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Draft Proposal Would Create Agency To Tax Cars By the Mile

Incongruity Re:how bout (932 comments)

Of course, you realize that thinking like that effectively hits the poor the hardest. Many working poor have cars because they need them to get to work but could not afford to replace them with the new fuel efficient vehicle you want them to. It will be years before the more fuel efficient cars are cheap/used. In that time, the lower-income earners will have seen a disproportionate amount of their already low discretionary spending eaten by the higher gas prices you want.

more than 3 years ago

Why PyCon 2010's Conference Wi-Fi Didn't Melt Down

Incongruity Re:Nothing to see here, move along (145 comments)

Of course, the top answer to the question you link to comes from Sean (Jafo), the same person who authored the story submitted here. Sean's been nothing short of a hero @ PyCon for a number of years now – the one or two times we tried to replace him with a sub-contracted internet solution, it always ended painfully... or, well, more rightly, with Sean coming in and saving the day.

So, as someone who has worked with Sean on making PyCon happen, I can say, without a doubt, that he really knows how to get it done. My hat's off to him and Tummy.com

more than 4 years ago

U.C. System and Springer Agree To CC-Licensed Journal Articles

Incongruity Re:Non-Free license (54 comments)

See that "Publicly Perform" bit? You may not do that for commercial advantage.

Right -- that means you can't get up on stage and read the article and charge a fee at the door for people to hear you doing so. Similarly, you can't record such a spoken-word performance, etc. etc.

It in no way prevents you from using the ideas therein towards your own research by my reading and standard usages of licenses.

about 6 years ago

U.C. System and Springer Agree To CC-Licensed Journal Articles

Incongruity Re:change is a comin' (54 comments)

Out of curiosity, anonymous person, what field is your lab in?


about 6 years ago

Kaminsky Bug Options Include "Do Nothing," Says IETF

Incongruity Re:So what powers does the IETF have on this? (134 comments)

This sounds like a good idea on the surface -- it'll never happen, of course, because too many companies and individuals have too much invested in the .com, .net, etc. without the country codes... but still, I like the consistency it all brings.

more than 6 years ago

Software Holds Cell Phone Calls While Driving

Incongruity Re:This is different from the OFF button how? (452 comments)

How is talking on a phone (hands free) different than talking with a passenger?

The research I've seen says it isn't and that talking on the phone with or without a hands-free device are both equally distracting and equally likely to cause accidents.

The only plus I can see for talking to passengers over someone via the phone is that the passenger is still able to be somewhat observant of the vehicle's surroundings and alert the driver if they notice something is going wrong. 2 distracted heads are better than one distracted head, or something...

more than 6 years ago


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