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Bloomberg To HS Grads: Be a Plumber

I_am_Jack Bloomberg is simply being honest. (368 comments)

Being a plumber is the only reliable way of getting the benefits of trickle down from a plutocrat.

about a year ago

Adobe's Creative Cloud Illustrates How the Cloud Costs You More

I_am_Jack Re:I don't want (403 comments)

It's not like Dreamweaver was that great of a product for any substantial period of time, and as someone who bought Macromedia Studio products before I switched to Adobe for anything other than PageMaker, it's not like Macromedia products were priced more competitively than Adobe. The main reason I switched was Adobe bought Macromedia, and with it, Flash, at a time when I was doing a lot of Flash dev. Now that HTML5 and JQuery are making Flash obsolete, I need nothing more powerful than Smultron to edit pages. Since there really aren't a lot of radical new features I use whenever Adobe releases a new version of CS (I don't do 3D work, nor do I use filters regularly), I'm content to stay a couple of versions behind these days until I absolutely have to upgrade.

about a year ago

Repo Man Director Alex Cox Plans To Edit Next Film With OpenShot

I_am_Jack Re:Probably not the last B&W - but theatre onl (105 comments)

I'm not sure you understand how film exposure works, otherwise you wouldn't make the statement that there are "pretty good negative scanners out there." A Panaflex or Arriflex with a top quality lens and loaded with a top quality B&W film stock is going to provide a LP/mm depth that will exceed most (not all) scanners capability, unless you push it to an almost unmanageable file size. So there's that. Plus the depth of tone you get from the film's inherit structure can't be replicated (yet) with CCD's. The only digital camera now that can even approach the depth of film's inherit tone and grain is a Red Cinema camera shooting in RAW format, but you risk losing that benefit, depending on the level of compression used to create manageable files sizes for editing. Then despite what ever steps were taken to maintain either the film to digital transfer, or the high quality original digital shots, depending on the equipment used to render the final product can take all that away. Not all post-production digital films, Blu-Ray included, look great once rendered. That in and of itself is an art form. So just because it's shiny and new and electronic doesn't mean it's going to be better. A brand new LP, carefully mastered, played on a high quality turntable through a tube amp will provide higher dynamic range than any digital audio system ever could. There are some place analog's always going to win.

1 year,9 days

Repo Man Director Alex Cox Plans To Edit Next Film With OpenShot

I_am_Jack Re:Probably not the last B&W - but theatre onl (105 comments)

We figured that out.

The point being made was Cox is shooting on B&W film stock, then transferring to digital for editing/post, and since there's loss of the range of grey/tones when you transfer from analog to digital images, why bother? My point was even with that loss, the range of tones would still be greater than color film stock transferred to digital then desaturated, or shooting digital then desaturating.

Better now?

1 year,10 days

Repo Man Director Alex Cox Plans To Edit Next Film With OpenShot

I_am_Jack Re:Probably not the last B&W - but theatre onl (105 comments)

You'll still have more range and depth than you would with shooting on color film stock and desaturating during the editing process, or shooting digital B&W.

1 year,11 days

Facebook To App Developers: Good Idea, Now Stop Using Our API

I_am_Jack Re:What's the point? (158 comments)

I think it's the fundamental flaw in the model which has been built over time with start-ups, and most especially with internet start-ups, that a particular platform will practically give hand-jobs to developers to take their API and do something with it, which help grows the platform, and allows the developers to grow as well. Then as soon as the platform has some level of maturity, the API is re-written, limiting its use, which then strangles the small dev start up which grew as a result of the API.

It's a dance with the devil to try to build your success on the kindness of others, but at the same time, remembering Wheaton's First Rule of Human Interaction ("Don't be a dick") as well as the fact that the success of one's platform is correlated to the number of people who made your platform more fun because of their involvement would be a good thing.

about a year ago

Einstein@Home Set To Break Petaflops Barrier

I_am_Jack Re:folding@home (96 comments)

*shrug* I've never been as big fan of humanity so I don't really care about that. Gravity waves though... Flying cars, gravity gun... How can anyone resist?

But you kind of need humanity to a) develop new gravity wave technologies and b) then actually enjoy the benefits of said new technologies. Unless of course you see these new gravity wave devices as a lagniappe for your robot and AI friends.

about a year ago

Scientology On Trial In Belgium

I_am_Jack Re:Here it comes... (540 comments)

I'm not Mormon, and frankly, I find the religion a little weird. That being said it is absurd not to put things on a relative scale. The weirdness and widely known evil of the COS is orders of magnitude worse than LDS.

I don't know about that. Scientology, for all its ills and faults, doe not try to subjugate women. LDS, on the other hand, thrives as a result of it.

about a year ago

Voyager 1, So Close To Interstellar Space That We Can Taste It!

I_am_Jack Re:When does it become V-GER? (271 comments)

Which apparently, in your case, is a future without humor.

about a year ago

It's Hard For Techies Over 40 To Stay Relevant, Says SAP Lab Director

I_am_Jack Re:Indian sweat shops (441 comments)

Meanwhile if you had gone to business school you would be relevant forever and probably better paid.

Nope, the same applies to business. People in their 20's are willing to worker longer hours and for less money than someone who is older, has a longer resume and is worth more in salary, and is less willing to devote stupidly long hours to a career which is already established. Those industries which can make their quarterly reports look good by throwing more workers at a problem will always be inclined to hire those who work longer for less. When I think back to my 20's and what I thought was a lot of money then versus what I know I need now, I realize why I was easily exploitable. It's not because you're good and smart, it's because you might be good, you might be smart, but they'll settle for how long you'll work for as little as they can pay. If you turn out to be a rockstar, they might promote you, but more than likely they'll use you for what they can get out of you, and then hire a replacement when you get a job that pays more for fewer hours.

Not that correlation equals causality, but the fact an employee thinks it's a great idea to work hard to buy an expensive cell phone to take pictures of food from a trendy restaurant is not lost on upper management.

about a year and a half ago

Ask Slashdot: Rectifying Nerd Arrogance?

I_am_Jack Re:I think that's all college students (823 comments)

There is a valid neurological reason why this occurs. The pre-frontal cortex doesn't become the dominant part of the brain until easily the mid-20's, and in some people not until much later in life.

So why there is a lot of intelligence with regard to understanding processes and theories (such as major shifts in mathematics and astrophysics), the common sense/executive function parts of the brain are a while away from development and dominance.

The upside of this, IMHO, is making videos of the lighting of farts and assorted bicycle/skateboard pranks and stunts. While I've learned enough at my age to know that in practice these are not good ideas, I still admire the late-teens, early twenties mindset that feels compelled to think this stuff up and make me laugh.

about a year and a half ago

Researcher Reverse-Engineers Pacemaker Transmitter To Deliver Deadly Shocks

I_am_Jack Re:Dick Cheney (216 comments)

Dick Cheney has a pacemaker...

Had. He has a transplanted heart now.

about a year and a half ago

Virgin Galactic's Quiet News: Virgin Now Owns The SpaceShip Company

I_am_Jack Re:Interesting questions (112 comments)

It is nothing of the sort. It is the best fucking economic system yet devised by man, despite the recent abuse of it by government and corporations.

If it's subject to abuse, and it is (and has been for centuries), and because of those abuses, can drive the world economy to its knees, which was within several hours of happening in 2008, how again does it make it the best fucking economic system yet devised by man?

If I was going to put my trust in the best fucking economic system yet devised, I'd want to make sure that it could indeed negate the abuse. That's yet to occur.

about a year and a half ago

Laser Strikes On Aircraft Becoming Epidemic

I_am_Jack Re:Find a technical solution, not a legal "solutio (687 comments)

A less-expensive alternative would be to place IR cameras on all approach vectors where the plane is low enough that a small laser pointer would be effective. Where it's happened here, the land beneath one of the approaches is owned by the port, and the other approach is a county park. A few cameras looking for warm bodies would be a start. TSA already patrols those areas anyway.

about a year and a half ago

The Coming Internet Video Crash

I_am_Jack Re:Yes (419 comments)

The problem here is that the telecommunications tends towards natural monopolies. The costs of rolling out large area copper or fiber means the market will almost inevitably favor those who get in early.

That's like claiming parcel delivery tends towards natural monopolies because laying new asphalt is cost-prohibitive.

If you forcibly separate the infrastructure providers (road construction) from the service providers (UPS, Fedex, etc), then you have beneficial competition with very little downside.

You don't actually believe that, right? Because the post you quoted in order to throw up that strawman has absolutely no connection whatsoever. Trying to show a relationship between a utility creating an infrastructure to move its product to market, and then charging to recoup that cost and UPS or FedEx using a publicly provided infrastructure, and charging a fee to move a parcel to cover the labor and overhead (and part of that overhead is the taxes that help pay for the roads they use) in order to do that is about a disingenuous as they come. I'll leave it up to you to supply the reason why it sounded like a good argument at the time you posted.

about a year and a half ago

The Coming Internet Video Crash

I_am_Jack Re:Yes (419 comments)

How exactly is a group known as "government" going to be any better or fairer than a group labeled "mafia" or "cartel" etc? Why do you assume that simply because a group has a label of "the state" it is going to be any better than another example above?

Because it doesn't operate in its own interest, it operates in the interest of others.

The government you are so fond of has for the most part granted and perpetuated monopolies especially in the telco arena....

This makes me wonder if the reason why Libertarians are so convinced of the soundness of their own principles is because they live largely unencumbered by the realities of everyday life.

about a year and a half ago

Why Apple Replaced iOS Maps

I_am_Jack Re:Apple going to sh!t (561 comments)

It'll never go to shit. Apple will go to middling or mediocre. I'm sure there are shrewd business people who will be able to skim some of Apple's market share when that occurs with something new, shiny and just waiting to be adopted by fan-bois and hipsters. But just like with Microsoft, there's always going to be a core group of consumers who'll buy nothing else, or figure any other product will be suspect, so better to stay with the devil you know.

about a year and a half ago

Brazilian Judge Orders 24-hour Shutdown of Google and Youtube

I_am_Jack Re:Pre-election laws (339 comments)

There is good discussion to be had on whether limiting political speech or paid for speech leading up to an election is good or bad in balance.

Indeed. And this doesn't even begin to address the role of the press, at least here in the US. In the name of competitive coverage, the idea of allowing political hucksters to influence the electorate (and I'm referring to the Karl Roves, James Carvilles, and Grover Norquists and their agents and controllers, not so much the candidates themselves) for a week before the election, and even as polls are still open across the US is incredibly irresponsible. Restricting sloppy reporting is not censorship. Enforcing higher standards of reporting and accuracy, while actually paying more than lip service towards it's implied mission of creating an informed electorate would go along way toward redeeming the abysmal job our news media has performed over the past 30-some-odd years.

about a year and a half ago


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