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Why did Microsoft skip Windows 9?

In-Ho Yi because Plan 9! (399 comments)

Plan 9!

about 4 months ago

Scala Designer Martin Odersky On Next Steps

In-Ho Yi Re:Simple is good (94 comments)

I'm with you on this point. I generally won't find a team already using Scala. They are out there, but very rare. In most cases, you would be in a JVM shop, and have to convince your team mates that Scala is a good fit for such and such reasons. Well, language features like implicit casting and variables make it a very hard sell, to say the code that we are producing is maintainable. Because it surprises Java programmers see things suddenly works because you have imported a package.

about 5 months ago

Favorite "Go!" Phrase?

In-Ho Yi MAKE IT SO (701 comments)


about 6 months ago

Happy Software Developers Solve Problems Better

In-Ho Yi Happy means less bs (121 comments)

For developers to be happy in the first place, there's gotta be less administrative and politics bs to begin with. No wonder programmers are more efficient in such environment

about 7 months ago


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