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Are Keyboards Dishwasher Safe?

Ichthus777 Washing Keyboard in Dishwasher BAD Plan (534 comments)

Washing your keyboard in the dishwasher is a *very* bad idea for several good technical reasons. The inner workings of most modern "quiet" bubble dome keyboards is usually one(1) chip, and three thin mylar membranes. The key presses down on the "bubble dome" which pushes the top membrane through a hole in the second to make contact with a land pattern on the third. If you get water between those thin mylar sheets it will not air dry for six months... if ever. Not to mention the "chip" is very sensitive. Shorting it makes it stop working, and usually destroys it. The second problem is that soap film residue from the dishwasher will cause the keytops to stick without mercy. Having said all that... there are some modern "sealed" keyboards... but they are like sealed Timex watches... there is no guarantee, and all it takes is a "drop" of water to can the keyboard. The proper way to clean the keyboard is to disassemble it, remove the sensitive guts, and then wash the "top" and "keytops " with clean fresh water... no soap... allow to thoroughly dry... and then reassemble. Uh, no, I will never be placing my keyboard into the dishwasher... ever. Words to the wise.

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Ichthus777 Ichthus777 writes  |  more than 7 years ago

Ichthus777 (1037294) writes "Is Slashdot publishing biased towards Ubuntu and biased against openSUSE? It appears that since the announcement of the Novell M$ deal, there have been few and far between postings regarding openSUSE, SLED, SLES. The release of openSUSE 10.2 received no fanfair (its been a great release) and multiple individuals are complaining that their suse articles are being rejected. I suspect this is a statement regarding the loyalty of Novell to FOSS. But I would like the publishers of Slashdot to make a statement one way or the other regarding this trend. Many of us have relied on /. to keep us informed regarding a wide array of matters, and we rely on /. to be fairly objective for the benefit of their readers. If the apparent trend is mistaken could the publishers please indicate what might be the problem... in other words, what does it take to get openSUSE articles published? There is even a rumor that Novell *paid* Slashdot to publish a certain % of articles... I am not believing this, but I would like to hear from the "horses mouth" so to speak. Thanks sincerely,"


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