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Galaxy S 4 Dominates In Early Benchmark Testing

InEnacWeTrust Re:Cyanogenmod not on Galaxy S4 (276 comments)


Having CM since my HTC Dream, yes, the fact that Samsung collaboration with the open source community is next to non-existent will drive my next phone choice.
Smasung has been plainly lying to the community for years. promising tons of stuff and delivering nothing. The source they publish is wildly different from the source in their device, tons of proprietary stuff prevent quality versions of CM to be developped for Galaxys except spending countless days reverse engineering stuff.
Contrast that to Sony Mobile who has been delivering lots of things, stays close to AOSP, and actually helps the community getting there...

about a year and a half ago

Google Removing Ad-Blockers From Play

InEnacWeTrust Re:Can you use Android without the Goog? (337 comments)

(From a Linux geek still happy with a "dumbphone", but considering Android)

Can you use Android without serving yourself up to Google?

Is it true that you have to have a Google account to start up your phone?

Can you (easily) install apps by just downloading them to your computer and then transferring to the phone?

Do you have to give up your credit card info and name/address to sign up for the Google app store? (In light of the recent story that app developers get all your info, I don't know if I want every 2-bit app to get that info. The info itself could be worth more than the 99 cents for the application.)

Also, do free apps also get your personal information?

Any hints or links re: using Android without the all-seeing eye?

Builtin app replacement recommendations?

The phone you buy comes pre-loaded with the Google Apps (calendar, gmail, Talk....). Those require a google account indeed, and may require you to set up one when you start the phone for the first time (through a non-skippable Wizard). But the phone is perfectly usable without ever actually using those AND with a bit of rooting, you can remove them.

Open Source being what it is, community built versions of Android ship without the google apps included (because Google forbids the distribution of those proprietary apps), so you have a perfectly usable phone without any link to google. You have to be careful while chosing your phone, though, not every phone is supported with the same level of quality (hint: these days, the Good Guys (tm) who provide some driver and low level library source are Sony with their Xperia T, V, Z, ...)

about a year and a half ago

Ask Slashdot: Mathematical Fiction?

InEnacWeTrust Re:Hofstadter (278 comments)

+1 to that. Plus it has been well translated into various languages (don't know if the OP is a native english speaker). The end tends to be somewhat more difficult to go through but is still as enjoyable.

about 2 years ago

Curiosity Rover Makes First Foursquare Check-In On Another Planet

InEnacWeTrust Re:What next? (92 comments)

Curiosity is a judge on America's Got Talent?

And then right after that...
Curiosity is a judge on a patent case trial.

about 2 years ago

BBC Criticized For Snooping Under RIPA Powers

InEnacWeTrust Re:In the UK you pay for the right to watch TV ? (183 comments)

Yes, and in return, you have one or several channels that are rely less on advertising resources for their survival. You also get news that is written more by real journalists and less by corporate bullies with political agendas (yes, I'm talking about Fox)... while still be independant from their government. You also get shows and other stuff that would not be considered mainstream enough to make money... Some countries decide that it's worth it to have some sort of tax on everybody to promote/create/garantee that sort of stuff. You have the right to disagree of course.

about 2 years ago

How Plagiarism Helped Win the American Revolution

InEnacWeTrust Re:Ancient societies had diff values. News at 11! (245 comments)

So, two and half centuries ago, there were quite different values in place. What's so shocking about it?

The shocking thing is that you guys still carry on with a constitution written at that time although your values have changed and large part of it are now so obsolete that it requires NRA money to keep it in place. While modern countries change theirs every generation or so to keep up with how we evolve.

more than 2 years ago

Search Tracking Purports To Show Effect of Racism On '08 Election

InEnacWeTrust Re:So what? (511 comments)

Sorry for not knowing you guy's constitution by heart (not mine) but, isn't there written something in there about people being equal, with no discrimination for sex, race, religion,... If the constitution forbids race-based prejudice, doesn't it also forbid race-based voting choice?

more than 2 years ago

Volunteers Use Annular Eclipse To Measure Sun More Accurately

InEnacWeTrust Re:Wouldn't it be great... (75 comments)

Wouldn't it be great if people learned foreign languages ? If people would allow foreigners to puplish in their on language ?...
Yeah too much to ask, I guess.

more than 2 years ago

Alternative Android Market To House Banned Apps

InEnacWeTrust Re:OT: Tethering? (114 comments)

I know I am wildly off-topic, but why is Google banning tethering apps and why is that an issue at all? Android has the WiFi hotspot by default, which enables any WiFi device to use the mobile device's internet connection.

Or am I missing something?

Carriers are all to happy to remove features from the phones they sell only to sell you the features as an added option. Hence they're not happy when someone comes ang gives that feature for free.

more than 2 years ago

Verizon Makes It Easy To Go Over Your Data Cap

InEnacWeTrust Stream over 3G ? (166 comments)

Who the hell is crazy enough to try to stream a full show episode over 3G ? Get a grip, people, use wifi like everybody.

about 3 years ago

Developer Calls Amazon Appstore a 'Disaster'

InEnacWeTrust Re:US Only (241 comments)

My bad

more than 3 years ago

Developer Calls Amazon Appstore a 'Disaster'

InEnacWeTrust Re:US Only (241 comments)

Of couse it is a disaster. The store is US only for starters. Android developers have a hard enough time making money without purposefully isolating yourself to some 5% or 10% of the global Android market. I don't know why anyone would publish anything exclusively on the Amazon appstore. They better bet getting huge payoffs from Amazon to do s.

So "the rest of the world" would amount to 5 or 10% of the whole Android ecosystem ?? That would be a reason to laugh seeing the way they're sold in Europe and east-Asia. I wouldn't say the US market amounts to 10% of the global android market but certainly not 90%

more than 3 years ago

Intel Insider DRM Risks Monopoly Investigations

InEnacWeTrust Re:HDCP? (217 comments)

You have to create your own HDCP receiver with the key to decrypt the thing.

more than 3 years ago

AMD's New Flagship HD 6970 Tested

InEnacWeTrust Re:Confusing naming (152 comments)

6000' are an design evolution from the 5000', (not a radical change). in each series there are products for different market segments. So you'll have some higher end 5000 series products outpacing lower end 6000' products.

more than 3 years ago

Hands-on With the iPad Alternatives On Display At IFA

InEnacWeTrust Re:I don't care what they run now, (156 comments)

So click decline on the EULA screen. Part of the EULA says that if you decline the manufacturer is responsible for giving you a refund.

Indeed, and in some countries (Europe mainly, I don't know much about the situation overseas) there's been several court cases where the guy declining the EULA and wanting a refund won against the retailer who denied it to them.

Refund ranged from the retail price of Windows Home edition to a flat amount (100$ or so) to 1/4th or 1/5th of the total price of the computer on which the software was installed. This refund was not limited to Windows per se but also included all the preinstalled software that the retailer paid.

about 4 years ago

Major Battle Brewing Between French Gov't and ISPs

InEnacWeTrust Re:Wow Brilliant (111 comments)

The biggest pirates have been using rapidshare and other similar services for months if not years... and these services are not covered by Hadopi. Only true p2p networks are (Donkey and Torrent, mainly)

about 4 years ago

Flight Data Recorders, Decades Out of Date

InEnacWeTrust Re:Conservative Tech (266 comments)

The regulators (FAA, JAA) specifiy very broadly what has to be done. after that it's up to the Aircraft designers to do the job, and there's constant communcation between authorities, aircraft design office and suppliers.

about 4 years ago

Flight Data Recorders, Decades Out of Date

InEnacWeTrust Re:Conservative Tech (266 comments)

What I actually meant is that the backup power for flight controls is no longer hydraulic but electric and supplied by RAT. Electrical actuators are used instead., which simplifies the hydraulic system tremenduously since only two independant networks are required. So the RAT actually powers that flight controls elec backup. fly by wire (the command un control, not the actuators) is a given here and not at all concerned by this topic.
You DON'T have to have hydraulic to control modern planes. (A380 and after, B737-800 and after, although Boeing is known to be a little conservative (i.e. late) in that area.

about 4 years ago

Flight Data Recorders, Decades Out of Date

InEnacWeTrust Re:Conservative Tech (266 comments)

No. (although you answer completely beside the point, we're talking about the safety of buzzword external means of recording)

On modern airplanes, the RAT (ram air turbine) is an electrical generator not hydraulic). It supplies DC emergency electrical network and a few flight control power.

It's not at all academic. The RAT helped save many aircrafts from crash.

(pneumatic is the air intake at engine level that supplies part of air conditionning and pressurization systems)

about 4 years ago


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