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Broadband Subscribers Eclipsing Cable TV Subscribers

Ignacio Re:No shit. All cable content is crap these days. (85 comments)

That depends entirely on which websites you visit.

Sure, but at least you get a chance to see what happened instead of having someone else unilaterally say "Open wide, here comes the news airplane!". Some is worse, but there's the possibility that some will be better.

4 days ago

London Police Placing Anti-Piracy Warning Ads On Illegal Sites

Ignacio Re:Adblock Plus/FlashBlock (160 comments)

That's the generally accepted estimate: 10% will never steal, 10% will always steal, 80% might do it given the opportunity.

about three weeks ago

London Police Placing Anti-Piracy Warning Ads On Illegal Sites

Ignacio Re:Adblock Plus/FlashBlock (160 comments)

They're not trying to convince the 10% that do it knowingly, they're trying to convince the 80% that don't know better.

about three weeks ago

New Russian Law To Forbid Storing Russians' Data Outside the Country

Ignacio Remember... (206 comments)

Russian expatriates are Russian citizens too. And employment data is a thing that gets stored. I hope they're not looking for work with an Internet company...

about a month and a half ago

2600 Distributor Withholds Money, Magazine Future in Limbo

Ignacio IANAL (1 comments)

... but isn't this considered fraud?

about 2 months ago

NIgerian born UK TV repairman sentenced 16 months prison for 91% reuse

Ignacio Hah! That'll learn them... (1 comments)

Only people in the First World get to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

about 2 months ago

Why NASA's Budget "Victory" Is Anything But

Ignacio Two Percent? (267 comments)

2% isn't a victory, it's an "oh my f*cking god, we survived being killed off by the skin of our teeth".

about 2 months ago

Cable TV Prices Rising At Four Times the Inflation Rate

Ignacio Re:more money - less quality (286 comments)

Nope. A bit of research will show that it is in fact logarithmic. There are obvious diminishing returns once you realize that there are five or six channels showing the same episode of the same show at the same time.

about 3 months ago

Motorola declares war on the feature phone

Ignacio Wrong (1 comments)

It's not that people don't think it's worth the $337 average for a smartphone, it's that people don't think it's worth the $550 average for a smartphone that's appreciably better than a featurephone.

about 3 months ago

Supreme Court Upholds Michigan's Ban On Affirmative Action In College Admissions

Ignacio Blatant Racism (410 comments)

Justice Sotomayor sounds like a huge racist since she doesn't seem to believe that blacks or hispanics are capable of getting admitted on their own merit.

about 4 months ago

In a Hole, Golf Courses Experiment With 15-inch Holes

Ignacio The challenge in something... (1 comments)

.. is part of the fun. Take the challenge away and you may as well stick to 52 Pickup.

about 3 months ago

Theo De Raadt's Small Rant on OpenSSL

Ignacio Names (1 comments)

There are many, many things you can call TdR. "Wrong" is not one of them.

about 4 months ago

The 3D Economy — What Happens When Everyone Prints Their Own Shoes?

Ignacio Oh for the... (400 comments)

What happened to supermarkets when people started being able to grow their own food?

about 5 months ago

Minecraft Creator Halts Plans For Oculus Version Following Facebook Acquisition

Ignacio Re:Temper tantrum (300 comments)

Facebook might not be a games company right now, but the acquisition of Oculus certainly gives them a huge opportunity to venture in to that market.

And the umpteen millions of subscribers it already has doesn't? Pull the other one, it's full of candy.

about 5 months ago

Facebook Introduces Hack: Statically Typed PHP

Ignacio Really... (230 comments)

With all the problems in PHP, ***this*** is the change they decide to make? Did they have nothing better to do?

about 5 months ago

The Next Keurig Will Make Your Coffee With a Dash of "DRM"

Ignacio "Interactive" (769 comments)

Insert pod, push button. How much interactivity does making coffee *need*?

about 6 months ago



Approximately 99% of XOs can't run Windows

Ignacio Ignacio writes  |  more than 5 years ago

Ignacio writes "Greg DeKoenigsberg wrote an article about how most OLPC XOs use a firmware that is incompatible with Windows (read: Windows is not capable of dealing with). One can't help but wonder why MS got involved in the first place, if they're being shut out like this wholesale."
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