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Nissan Plans To Sell Self-Driving Cars By 2020

Iberian Excellent, one step closer to flying cars (333 comments)

As we all know from Back to the Future, 2015 is the era of flying cars. However it seems there is an alternate timeline in which people are too much of a risk to guide flying cars with the skill of Doc Brown. So we have to first develop autonomous cars and then transfer over to autonomous flying cars. Which pushes our timeline 2020.

about a year and a half ago

Fusion Power Breakthrough Near At Sandia Labs?

Iberian Re:Energy and..... defence? (358 comments)

Well once the population is reduced to 1/1000 of its current number your standard of living will be way higher*.

*Standard of living increases are measured numerically and are not based on percentages. Individual results may vary.

more than 2 years ago

DNA Test To Determine Kids' Sports Futures

Iberian Re:Scammers gonna scam. (240 comments)

Depends on the sport. No amount of dedication will get Shaq into the Kentucky derby unless he is the one with the jockey on his back.

more than 3 years ago

Toronto School Bans Hard Balls

Iberian Re:Hard Balls? (319 comments)

Just how much force do you think a 5th grader can apply to a soccer ball or an American football?

more than 3 years ago

Pranksters Post Giant Windows Logo On Hamburg Apple Store

Iberian Re:What's the point? (249 comments)

You don't get it? This may help: Definition of JOKE 1 a: something said or done to provoke laughter

more than 3 years ago

Sprint's $199 HTC EVO 4G Gets Release Date of June 4

Iberian Re:No... (182 comments)

My in-laws live in a location where they cannot get DSL/Cable/Wifi from any internet provider. It will be interesting to see what happens when they start using this and they run up the bandwidth past the typical 5 gig limit which supposedly won't exist. Realistically for most households why would you need internet unless you are playing online games if you can just spend an extra 10-30 dollars on your cell phone bill.

more than 4 years ago

Obama Makes a Push To Add Time To the School Year

Iberian Re:I call... (1073 comments)

I lived in Japan as well. There is an hour in the morning for music or something and an hour or two for after school sports. The actual in class time wasn't that bad. Plus a lot of time spent socializing and hanging out. Some kids would be out till 8-9 before they came home. They weren't in class all day.

They do better because they have a culture that encourages it.

more than 5 years ago

Rude Drivers Reduce Traffic Jams

Iberian Traffic Jams vs Traffic Flow (882 comments)

Normally I don't do this but I was curious. I RTFA and it seems that the studies were all about preventing pooling/jamming. It may be true that by creating disruptions one can reduce jamming but how does that affect the overall traffic flow. I would suspect in a perfect system each car abiding by the rules would have the greatest flow. What is hard to determine is that in the real world what would be the best.

Actually I don't think it really matters. Even if the study shows that driving 65 and leaving 5 second gaps can prevent 50% of traffic jams the social change necessary probably wouldn't happen.

more than 5 years ago

Microsoft's Code Contribution Due To GPL Violation

Iberian Re:The people who don't trust MS (508 comments)

I trust Microsoft to make money. Knowing that makes it easy to know where they are going. Google makes money too but only on adwords so the rest of their offerings are a bit harder to decipher.

more than 5 years ago

Hacking Nuclear Command and Control

Iberian Re:What is a Nuclear Weapon for? (256 comments)

How do you propose we arrive at 3rd and 4th generation reactors? Personally I am not a big fan of hybrid cars because I like cheap used cars like my 94 honda but someone has to pay for the R&D that will help make my next used car that much better. You don't learn to run by sitting down. You learn to run by standing up, falling down, getting back up, walking, falling down, and getting back up again. I don't see the whole world uniting behind this and making some otherworldy nuclear expirement.

more than 5 years ago

The Best Game Engines

Iberian Re:Who gives a hoot (113 comments)

I think you are underestimating the need for a game engine. The better the game engine the easier it is to develop for and the more time they have to work on content. It is hard to have good content when your engine fails to enable you to express it.

Part of the reason for your reasoning though is that today it is more marketable to have nice screenshots that look cool on boxes/tv/websites/tech demos/etc and thus a disproportionate ammount of resources is directed this way.

Even SCUMM as dated as it is holds as a good engine because it lets the developer express his content effectively.

more than 5 years ago

Michael Jackson's death affects me ...

Iberian Re:MTV Tribute (658 comments)

Wait you mean to tell me MTV is playing music videos again? This really is a blast from the past.

more than 5 years ago

Microsoft Discloses Windows 7 Pricing

Iberian Re:Do not hate me. (821 comments)

There must be a bug with some machines. My Asus eee pc 1000h installed from a USB drive in about 17 minutes to full ready to use W7. Two other newer desktops with new intel CPU's took almost an hour. Both Asus mobos ironically enough. The VM install on Fusion took 1+ hour as well. There is a write up on HardOCP and their install was quick.

Not sure what the deal is but hopefully some larger data sets can turn up something.

more than 5 years ago

ASUS Designs Monster Dual-GTX285 4GB Graphics Card

Iberian Re:Overcompensate much? (212 comments)

No, my friend you are way off. This is much bigger than a VHS tape.

more than 5 years ago

Cola Consumption Can Lead To Muscle Problems

Iberian Re:Cool story bro (420 comments)

I agree, when I was a kind I could eat all kinds of candy and feel fine. Now that I eat candy about once a quarter I can barely finish a pack of skittles. As a matter of fact I can't I have to give the rest to my two year old, who I know can eat a pack on his own. Thanks Grandma.

Granted this is just me but I say try it. Once you get used to no salt or sugar or butter etc it actually becomes hard to eat those things.

more than 5 years ago



Sierra Club proposes 'couch potato' tax

Iberian Iberian writes  |  about 7 years ago

Iberian (533067) writes "From http://kob.com/article/stories/S320743.shtml?cat=500
The Sierra Club is proposing a tax on video games and televisions with the proceeds going to programs that encourage families to get kids off of the couch and into the mountains. Call it "No Child Left Inside."
Mike Casaus of the Sierra Club says families hiking a mountain trail together are becoming scarce as childhood diabetes and obesity is soaring, which is why the organization is proposing the one-percent tax.
"What we would do with this excise tax on tvs and video games and this type of equipment is to tax part of the problem to fund the solution," he says.
The Sierra Club believes the bill would bring in about $4 million that could be used for programs like an outdoor classroom to tech children about the outdoors.
Lawmakers killed the same idea last year."

Linux Developer On Trial For Murdering His Wife

Iberian Iberian writes  |  more than 7 years ago

Iberian (533067) writes "From HardOCP
Linux Developer On Trial For Murdering His Wife A Linux developer is on trial for murder after his wife went missing last year. This ends up being tech news because the guy is responsible for developing the default file system on Suse Linux/openSUSE, Slackware, Xandros, Linspir and others."

Iberian Iberian writes  |  more than 7 years ago

Iberian (533067) writes "Courant.com confirms Best Buy does indeed maintain a second website for what one could only assume is for fraudulent purposes.

State Attorney General Richard Blumenthal ordered the investigation into Best Buy's practices on Feb. 9 after my column disclosed the website and showed how employees at two Connecticut stores used it to deny customers a $150 discount on a computer advertised on BestBuy.com."


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