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Don't Super-Size My Smartphone!

Iguru42 Big screen for me please (660 comments)

I do want a bigger phone. I currently use an iPhone 4 and would love to have a 4.3 (or whatever the new defacto larger standard is) inch screen, but then again, I'm a big guy 6'4" so all things being relative, the iPhone is currently damn near tiny as far as I'm concerned.

more than 2 years ago

Gaming Usability 101

Iguru42 I couldn't agree with TFA more.... (305 comments)

It's getting pretty bad these days. I can't stand not being able to bypass the logos at startup, never mind long ass cut scenes. Does it occur to the designers that maybe someone might play the game a second time and has no need of seeing the cut scene again?!? My favorite example of designers with their head up their ass is Keiji Inafune. When Dead Rising came out and people started complaing about the save system (one one save allowed). Supposedly, in an interview with Electronic Gaming Monthly, he said that the saves were intentionally designed so that players would feel that there were some consequences for their actions and would be forced to make quick, tactical decisions. Right, don't bother trying to make the actual GAME more interesting. Cripple the save function so the game appears more dynamic..... I really hope if they do a DR2 he has nothing to do with the project.

more than 7 years ago


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