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Why Warriors, Not Geeks, Run US Cyber Command Posts

ImNotAtWork Re:Umm (483 comments)

Here is the difference I've found, a geek likes to sit and contemplate all the variables and think about the consequences. I've met very few geeks that make snap decisions unless they have been in a field for a long time and know it backwards and forwards... even then the snap decision will be on a basic item not a complex one.

On the other hand a soldier is use to making snap decisions carrying forward and locking stuff down and analyzing it later with an After Action Report so if it was the wrong decision why, if it was a good decision what can be done better or more efficiently.

more than 3 years ago

Unions Urging Actors Not To Work On Hobbit Movie

ImNotAtWork Re:See how destructive unions can be? (576 comments)

Depends on the state that your in. Florida has a lot of unions in the Amusement Park industry but one is not required to join them upon employment.

more than 3 years ago

Researcher Builds Machines That Daydream

ImNotAtWork I felt sad for the other Robot (271 comments)

and then I got at angry at the human who arbitrarily turned the other robot off.

SkyNet is born.

more than 3 years ago

Texting On the Rise In the US

ImNotAtWork Re:Progress (468 comments)

1. You can read faster than a good portion of people can speak.

2. No one gets to know what you are conversing over. (teens especially love this)

3. No one has to hear about what you are discussing. (I'm talking to you Mr. really loud cell phone talker guy)

4. If you have a crappy memory it is there for retrieval instead of trying to recall what was discussed.

I hate texting but I ask my significant other to text me the grocery list so other people at work/bus/train don't have to hear/know that I need to pick up some rich chocolaty ovaltine.

about 4 years ago

HDCP Master Key Is Legitimate; Blu-ray Is Cracked

ImNotAtWork Re:Weve seen that argument before (1066 comments)

Really? at University in the United States, Desktops - both Macs and PCs have regions set. This means the international students can't watch the movies they brought with them from home. It also means that a DVD loaned to a student from a visiting professor on Irish literature from across the pond to a student can't be played.

It also means the President's failure of a gift to Gordon Brown, a DVD can't even play on Euro DVDs for an extra dash of failure.

about 4 years ago

Public Clearinghouse Proposed For Evoting Failures

ImNotAtWork Re:threat (114 comments)


about 4 years ago

Public Clearinghouse Proposed For Evoting Failures

ImNotAtWork Re:threat (114 comments)

No it doesn't Electronic Voting with out a paper trail does. In my district we have electronic voting machines that spit out a paper ballet you then verify your vote and then walk over to the ballot box and place your paper trail ballet box. If it fails you contact one of the people that assist and start the process of finding out what is wrong.

about 4 years ago

Preventing Networked Gizmo Use During Exams?

ImNotAtWork Re:Open Notes & Well-Designed Exams (870 comments)

One problem - How many Korean to English paper dictionaries have physics terms in them.

The best bet would be to get his test translated in Korean by a upper level class man/woman or graduate student. There should be an international student affairs liaison on campus that can get this done. Utilize your on campus resources (usually you tell your students this but staff/faculty need to be told of this as well apparently).

note: Answers to the test by the target student need to be in western Arabic/European numerals /scientific notation and readable by an English speaking/reading grader.

about 4 years ago

Biometric IDs For Every Indian Citizen

ImNotAtWork Re:Social security number (166 comments)

Forgive my ignorance but how do they do a credit check on you for a loan? Just name, employer and address?

about 4 years ago

Facebook Says It Owns 'Book'

ImNotAtWork Prior Art (483 comments)

Year book

about 4 years ago

Lost Star Wars Scene In the Wild

ImNotAtWork Re:Snooze. (294 comments)

Anyone have a link of an alternate source. Wikileaks where are you when we really need you.

more than 4 years ago

Google Secret Privacy Document Leaked

ImNotAtWork Re:I gotta say... (281 comments)

The good thing is that they are actually asking these questions in the first place. We all know other companies (not all) that wouldn't give some of these balancing ideals even a moment of reflection.

and no I'm not a Google fanboy

more than 4 years ago

EVE Player Loses $1,200 Worth of Game Time In-Game

ImNotAtWork What this guy did wrong (620 comments)

1. He could have contracted the item to be couriered and put a collateral of isk that was worth more than what the item was worth. If the courier loses it he loses nothing.

2. He couriered something while he was at war with another corporation.

3. He did not set up an instant warp bookmark for exiting the station.

4. He did not put a cloak on this ship.

5. He was in Jita. The biggest trade hub in the game. He did not have to pick up plex there.

6. There is no six (Monty Python and Eve University reference).

more than 4 years ago

Servers Ahoy — Startup To Build Floating Data Centers

ImNotAtWork Re:A Patent? (219 comments)

One word: Cooling

more than 4 years ago

The 'Net Generation' Isn't

ImNotAtWork Maybe it's like alchohol (435 comments)

If you deprive somebody of it for 18-21 years then you get people going nuts and overdosing on it once it is first accessible. The internet was something brand spanking new and generation x ate it up like a junkie.

Similar to kids in Europe they grow up with less restrictions on alcohol and it doesn't seem to be an epidemic of kids drinking over there in excess. This newer generation can be less obsessive about how everything works and be on it all the time.

more than 4 years ago

Denials Aside, Feds Storing Body Scan Images

ImNotAtWork Re:Of course they can (560 comments)

Wait you don't think they have a camera pointed exactly at this scanner with a timecode sync. It's trivial to rewind a set of video and find out exactly who you are. Don't think for a second they do not know who is who. Maybe not the drones manning the station but the analyst will definitely have a clue. Now think of a celebrity passing through one of these. All one of the drones needs to know is the time the celebrity crossed the scanner (Yes most use private charters but there is the occasional public figure (Kevin Smith anyone?))

more than 4 years ago



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