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Social Security Administration Joins Other Agencies With $300M "IT Boondoggle"

ISoldat53 Re:Really, We Get What We Deserve (142 comments)

The same thing happens in the private sector too. We just don't hear as much about it.

4 days ago

Dell Exec Calls HP's New 'Machine' Architecture 'Laughable'

ISoldat53 Follow the money. (173 comments)

Of course the software guy at Dell is going to make noise about anything that competes with Microsoft. If it wasn't for them he wouldn't have a job.

about a month and a half ago

$57,000 Payout For Woman Charged With Wiretapping After Filming Cops

ISoldat53 Not good enough (216 comments)

The people responsible should be brought to justice.

about 2 months ago

Neil Gaiman Confirms Movie Talks For Sandman, American Gods

ISoldat53 Re:Neil, Meet Alan (35 comments)

See Stardust. Great book hacked to death as a movie.

about 3 months ago

Theo De Raadt's Small Rant On OpenSSL

ISoldat53 Re:Rev Numbers (301 comments)

The current fright isn't enough to scare people?

about 4 months ago

Theo De Raadt's Small Rant On OpenSSL

ISoldat53 Rev Numbers (301 comments)

I'm not a developer and don't know the convention for version numbers but shouldn't they make the rev number of the repaired OpenSSL something more distinctive than adding "g" to the third digit of the new code? Maybe change it to version 2.0.0 or something more obvious.

about 4 months ago

Microsoft Promises Not To Snoop Through Email

ISoldat53 Re:It sounds like... (144 comments)

And they'll love us in the morning.

about 4 months ago

Tesla Model S Gets Titanium Underbody Shield, Aluminum Deflector Plates

ISoldat53 Re:Trailer hitch accident (314 comments)

Washington state is the worst I've ever been in for crap on the roads.

about 4 months ago

NSA Can Retrieve, Replay All Phone Calls From a Country From the Past 30 Days

ISoldat53 FOIA (320 comments)

We should all file FOIA requests for our last month's conversations.

about 4 months ago

Your Next Car's Electronics Will Likely Be Connected By Ethernet

ISoldat53 Re:Huh? (180 comments)


about 5 months ago

How About A Spherical Solar Collector ?

ISoldat53 It still track the sun (5 comments)

From the website it looks like the PV cell still tracks the concentrated light beam from behind the globe. Because the cell is so much smaller (by 90%) the mechanism for moving the cell can be much smaller and the whole array is smaller. Looks cool too.

about 6 months ago

How Adobe Got Rid of Traditional Stack-Ranking Performance Reviews

ISoldat53 Re:Yep, that makes sense (175 comments)

Crap! They want managers to manage? If they do that how are they going to have time to kiss ass. Every manager I ever had had me write my own evaluation. Modern management is down-up "What can my employees do for me," in stead of what can I, as a manager, do to make my employees more productive.

about 6 months ago

Do Hypersonic Missiles Make Defense Systems Obsolete?

ISoldat53 Re:Here's an idea (365 comments)

Or you could just buy off the foreign leaders. It's worked in the past and is cheaper.

about 6 months ago

K-12 CS Education Funding: Taxes, H-1B Fees, Donations?

ISoldat53 Bad Father (165 comments)

He should have taught his son the importance of paying his taxes.

about 6 months ago



Lionsgate sued for ripping off model

ISoldat53 ISoldat53 writes  |  about a year ago

ISoldat53 (977164) writes "The producers of "Mad Men" are being sued by a model appearing in the opening sequence of the show. They have never given her credit for the image. From her attorney, "If two minutes of 'Mad Men' had been taken for commercial purposes, Lionsgate would be throwing thermonuclear bombs," he said."
Link to Original Source

Economists at the Federal Reserve recommend abolishing the current patent system

ISoldat53 ISoldat53 writes  |  about a year and a half ago

ISoldat53 (977164) writes "From the article:
"Two economists at the St. Louis Federal Reserve published a paper arguing to abolish the American patent system, saying there's "no evidence" patents improve productivity and that they have a "negative" effect on "innovation.""

Link to Original Source

Post Homo sapiens homonids

ISoldat53 ISoldat53 writes  |  about 2 years ago

ISoldat53 (977164) writes "Researchers have identified a group of Africans that appear to have diverged from the H. sapiens gene pool. See the RTFA for details. We have spent years trying to find out where we as a species come from; it's interesting to speculate on where we are going."
Link to Original Source

Ease of publishing an ebook

ISoldat53 ISoldat53 writes  |  more than 3 years ago

ISoldat53 (977164) writes "This article describes how easy it is to publish an ebook. The author details the costs to the writer for a major publishing house to publish a book and the savings to the writer by self-publishing. He looks to make the same profit selling the book at $2.99 on as he does going though a publisher. The book is Kindle specific for now but the author describes how it can be purchased though and converted for other readers. No DRM."
Link to Original Source

US to fund software maker tied to Falun Gong

ISoldat53 ISoldat53 writes  |  more than 4 years ago

ISoldat53 (977164) writes "From the Washington Post "The State Department has decided to fund a group run mainly by practitioners of Falun Gong, a Buddhist-like sect long considered Enemy No. 1 by the Chinese government, to provide software to skirt Internet censorship across the globe. " Is this because US software developers don't want to make China mad?"
Link to Original Source

Alaska Airlines to offer wifi

ISoldat53 ISoldat53 writes  |  more than 4 years ago

ISoldat53 (977164) writes "From the Alaska AIr newsletter: By the end of 2010, Alaska plans to have all of its aircraft outfitted with inflight wireless internet access. We recently announced our plans to install Aircell's Gogo Inflight Internet system on all of our 737 aircraft. With Gogo, you will be able to check email, message friends, or surf away on your WiFi-enabled laptop or smartphone. Look for our WiFi-equipped aircraft and get ready to get online."

CIA says most voting machines can be hacked

ISoldat53 ISoldat53 writes  |  more than 5 years ago

ISoldat53 (977164) writes ""The CIA, which has been monitoring foreign countries' use of electronic voting systems, has reported apparent vote-rigging schemes in Venezuela, Macedonia and Ukraine and a raft of concerns about the machines' vulnerability to tampering.""
Link to Original Source


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