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Recording Music Without the Recording Industry

I_am_mccool Great project and great fun (234 comments)

I think people are focusing on RIAA and that too much. This is a great project and is a lot of fun. People should sign up for the creative challenge and rewarding experience. I have participated the last two years and have signed up again!

about 7 years ago



Adobe Releases ColdFusion 8

I_am_mccool I_am_mccool writes  |  more than 7 years ago

I_am_mccool writes "Adobe has released ColdFusion 8 today. The new release has a number of new features making once tedious and complicated tasks much easier and frankly more interesting. In addition expect to see significant performance boosts for existing CF applications. Those of you who have skipped CF over in the past should give it another look. This release rocks."
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