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Road To Linux -- Made It!

IchyBorch The Journey is Half the Fun (165 comments)

(start Linux sermon) In our long journeys to find ourselves sometimes we take detours that end up being the way we wanted to go all along. I can greatly identify with Mr.Katz. Two years ago I started on that fateful journey that would ever change my life. Up till then, I was a pathetic DOS & Windows user(Luser? Wuser?) that thought, in egotistical ambivalence, that I knew my stuff when it came to computers. I could fdisk, install format, change settings, yadda, yadda, yadda. But as I got more familiar with the internet and its workings, I came across these ever increasing references to "Linux' and "Open Source".One day at a local computer show, I came across Slackware 3.4 and non-chalantly thought I'd give it a try. After giving a couple of tries at an uneducated install(emphasis on stall), I stuck it on the shelf, assuring myself this convoluted OS wasn't worth the cd's it was burned on. Yet, the quiet murmerings about Linux became roars, and I found new determinations to give it another go. And how I thank the UNIX gods I did! The world that has been opened up to me is vast and limitless. And not only do you get a free, open, stable OS but you get a wonderful community willing to help and educate along with it. I have been saved, brothers! So, after this misc. rambling, I say to Katz and all those embarking or just contemplating the journey: You will see the light and it is Linux. (end Linux sermon)

more than 15 years ago


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