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Ban on Certain Samsung Products Appears Likely ITC Ruling

IgnoramusMaximus Re:This is insane (90 comments)

This is not what the patent system was intended to do, this is madness.

On the contrary, this is precisely the intended effect i.e. elevation of power and profits of the only group that really matters in this: the lawyers. You will take note that irrespective of what comes out of this (Apple loses, Samsung loses, whatever) the lawyers (and bankers - all that money has to get deposited somewhere - also just think of the magnitude of "transaction fees") get their money. A huge pile of money.

In a society run by lawyers the only people who really count are lawyers. Every other activity (such as producing something actually useful) must somehow benefit the true power holders. Thus "rules" are made, which from your perspective might appear "insane", which advertise themselves as "justice" or "promotion of this or that noble goal" to make them defensible to and palatable by the plebs, but simply say "you shall suck a lawyer's dick" once you decipher all the implications of the lawyerly priesthood's "legalise" code in which these "rules" were written.

And since most Western societies are overrun with a whole pyramid of classes of parasites such as lawyers or "financial industry" creatures the pooch is pretty much screwed - at least until the next Great Fuckup (probably an economic collapse the way things are going but its anyone's guess really).

more than 2 years ago

Japan Getting Real-Time Phone Call Translator App

IgnoramusMaximus Re:"Cut Costs" (113 comments)

It is only a "fallacy" until comes true.

First of all economics is not a science but something akin to a bunch of voodoo followers and witch doctors trying to find "scientific" justification for their pre-conceived ideologies so one must take their opinion on what is and what is not a "fallacy" with a sizeable grain of salt.

And then it is quite obvious that growth in "productivity" in the last 30 years in the most industrialized countries actually lowered (the actual as opposed to superficially perceived) standard of living. Sure on the surface things are more shiny, everyone has an i-dinky, a mcMansion and a car with a GPS. But what most people do not think about is that everyone is up to their ears in debt, one paycheque away from bankruptcy, most of that shiny stuff they think as "theirs" actually belongs to banks/credit card companies and what was once the standard "american dream" - a single income household with a mortage paid in 10 years, fully paid car, children educated without student debt, a stable for-life job and generous pension afterwards, etc -is now something available to the denizens of Wall Street only - if that.

Is this "progress"? Well the concentration of wealth in much fewer hands surely progressed. And workers in China got a lot of menial jobs they did not have before...

But from the perspective of the US worker the "lump of jobs" "fallacy" is looking less "fallacious" by the minute.

Also, closer to 100% automation we get, more broken the assumptions of economists become. At 100% automation a singularity occurs in their equations and the outcomes become unpredictable for average member of society. Given the whole of human history and the nature of people I bet on total dystopia. I don't think I am in a very great danger of losing that bet.

more than 2 years ago

Japan Getting Real-Time Phone Call Translator App

IgnoramusMaximus Re:"Cut Costs" (113 comments)

Did you even read his post? Did the "offer unconditional base income (generated from those automated low-level jobs)" part somehow go over your head or did all the foam coming from your mouth block your vision?

That is the standard "carrot on the stick" cop-out offered by various apologists.

Use your head! If Germany actually did it they would make Greece look like a maven of fiscal responsibility and frugal governance in a very short order.

Also how would those "base income" recipients look like? Think "the housing projects" ghettos in the US, complete with burning garbage heaps and graffiti-covered concrete jungles. That is because providing a "base income" in a greed-driven economy instantly devalues everything until that "base income" only guarantees absolute shits for a "life-style".

But most importantly the OP and you ignore the pivotal issue: who gets to control these 100% automated factories of this Brave New Future? Given the current trend of concentration of wealth in fewer and fewer hands and the mechanics of access to mass-scale advanced technology it will be the plutocratic owners of mega-pan-national corporations who will leave everyone else dirt poor and begging for life's necessities instead of being "liberated from menial tasks" and free to be "creative".

Also, all these language translators who all complained about "soul-sucking" jobs are nearly extinct from ... tongue cancer, surely?

more than 2 years ago

Japan Getting Real-Time Phone Call Translator App

IgnoramusMaximus Re:"Cut Costs" (113 comments)

The goal here is, to free humanity from primitive low-level jobs, so that they can concentrate on cool and interesting challenges.

Like diving through dumpsters for your next meal....


a) the opportunities for truly "cool and interesting challenges" - as opposed to desperate rat-races with ever exponentially increasing demands for "education" and "retraining" and ever exponentially diminishing returns disguised as "challenges" - are orders of magnitude less than the population size. Only those who wish to establish a slavery system based on stratification of the society into "thinkers" and "the rabble" where the gap between the two is unbridgeable (say 40 years of "education" and minimum 12 PhD titles to get your first paying job) are trying to pretend otherwise .

b) most people are unable to deal with, unwilling to and uninterested in "interesting challenges" because these "interesting challenges" usually disrupt their lives beyond repaior and destroy their families,

c) many of those who can deal with these "challenges" when forced to do so find them far less "interesting" and find their lives becoming miserable, unhappy and begin to question the point of this whole societal exercise that trades simple, boring but secure and predictable lives for chaotic, psychotic, insecure, stressful, hand-to-mouth existence in a sadistic competition to meet "interesting challenges" or perish.

And so on.

Your position is that of a corporate shill who tries to pretend that the so-called "progress" (as long as accompanied by vast wealth increases for very few "right people") is self-justifying and that any social cost is acceptable, especially when the cost is placed on the backs of everyone but those select few.

Technocrats and corporatists have stood the whole thing on its head! It is "happiness" that is the goal of the whole exercise and "progress" and "technological advancement" are to be only used in service to attaining happiness. Forcing everyone to meet "interesting" (in the opinion of the few privileged individuals) challenges so that "progress" (for these same individual's bank accounts) can be achieved is only going to in the long run result in "interesting challenges" for the likes of you that involve guns and lining up against walls....

more than 2 years ago

Saudi Arabia Calls For Global Internet Censorship Body

IgnoramusMaximus Re:The USA is already a global censorship body (678 comments)

Not that I agree that it is a bad thing. A line should be drawn somewhere, and age 18 seems as good a place as any.

18?!! What, are you a pervert?! Its 80 that's reasonable and not a second younger.

Everyone knows people one second younger then 80 cannot make reasoned decisions as to sex (or anything else for that matter). Proof? Why, just look at the daily Google news around the globe! QED.

Anyone who thinks otherwise is a sick pedophile who is only arguing otherwise so he can have sex with immature people to ruin their young, innocent lives. Are you a sick pedophile? Are you? Are you? Yes? Yes?!

more than 2 years ago

Supreme Court Won't Hear Body-Scanner Appeal

IgnoramusMaximus Re:Checks and Balances (170 comments)

Actually the "process" is the primary method by which powerful tyrants deny justice to meaningless peasants.

He was supposed to file in DC wasn't he? Why exactly? Does the court in Florida belong to a different nation? The moon was in an incorrect astral sign? Wind was coming from the wrong compass point?

When he files in DC (at his own expense of course and on his own time - but I am sure everyone gets many days free time fully paid from his/her job to proudly challenge an entire multi-trillion dollar agency in any state of the agency's choosing) he will promptly find out that while DC was the correct court, the "process" requires him to wait 2 years for a decision, which will be that he "does not have standing" (being a mere peasant) or that he is "not a party" (not being a member of the government) etc and so on.

Due process my ass.

The whole point of this exercise is the pretense that average citizens have any say whatsoever in what the government or other wealthy powers do to them. The US courts have been rubber-stamping the aristocracy's decisions for a long time now, all the while creating ever more byzantine "process" in order to insure that the lower classes have to jump through so many hoops as to make participation of anyone without 40 lawyers and 100 paralegals pointless.

The beauty of this system is that technically everyone can participate but in practice only the very wealthy can do so effectively. And bonus: more byzantine the rules, higher paid and numerous becomes the priesthood that attends to them: the lawyers.

Everyone wins, well except the average peon who gets to pay for this fun in more ways than one.

about 2 years ago

EVE Online CSM and Diplomat Killed in Libyan Consulate Attacks

IgnoramusMaximus Re:Batshit Crazy! (680 comments)

Oh so now we are at the "But, but, they did it too!" kindergarten-level argument.

But then again by switching to that old canard it seems that you gave up on the idea of pretending that Christians are somehow less violent, less greedy, less power-hungry, less hypocritical or more charitable than everybody else and that they are miraculously immune to ideology-motivated insanity, unlike everybody else and that everybody who does something despicable is magically not a "true" Christian, even though he/she self-identifies so.

Progress, sort of.

more than 2 years ago

EVE Online CSM and Diplomat Killed in Libyan Consulate Attacks

IgnoramusMaximus Re:Batshit Crazy! (680 comments)

That would depend on your definition of "atheist".

Some who I would describe as "agnostics" think themselves "atheists" for example.

Some of those for example believe in God but insist that his existence is by definition unknowable, undetectable and that God once having created the Universe never again interacted with it and does not care nor sustain sentient beings after death. Are they "atheists"? They would say so since their position is that for "practical purposes" God does not exist and that from our perspective God existing and not are indistinguishable.

As to self-declared Christians, the problem with religions is that not only are they muddled piles of self-contradictory goobledey-gook to begin with, there are also no objective authorities that can arbitrate between people believing themselves this or that. This however apparently does not stop avery member of every obscure spinoff of every religion calling everyone else "Heretics! Apostates!" and themselves "the only true adherents of {fill in your wacky religion name here}".

And so if Breivik calls himself a "Christian", then he is one pretty much by definition, no more or less than "reverend" Jones or one Adolf from Austria were.

more than 2 years ago

EVE Online CSM and Diplomat Killed in Libyan Consulate Attacks

IgnoramusMaximus Re:Batshit Crazy! (680 comments)

... because of how they self-identified ...


Breivik does identify himself as Christian, but ...

Auuughaaah! Warning! Warning! Cognitive dissonance alert! Auuughaaah!

FYI, that "but" is what makes your argument into a classic manifestation of the "no true Scotsman" fallacy. Wikipedia could append it to the official example list.

more than 2 years ago

'Wiki Weapon Project' Wants Your 3D-Printable Guns

IgnoramusMaximus Re:Ah! How to Shut Down 3D Printing 101... (570 comments)

Its only "paranoia" if the fear is irrational and unjustified.

Unfortunately recent history is full of examples of abuse of governmental power and the "civilized" ways for the governed (courts, elections) to obtain justice for which have been rendered largely useless for a large portion of the victims.

The court system is not only guaranteed to bankrupt one being persecuted (not to mention that when facing a group of thuggish government officials on a power trip the first step is usually freezing/confiscation of all assets of the victim) but the courts themsevles have proven to be easily manipulated by the government bureaucrats and officials and are consistently siding with various three letter agencies. Even if they are not, their rulings are ignored (such as the recent TSA rulings), until such time when a new, more favourable ruling can be managed or in more extreme cases where the "law" can be reworked post-facto to the power-holder's advantage (such as the "legality" of torture and indefinite detention without trial of Guantanamo detainees).

Similarly, elections are largely meaningless since the US (and increasingly all the other "Western democracies") feature gigantic 2-way, gaudy sporting matches where the spectacle of personality cults and insane exaggerations of minutia differences between two or three facets of the ruling elite are meant to hide the fact that no real (in practical terms) differences exist between the team "red" and team "blue" and they are all working with/for the same elite and its ideology. You are just supposed to paint your face one of these colours and go screeching - spittle flying - at the supporters of the other team, a model successfully borrowed from the Football (or Soccer) scene. Just make sure you do not actually pause to think what you are doing and who benefits from this madness.

Now top it with the obvious trend of the governments expanding their power by leaps and bounds (TSA, extra-judiciary powers of the President to drone-assassinate American citizens he deems "enemies", etc and so on) and instead of making the poster you are replying to look like a paranoiac, you are making yourself look to be - at best - an uncurious, inattentive, "it can't happen here", "I can't hear anything lalalalalala", individual so desperate to believe that everything is "all right" that he is willing to ignore every second news item for a decade or so, or - at worst - an autocratic shill who actually likes the idea of "putting the malcontents in their place" and who worships naked, raw power and believes those who wield it deserve it and therefore can do no wrong.

Incidentally, 3D printed guns are not even a factor in the equations of power and constitute a negligeable "threat", but never the less will be dealt with harshly using hugely overreaching, draconian powers because even a tiny "threat" to the power-holders has to be neutralized immediately or else in can blossom into a much larger one and an unthinkable situation of a significant untraceable group of citizenry capable of physically resisting their government (to however a small degree) would possibly result. And thus the rulers would have to start actually be wary of the ruled, instead of just the other way around. And so "at 3am came balaclava-clad ATF knocking, with battering rams and bags to put on our heads, one for me, one for my wife and two wee ones for our kids, for I was guilty of an Unlicensed Possession of a 3D Printing Device and Printing an Unapproved Object".

more than 2 years ago

1 World Trade Center Becomes the Tallest Building In NYC

IgnoramusMaximus Re:Support (407 comments)

America is the hope for the better world.

If America is truly the "hope" for "the better world" then we are all fucked beyond help.

I for one want nothing to do with all the self-serving hypocrisy, proud, smug celebration of ignorance, barely veiled supremacist philosophy, ever-expanding authoritarianism backed by ever-more byzantine laws that is slowly evolving into something resembling Fascism and mindless worship of greed that America represents.

about 2 years ago

1 World Trade Center Becomes the Tallest Building In NYC

IgnoramusMaximus Re:Support (407 comments)

Libya. 2011. Not just the everyday people of Libya, but the Arab League of Nations.

You guys crack me up. Libya's "revolution" is was driven by a bunch of Al-Queda affiliated radical islamists hell bent on overthrowing the secular thug whom they despised in order to establish Sharia law and put uppity women back in burkas (see also: Egypt where the Muslim Brotherhood is about to win the first-and-last "elections").

You and NATO helped in (absolutely misplaced) hopes of getting on their "good side" and getting access to Libyan oil fields. But that was just a long-odds gamble, the real profit was to be had in spent munitions, military gear donated and other ways to transfer money from your taxes to the members of the 1%.

Also, I am not sure if you are aware, but Arab League is composed of a bunch of absolute monarchs with a decided Islamist bent whose sole concern is to have more influence on countries previously run by secular dictators, hence their support only for "revolutions" in places where such a secular dictator is under threat from the Islamists: Egypt, Libya, Syria etc.

You can also very accurately claim that the people of Syria are at this very moment asking for the same action, but have not yet been successful in convincing the United States (and/or others) to do so.

You can't be that naive, can you? You surely jest. Radical, vicious Islamists are the foreign-sponsored "revolutionaries" in Syria and are set to take power if Asad falls. They already have an impressive record of persecution and murder of anyone who is not them in the areas they managed, however briefly, to control. Go help them, the great exporters of "freedom" that you are! I am sure that you will find some way for your 1% to profit from it, whichever way it goes.

about 2 years ago

1 World Trade Center Becomes the Tallest Building In NYC

IgnoramusMaximus Re:Support (407 comments)

Libya last year. Serbia before, Kuwait, Korea,

You gotta be kidding. This is why I asked for anyone who is not a self-serving jackal asking you for "help". And so you list prime examples of the very thing I pointed out!

Libya: a bunch of radical islamists trying to overthrow a secular thug in order to establish Sharia law and persecute everyone who is not them. You and NATO helped in hopes of gaining preferential access to Libyan oil fields. Next.

Serbia: a bunch of power-hungry "separatists" who would exploit any possible division to split their country into a buch of city-states if they could get away with it as long as it put them in charge. Not to mention that some of them used a clever strategy of breeding like rabbits to gain control of territory of their neighbours, which you and NATO whole-heartedly endorsed. So you stepped in and gave them "freedom" to be dependent on you and your allies! And oppress the Serbs. Then there is a whole litany of fabricated "war crimes" that you try to pin on the Serbs to bring them to heel (never you mind that NATO killed far more civilians in far more criminal fashion, like bombing passenger trains, etc). An exercise in disgusting, self-serving "righteousness" for profit. Next.

Kuwait: an absolute monarchy invaded by a next door thug over them syphoning his oil using lateral oil wells running under Iraq's border built by US corporations (you knew the reason for the invasion, didn't you?) and so you went and ... restored absolute, oppressive monarchy back into its "rightful" place, the great purveyors of "freedom" and "democracy" that you are! Oh and the lies and propaganda that went along with it! The tear inducing (and totally fake) "eye witness" testimony by an incognito daughter of the Kuwaiti ambassador before the Senate about babies murdered in their incubators... just priceless. Next.

Korea: you propped up a dictator so bloody and corrupt that half of his country preferred Soviet-style thuggery to his exploits! Or did you think that all these North Koreans who fought against you did it just for kicks? It was not until the 1990s when the last South Korean dictator was ousted, all the previous ones having been untouchable due to your whole-hearted support, the great lovers of "freedom" and "democracy" that you are. Next.

WW2: you ignored all the pleas for help while trying to profit from the war by strategically supplying both sides until you were outright attacked by the Axis, Japan having bombed Pearl Harbour and 4 days later Nazi Germany having declared war on you. You did not join out of any good will. Next.

WW1: a bunch of blood-thirsty empires fighting over which royal dick is going to be sucked by whom. There were no "good guys" in this war and so you cannot count it as "helping" anyone (other then yourself). Next.

the list goes on.

Indeed, the Spanish American war, the subjugation of Philippines, etc etc. A long list of selfish, self-centered exploits of a greedy empire.

Some US military actions are deplorable and indefensible, but some of them are legitimate attempts to help defend freedom and democracy

Actually the distinction is quite different. All of the military actions of the US are (with the possible exception of WW2) self-centered profit and expansion of power seeking excercises but because of the chosen "national narrative" and "national mythos" of the USA, i.e. "brave defenders of freedom and democracy" that your power elites use to hold the thing together, they are forced to pretend that the actions are to give liberties of the oppressed etc and so on to keep the populace appropriately opiated. Sometimes the mirage thus formed is more successful then other times. This is what is confusing you.

US = Imperialist and Everyone Else = Innocent Victims is a naive way of viewing the problem.

That is not the view. The view is far more straightforward: empires = imperialist, be they Roman, British, French, Russian or American.

What makes the difference however is all the hypocrisy of the US empire trying to paint itself as a peddler of "freedom" which makes it a particularly odious specimen.

about 2 years ago

1 World Trade Center Becomes the Tallest Building In NYC

IgnoramusMaximus Re:Support (407 comments)

So you agree. Most of the 100,000 deserved to die. They were already our enemies. Deluded too.

I will quote you to anyone who has ever expressed any sympathy for the US after 9/11. That will cure them of any misconceptions rather quick.

Come to think of it, your logic of "the uppity foreigners actually want to hold us to all the bullshit we've been spewing and then refuse to lick our boots worshipfully and to cower in fear before us - kill these ingrates all!" expresses a world-view straight out of Mein Kampf. You know, that book so revered by your other supremacist ideological brothers of yesteryear. Same ideas, different übermenschen. They sported more bloody results of their insane lust for global domination, but the hour is young yet. Then, on the other hand, they did not have Internet and so they all had to go and be belligerent jackasses in the real world, instead of being online "tough guys" - like you - who cower in their basements while cheering on the mercenaries in foreign lands.


Agreed! Your medication has indeed settled at the bottom of your stomach ... where it unfortunately failed to dissolve and thus has no effect. Probably too much alcohol in the surrounding contents.

You might try stopping chewing on the furniture for a bit and try lying down instead - at least until this episode of yours passes. To put you to sleep you can count bloody corpses of all the "enemies" you are going to kill! Since there are at least a good 5 billion of them, you are not likely to run out before midnight...

more than 2 years ago

1 World Trade Center Becomes the Tallest Building In NYC

IgnoramusMaximus Re:Support (407 comments)

For everyone 1 person that hates the US there's 5 that wish we'd come in and fix whatever crap is going on in their community.

This is a perfect example of the root cause of everything that is wrong with the USA: supremely arrogant, utterly self-deluded, smugly imbecillic and profoundly ignorant feeling of the Universe revolving around your ass.

From what I've seen traveling around the world (something that I am sure you did not deem necessary to form your opinion) is that if anything, your numbers are actually reversed: for every naive goofus who sees USA as a potential saviour, 5 see it for what it is: a self-important empire whose distinguishing feature is hypocritical pontification about "freedom" and "democracy" while depriving anyone who has something it wants of freedom, property and frequently life all the while propping up convenient dictators and absolute monarchs (see also: Saudi Arabia) all over the world.

And your general attitude just illustrates the point gloriously.

America isn't perfect but we're the best hope for the World and everyone knows it, that's why they loan us money until they're starving because they know if there's ever a problem we're the ones they can call.

Comedy gold. What was the last time anyone other than thieves and would-be robber barons hoping to profit from misery of their fellows actually asked you to show up and blow their country to smithereens in the name of "saving" it?

Or were you trying to be sarcastic by pointing out how USA rigged the world financial markets for its own benefit? Or more precisely for the benefit of its top 1%, who - amusingly enough - are these days busy abandoning what they sense is soon to be a rotting corpse of a has-been empire for some greener pastures...

more than 2 years ago

Heartland Security Breach Class Action: Victims $1925, Lawyers $600,000

IgnoramusMaximus Re:Lawyers (163 comments)

Lawyers in modern society fulfill the same role as the various priests and shamans fulfilled in the societies of old: control of access to the "deity" in fashion (in this case the fabled, never seen, mythical "Justice"). Overtly it is to "help" the sheep to access the deity in question, but in reality it is of course merely to satisfy avarice of the priests and their hunger to wield power over others. That is also the reason why priests are always attempting to control politics - in the old days by manipulating pharaohs, kings, emperors and the like or even becoming kings themselves (also see under "The Pope") - but in the modern times they dispensed with intermediaries and half measures and simply took the power directly, in the so called "republics" and "democracies" in which invariably at least two thirds of the power structure consists of the pries ... err ... lawyers.

And no lawyer has any real stake in simplifying or reducing the input of lawyers.

Which is of course the golden rule of all parasitic priesthoods.

Also note that, just like lawyers, all the priests and shamans in history always claimed to only want to "help" their victims and thus always argue themselves "indispensable" to whatever society they happen to prey on.

Why do you think priests always insist on making the rules of the interaction with the "deity" as arcane as possible? As an example: most of history the Christian priests insisted on having their Bible in a language that common people could not read and which had to be "interpreted" for them, just as modern lawyers insist on "legalese" for the same very reasons. Unlike the Catholic priests however, modern lawyers resort to the methods of other, older, priesthoods by ever expanding and complicating (never simplifying, as you noticed) their arcane manuscripts and rituals. This is because the Judeo-Christians have essentially hobbled themselves with the idea of a "Holy Book", which offers limited room for expansion (although several of the "one, only and 100% true" improvements and revisions have been produced). Fortunately for the Christian priests, the original writers made the thing ambiguous, self-contradictory and - most importantly - voluminous enough to satisfy the purpose it was intended for.

As to "justice", the very first test to see if a society has any is to see if making offerings to and groveling before a priest, i.e. a "lawyer", is a pre-requisite for its supposed dispensation.

Note also how promise of "justice" is a key element in most religions and how much emphasis is placed on it by the religion's priests.

more than 2 years ago

Secret BBC Documents Reveal Flimsy Case For DRM

IgnoramusMaximus Re:Surprise surprise (199 comments)

Okay, look at the raspberry pie project. one of the drivers for that project and what makes it so cool is exactly that these parts are stopping becoming available to the general public.

Completely untrue. The entire electronics industry depends on availability of large quantities of parts and there are literally millions of small companies using them. Again, you seem to live in a world where all electronics is somehow restricted to 10 manufacturers. Its a fantasy land.

You cannot buy a BCM2835, fine that's broadcom, but can you as a consumer buy a Qualcomm chip, or a CSR bluetooth chip, even if you could (but I believe you can't) they will not release all the software needed to drive the hardware and reverse engineering it is something no-one has managed yet.

More nonsense. The fancy chips are needed only if you are doing something that requires both small size and complexity. All of their functions are merely a condensed version of what can be achieved with less integrated generic components.

Also, one does not need to implement any of the digital consumer protocols to exploit the analog hole. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and any other future wireless protocol has no bearing on the matter, whatsoever.

The large corporations won't sell less than multiple thousands simply because it's not worth supporting the small producer.

Yes, that is why all of the electronic mail-order suppliers are long out of business ... oh wait! Its not like any of them buy large orders of parts and then divide them into small chunks to be sold to individuals for a premium, right?

Some large corporations like TI might still sell their beagle boards which will help, but can you rely on that? It's getting harder with every generation.

No it is not getting harder. And yes, you can rely on it. Development boards are sold to all and sundry because there are millions of electronics engineers out there experimenting with components and all manufacturers are eager to give them toys in hopes that some of them devise some new consumer products which will result in the companies they work for ordering large volumes of the said parts. This is the fundamental method by which all sales of parts are conducted and it is not going away in any foreseeable future.

Please try and buy a raw camera module.

You buy a cheap camera and remove the CCD sensor from it. Bonus, you get optics to go along with it. Unless they start making explosive, tamper-proof cameras, you have a very large supply of sensors all around you. And that assumes that you are not using other methods such as an electro-mechanical scan or some such. Again, you forgot that your digitization device does not need to be pretty, small, portable or even 21st century technology. 1930s methods updated for modern components will do just fine, thank you.

Try and build your own PCB using parts with a ball pitch so fine that you need professional level reflow ovens to plonk the parts down(by the way modern parts are already at this stage and it's getting worse all the time too).

Err, you use pre-made PCBs that allow for mounting of SMT components on them and which have old-fashioned DIP pin layout at the bottom. And again, this only applies to specialized SMT chips. DIP packaged chips are and will remain widely available for a variety of reasons. So will discrete components.

So it's not about preventing people from doing it, it's just not worth the man hours of their engineers to put the mechanisms in place to do the purchase.

Huh? Even a few thousand of clients out of the 7 billion people on Earth is enough to get someone in China going, as amply evidenced on Alibaba.com.

We're not there yet thanks to PCs still being prevalent in the home but give it time. Now at the moment you always have the hole of a generic PC to do most of this, but as I was worried about in another post if the tablet market basically shuts down the home built PC at home then what?

There will always be a huge generic PC market. Otherwise you might as well shut down all scientific and manufacturing sectors, not to mention other business endeavours which depend on generic PCs. All that will happen is that "consumer" products will get dumber, to match their audience, but that was always inevitable anyways.

Again, your desperate attachment to "PC at home". WTF? Isn't there a whole world of applications and industries outside of "home", "consumer" crap? What's with this tunnel vision of yours?

If that doesn't happen then what about "trusted computing" what if that is successful and makes amateur PC building impossible?

TPM has no place in many industrial and business applications and as long as there are millions of factories and businesses that have no use for it or where TPM is a hindrance, there will always be general purpose computing devices without it available. But not at BestBuy and not at every idiot's "home".

That's not needed. All content is watermarked. In my scenario user generated content has a watermark embedded in it by the camcorder. Now a sophisticated watermark would include details about the license and your access rights would be monitored too, it may be possible to turn that watermark off for your content but I'm talking about the default setting that 99% of people will use being one that "protects them"

I covered this in another post upstream. Go read it. Per-user watermarks are a pipe dream. All it takes is 2 or 3 streams from different users and they are gone. Just like DRM they are fundamentally flawed. All they are going to do is to catch rank amateurs, but then again so does every other "contents protection" scheme. So expect more grandmas and single mothers of a teenager to end up in court over filming something with a TV in a background and putting on YouTube. Release groups will just laugh at it.

Show me someone who has built a home made camcorder without using items that you would find at best buy. The projects I have seen all have a reliance on commodity hardware or use vendor supplied test hardware (such as the beagle board) which do have parts of the system that you cannot touch and those are the parts that handle media codecs.

You gotta be kidding. Hardware-based codecs are only there to provide low-power, small size consumer devices. They are not neeeded to digitize contents. Raw sensor (even electro mechanical one with plain-old color filter that you change by hand to scan the movie three times) is all that is needed. General purpose CPUs do all the encoding. Of course anyone who depends on specialty hardware is going to get all the specialty hardware headaches! More specialized and convoluted the hardware, bigger the headache! That is why only an idiot (or someone with masochistic tendencies) would be despearte to "reuse" it.

Now people do write their own, but as i was trying to communicate in my last post even assuming you do that then surely you end up with a situation like happened to ogg that the only people to use it were the techie elite and therefore it never gained traction.

You seem to expect some kind of dystopia where all codecs are secret and where only secret, tamper-proof devices are capable of displaying media contents! As long as even one general-purpose CPU remains available (and if it dit not, you might as well stop all manufacturing of all mass production of all products globally, not to mention all scientific and technological progress), software codecs will allow for media playback! More restrictive the "consumer" hardware more demand there will be for the general-purpose equipment!

And who cares for "traction"? Free people will do what free people do, even if a billion or two sheeple are very comfortable in chains and under boot heel.

It soon becomes that the only people exchange in that file format are those pirating at which point it is trivial for law enforcement to find you because you suddenly stand out above the noise of other file transfers. Yes there are ways to hide this but then you're even further underground. and you end up like truecrypt where even possessing the software to hide your activities becomes grounds for search and seizure and by law having to reveal your keys.

That is merely a side effect of all societies sliding towards fascist-like state. A cycle in human history. You are confusing the cause and effect here. I frequently point out that the only way to make the "intellectual property" and DRM "work" is a totalitarian state and that anyone who promotes these ideas is in effect promoting totalitarian ideologies. But this goes far beyond a discussion of DRM.

more than 3 years ago

Secret BBC Documents Reveal Flimsy Case For DRM

IgnoramusMaximus Re:Surprise surprise (199 comments)

So fine any future TV could be filmed with your existing camcorder and you will always have content of that quality available.

NO. A consumer product, such as a camcorder, is only one possibility. I keep telling you that due to the nature of the way people see images, unless you prevent private individuals from obtaining electronic parts, there is nothing stopping you from building your own digitization device, other then the know-how. It will not be pretty, it will not be portable, it will not be compact, but it will do the job of circumventing DRM. And enterprising companies will gladly sell you kits for this even if they cannot sell you a finished product.

How will these people rip the content is my question, without access to the right keys and using even current encoding schemes then how will you guess the 128bit key required to break them?

By using the "analog hole". 1024 megabit key won't stop them because of that little hole existing. For example, should the corporations somehow manage to block all audio adapters in all computing devices, to digitize any analog audio stream at a quality exceeding the human hearing capacity one needs about $20 worth of electronic parts from DigiKey or any other online supplier. The only thing that will stop them is some kind of dystopian future where everyone's eyes and ears have been replaced with government interfaces, data communication has been banned and all knowledge of digitization of analog data is proscribed under the penalty of death.

Let me paint a picture:

Your picture is irrelevant. No matter what Panasonic or Sony or whatever-big-corp does, people will still need to use eyeballs to watch the TV and electonic components will still be available for sale and those amongst us who are little more knowledgeable than "Gee this here darn camcorder won't record mah movin' pictures! Oh well..." will still be able to circumvent any idiotic DRM conceivable because DRM is fundamentally, mathematically broken.

And if the corps somehow prevent display devices from showing user generated contents (which would incidentally mean an end to all personal computing, smart phones, office computers and the like) then it would only result in a bonanza of sales of "build your own display" kits.

As to transmitting video files being banned, the answers already exist: tor, i2p and freenet, amongst others. Bonus feature: more the "contents owners" disguised as governments crack down, more the peons realize the true nature of the world they live in, which is a good thing and would eventually result in an a bloody "Arab Spring" redux.

I'd love to say otherwise; I'm a great believer in the importance of the public domain and believe hackers breaking DRM and copyright are the only way to stand against the ever encroaching private stranglehold, but I don't see a long term future and it sickens me.

I think your problem is that you want the ability to circumvent DRM and at the same time you insist that this must all be accomplished with ready-made, shiny, consumer items bought at BestBuy. It is then no surprise that you find yourself despairing.

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Secret BBC Documents Reveal Flimsy Case For DRM

IgnoramusMaximus Re:Surprise surprise (199 comments)

None of which plugged the "analog hole". As long as there remains one person out there with a non-compliant device and Internet access, the hole will remain wide open.

You said it would be "easy" to plug it. I pointed out that large manufacturers - most of whom are also invested in "contents producers" - complying with the scheme means nothing as long as others do not (and there are a lot of HDMI HDCP strippers available in Asia, and even here). The list of non-compliers has to be completely empty - which includes also any home-brew setups - enforcing which is anything but "easy".

You seem to hung up on the idea that merely denying access to unencumbered digitization technology to a lot of ignorant and easily baffled "Joe Sixpacks" out there is going to somehow deter people who actually re-encode and distribute contents, forgetting completely that people who are so easily controlled were not the ones doing any sort of contents ripping in the first place.

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Secret BBC Documents Reveal Flimsy Case For DRM

IgnoramusMaximus Re:Surprise surprise (199 comments)

It would be very easy to plug the analogue gap given time and the right industry standards.

If by "easy" you mean total cooperation of every foreign and domestic manufacturer, electronics engineer, hobbyist and "pirate" out there, combined with total ban on access to electronic components enforced by a Gestapo-style police force, complete with burning of books on topics such as "digital image acquisition", then yes, "easy" indeed!

Otherwise it only takes one (2 or 3 if per-user watermarks are in effect) non-conformist with old/specially-built equipment amongst the billions of the "consumers" to break the contents once out of the idiotic DRM scheme and convert it to a non-encumbered format, following which anyone, anywhere with any sort of data connection can get it. The process is irreversible, i.e. once out, the cat can never be put back into the bag. Wholesale banning of the entire Internet is "easier" then getting the "analog hole" plugged, for in order for it to work one has to ensure that absolutely no one has access to any kind of digitization technology outside of the control of the corporato-government.

And it still does not change anything about the mathematically faulty nature of DRM, which is the point the original poster was making and which I was reinforcing.

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Uncle Sam seeks input on the secret ACTA treaty

IgnoramusMaximus IgnoramusMaximus writes  |  more than 4 years ago

IgnoramusMaximus (692000) writes "It would appear that the US Government seeks public "input" (in a sarcastic sense given the procedure, the amount of advertising and the deadline of February 16th) as to the secretly negotiated Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) which was discussed somewhat here a bit on Slashdot.

From the government's mouthpiece:

USTR will maintain a docket on the 2010 Special 301 Review, accessible to the public. The public file will include non-confidential comments, notices of intent to testify, and hearing statements received by USTR from the public, including foreign governments, with respect to the 2010 Special 301 Review. Comments will be placed in the docket and open to public inspection pursuant to 15 CFR 2006.13, except confidential business information exempt from public inspection in accordance with 15 CFR 2006.15. Comments may be viewed on the http://www.regulations.gov/ Web site by entering docket number USTR-2010-0003 in the search field on the home page.

Give them a piece of your mind kids."


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