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Ask Slashdot: Best Programs To Learn From?

Ignotus Non Audax I suggest NetHack (329 comments)

After playing the game for some while I began to read the code and found it fun. It's not like the experience when you're reading the Lions' Commentary. Besides it's of moderate size -- a complete game showing how components add up to the whole, but you can also learn from small, fairly self-contained snippets controlling some aspect of the game mechanism or UI.

more than 3 years ago

P2P Traffic Drops 10% After New NZ Law

Ignotus Non Audax Re:Internet Traffic down 10%. (110 comments)

The Internet is (or supposed to be) built upon the peer-to-peer principle anyway, so one may say all traffic is P2P.

Since when has the term P2P been twisted with the connotation of illegality I don't know. The word looks like another victim with the same fate as the term "hacker".

more than 3 years ago

Michael Hart, Inventor of the E-book, Dead At 64

Ignotus Non Audax Re:E-book? (70 comments)

No, but he was one who envisioned a future of knowledge delivery for all people with electronic files on the Internet, and alas, the one who *actually did it*.

RIP Mr. Hart.

more than 3 years ago


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China blocks Perspectives after DigiNotar affair

Ignotus Non Audax Ignotus Non Audax writes  |  more than 3 years ago

I'm an anonymous Chinese coward living in PRC. Like many slashdotters here I began to use services like Perspectives after the recent DigiNotar breach. It worked great until about yesterday when the Perspectives FF addon could no longer contact the default notary servers (perspectives*.networknotary.org, * being the numerical 1-8). A rough look at the captured packets shows disrupted traffic from the notary servers, with spurious RSTs and tampered TTLs. It seems that the PRC regime is onto Perspectives, right after the DigiNotar affair which prompted many people around the globe to be aware of Perspectives-like services.

But this prompt action against a still very obscure service is not quite expected. It makes me even more suspecting of China's role behind similar attacks. If Perspectives, as unknown as it is to the masses, is regarded a worthy target of blocking (especially recently), it means the PRC regime is (or could be) harmed by wide adoption of Perspectives. Now what is Perspectives supposed to do harm to? SSL MITM attacks.

It makes sense for the PRC regime to crack SSL as much as possible. Surveillance over all SSL-encrypted messages would be the censors' wet dream (GMail comes to mind). I don't know whether it is planning, experimenting with, or conducting such attacks using some combination of SSL vulnerabilities. The recent blocking of Perspectives hints something worse than I previously thought of.

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