeededALogin writes  |  more than 10 years ago

Slashdot karma had me all depressed when I was rated as Terrible. Is that pathetic or what. Getting upset over something as superficial as Slashdot karma... jeez I am a loser.

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